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Ashley Venessa0 Pretty is as pretty does! Ashley Vanessa is fine as fuck right? Of course she is. This is the type of girl you dream about, you know, GGurl material. Check her out.

Instagram: @bronzedbarbie
Photographer: @StrickImages

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The good stuff...

Jul 30, 2014

Gabriela Bandy

in Latest
Just a little something to hold you over, this is Gabriela Bandy sitting on a sweet as red ferrari picture taken by @TheFactoryCEO. Seems he has the hook up on hot girls and cars. Love it Read More...
Jul 18, 2018

Paris Lee - Selfies

You know how we love girls with nice titties on here. So then you know that a model like Paris Lee who love to take selfies with her chest highlighted is going to be posted. She has perfect… Read More...
Aug 15, 2017

Monifa Jansen

in Latest
Dammit. I already knew that Monifa Jansen was a very good looking woman but who knew she was this impossible looking? Pictures are touched up yes but that's actually her real shape. Read More...