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Ariana Shantel0 Ooh, I first saw Ariana Shantel somewhere on Tumblr but you know the thieves on there will not only not name the model but they'll rip off logos too. Never understood what they got out of doing that. You can actually be sued for doing it. I digress from that topic though.

Let's not forget what this article is all about. It's about the pure dopeness of this fine ass girl. I then again saw her on the homie's page J Alex, and was able to get even more pic. Check her out and follow her on Instagram.

Instagram: @arianashantelCR
Photographer: @j_alexphotos

Ariana Shantel Ariana Shantel1 Ariana Shantel2 Ariana Shantel3 Ariana Shantel4 Ariana Shantel5 Ariana Shantel6 Ariana Shantel7Shantelchristine

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