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Again. Thought we been posted Giselle Lynette on here. Seems it's a lot of women we thought we had but do not. So here we go, we had to fix that oversight because Giselle Lysette is the perfect type female to be posted on She's fine from head to toe and has one of the nicest asses ever.

Makes all her clothes look good.

Instagram: @gisellelynette

Giselle Lynette Giselle Lynette1 Giselle Lynette2 Giselle Lynette3 Giselle Lynette4 Giselle Lynette5 Giselle Lynette6 Giselle Lynette7 Giselle Lynette8

The good stuff...

Feb 15, 2018

Ravie Loso Naked

in Latest
Technically, we were the first to get thick booty Ravie Loso naked on the internet. Don't believe me you say? Well click on this link ----> Read More...
Feb 24, 2017

Angel Cakes Mafia -…

Thin and cute. Thin girls always have the best bodies, no flab and always in shape. Angel Cakes got some perky ass titties. Read More...
May 20, 2017

Klarivel Garcia

in Latest
Caught this cutie in my emails from Qs Flavas management, her name is Klarivel Garcia. Got a nice slender and sleek body and a nice cute face. Read More...