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Making GGurls superheroes unlike the ever popular (and my second favorite to GGurls characters) Marvel Comics and the ever terrible DC Comics is hard. One because they've thought of every superhero there is and two, because people keep basing our heroes on those comic book characters.

I especially hate when they compare them to corny ass DC. This is something completely different, just stay with us. You'll see when the comic comes out.

Now on to the latest addition. Tacyianna is Battle Front. A powerhouse who can deal as much damage as she can take. If something is strong enough to damage her, she can regenerate tissue in seconds! Depending on the severity of the injury. Take a look at her bio and stats. Oh yeah, she's a bad guy.

Instagaram: @tacyianna

Battle Front

Tacyianna pics by @mr.guerra
Tacy Tacy1 Tacy2

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