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Brookecover0 I've been teasing with the one picture from this set, for GGurls magazine, for a minute now. The topless one with Brooke on her knees.

Well here are a whole bunch from that set. I'm going to get her information from Alfonza (Alcole) and see if I can make her popular.

Instagram: ???
Photographer: @alcolestudios

Brookecover Brookecover1 Brookecover2 Brookecover3 Brookecover4 Brookecover5 Brookecover6 Brookecover7

The good stuff...

Oct 09, 2014

Updates Now!

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Shooting, editing, working, life, the usual, the usual... Haven't updated in about 2 weeks because of all that (and more). But it's 4 in the morning and being the trooper I am, I'm going to… Read More...
Mar 25, 2015

Zuri Adaeze

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New GGurl Zuri Adaeze is a thick one. Only thing I don't like is there is no dead on shot of what seems to be a nice phat booty. Hey, these are good anyway lol. Read More...
Jan 17, 2016

Rozay Duart

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Got a quickie for you. This is Rozay Duart by Rafeese. Tell me if you like her or not. Looks like she has potential. Read More...