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B M0Get this. You almost never saw this. I just so happened to open my laptop today after a long vacation and saw it on my desktop. I couldn't remember if I posted this pictorial of real blood sisters, Bubblez and Morrocca from Jay Goldz. After a quick search I saw my mistake and had to grace you with it. Here you go.

Instagram: @Bubblez_cold & @Morocca317
Photographer: @JayGoldz

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The good stuff...

Apr 03, 2015

New Tiasha Lorrin

in Latest
Third time in like 3 weeks! Tiasha Lorrin does it again shooting with D Brown and his "Derotica" series. Perfect fit if you ask me. She is sexy and erotic after all. Read More...
Jan 27, 2015

Bella B

in Latest
Saw this booty on IG and just had to have it. Bella B is nice all over with an emphasis placed on that booty. She knows how to bend it too doesn't she? Read More...
Mar 27, 2015

Angel Reigns - Polaroids

in Latest
Thank you Angel! You've been keeping us updated with hot fresh new work and unique work at that. Love this Polaroid concept, it's funky baby! Keep it up and keep us updated! Read More...