Are people still buying magazines?

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The short answer is, nope, not really. Now I can talk about the subject because I'm now experienced in the sell of magazines both print and digital. The GGurls magazine sells, yes, but it's a tricky thing. You see the very first issue of GGurls magazine is an all print issue. You can't download it at all. Did it sell? Yes, due to the site's popularity and me making another site, to sell it from.

Did it sell like hotcakes? Nope. I would get several dozen orders and mail them out every week. I also had a guy who were buying them in bulk to sell to the eastern US prison system. Digital magazines are a much better solution to print. No overhead, no shipping, no handling. You just upload a .pdf file and bam! you're ready to sell!

Why am I telling you this? Well it's to ask a question: Why are models still bragging about being printed?

The internet has killed a lot of industries and print is one of them. Back in the day to be printed was kind of a big deal, if you got in King Magazine or XXL (concerning our industry) well that was really cool because it wasn't that many magazines out there and everybody wasn't getting printed. Nowadays, however everybody name Tyrone and them got a fucking magazine, and every girl is a model, and if you want to make a magazine it's as easy as finding a site to download your crappy photoshopped "magazine" file and ordering copies. Also everybody (thinks) is a photographer too, so now you can do it all yourself no matter how terrible it looks and every girl in it will now claim to be a printed model. This has greatly contributed to the decline of magazines in the urban glamour modeling industry.

Besides that, cell phones have taken over, people value cell phones more than their left arm. Did you know that people now access the internet more from a cell phone than a desktop? About a ratio of two-thirds to one-third. Therefore anything you can download instead of going to the store to buy has put a serious dent in that particular business. Welp, you can download magazines, and this hasn't just affected this industry but magazines altogether. Major news magazines have folded. People are just not buying print magazines anymore.  Nothing personal, and this is not aimed at anyone, person or company. I myself have dabbled in print and it's not worth it. 

So basically you better get with the program, rather you're printing magazines or bragging that you're a printed model, neither means anything anymore. Magazines still sale yeah, but not in the stores like they use to. 


Side note: bragging about being in some crappy magazine with horrible pictures that nobody ever heard of doesn't make you a published model... it just makes you look just as crappy as that crappy magazine. Now I am talking about some people lol. 

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