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Hmmmm? Angelica seems to have did her own questionnaire when she sent this in, making it easier for me. So I'll just copy and paste it :)

Instagram: @Angelicamarquezz

Name: Angelica Marquez
Ethnicity: Spanish & Indian 
Measurements: 32B -25-27
Age: 23
Location: Philadelphia 
Social Media: @Angelicamarquezz 

Who/What inspired you to get into modeling? Selena & Aaliyah 

Who is your favorite model? Erica mena

How would you describe the Latin influence in America today? We need more Latina high fashion models it's mainly only urban men's magazine models

Do you speak Spanish? Yes

What's your idea of the perfect date? Taking me shopping & leaving your phone home 

 How do you balance a personal life and have a modeling career? That's what's my manager is for lol


Mua:  LuxuryFaces
Photographer:  DTheDirector
Hair:  LuxuryFaces 
Stylist:  StylesBySuperior

Angelica M Angelica M1 Angelica M2 Angelica M3 Angelica M4

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