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Ooookay... so you wanna be an official Ggurl huh? You don't have pro pictures to put up but you know you're hot as fuck right? Ok, so this is what I'll do. You can try out to be an official GGurl and here are the rules:

1) You have to be hot
2) You have to put #propertyofggurls in your IG and Twitter bio
3) You have to do it for a month
4) You have to comment here that you're participating (leave a pic and IG name)
5) You have to be chosen to participate
6) After being chosen you have to promote Ggurls on your social networks with videos and pictures and participate in our IG games. (You also have to make a video saying you're now the property of Ggurls)

Your videos and pictures you use for promotion will be posted on our IG too. 315k followers and counting! Ready!? Let's get it.

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