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Who's hotter? You decide!

Well what do you think? I personally love her size and the way she looks. Even like her booty size. What do you guys think? Hot enough for us?

Instagram: @xoleka

Angelique Angelique1

The good stuff...

Sep 01, 2014

New Lauren Allure

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Lauren Allure is back in what looks to be a one piece cat suit, but you know I'm not a fashion designer so all I know is she looks good in that outfit. Read More...
Feb 16, 2017

Miss Kelz Kakes

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I be running out of shit to say when posting new hotties. Sometimes it's just best left to let the pictures do the talking. That booty looks soft don't it? Read More...
Nov 26, 2014

Kimmy XO

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The back side on Kimmy XO is basically perfect. Nice smooth skin and a nice frame makes a sexy girl. I'll get her social networks soon. Read More...