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 Brandi Wine0 Brandi has a nice portfolio going. She's shot with several great photographers. This is her 4th installment on GGurls and Alex Tirado captured her nicely!

Twitter: @IAmBrandiWine by @AlexTiradoPhoto

 Brandi Wine
 Brandi Wine1
 Brandi Wine2
 Brandi Wine3

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The good stuff...

Sep 16, 2014

Kayla Pride of Texas

in Latest
They make everything big in Texas. Big guns, big hats and now big booties! Introducing Kayla aka the pride of Texas. She's a looker fa' sho. Read More...
Dec 10, 2014

New Alyssa Marie

in Latest
The cutest little thing. Alyssa Marie makes her debut on and I'm personally impressed. Looks very good all over with the cutest butt. Read More...