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Okay, it's time to start updating, I know I wrote a post a minute ago about taking a break, but you see a break to me just means working something else instead of here. Cough up the final payment for customs so the mag will be on sale here soon.

Did a couple more shoots with Dolla Kold and Mrs GGurls. Actually been shooting for the second issue for a couple of weeks now. And I just made the site completely mobile again, and this time is much more simple and faster. So you see, I haven't been updating BUT I've still been working.


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The good stuff...

Oct 29, 2015

GGurls Issue 5 On Sale…

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Get ready. Ggurls issue 5 will be on sale very soon! Starring hot girl Jessica Kylie as the cover model. Oh yeah, you want this one. Read More...
Jan 02, 2016

Sexy Ashlee C

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I love Ashlee C as you can tell. I always post whatever new material she has. Seems that Cherry Images is the guy to go to for Ashlee C. Read More...
Dec 02, 2015

Why Should YOU Be a…

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So tell us why you should be? We get hit up every two minutes about this so now heres your chance. In the comments below, leave a picture and a reason why and I'll (Lewis) will hit you… Read More...