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best kept secret Finally got an update of the Best Kept Secret after all this time. We like the new update too, some very stylish pictures.
Twitter: @theBstKptScrt
Photographer: @B_RockerStudios

Bstkptscrt Bstkptscrt1 Bstkptscrt2 Bstkptscrt3 Bstkptscrt4

that's why some folk cannot buy the medications they need. s is a therapy . What do you think about linked different .

The good stuff...

Apr 27, 2016

Kayla Monet - Video

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Kayla really wants to be my baby and after looking at this video (and talking to her in DMs) I think I better let her. She aims to please and I love it.  Read More...
Jul 29, 2014

They Love Baby

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Man! It was another picture in this set that I edited and now I can't find it and I don't feel like doing it again. Oh well it's all free so shaddup lol. Baby is the most easy going… Read More...
Sep 01, 2014

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It's been a long time and counting but it's finally here! The very first ever GGurls Magazine is now on sale! Just follow the link below and purchase with any credit card over a secure… Read More...