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Who's hotter? You decide!

Amber A0 This is how I choose who I post. When I open the email the girl (and the photography) has to hit me instantly as good, because that's what you do when you open a page on here. The girl has to be stunning.

Amber Tay impressed me in less than a second. Then I saw that she took pictures with the homie Juan (The GV Image), which means she more than likely stays in Detroit. I may have just met the new chick I'm about to push hard like I did so many others. She has the looks easily.

Instagram: @_amberiaaaa
Photographer: @TheGVimage

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The good stuff...

Jul 02, 2014

I'll Update Today -…

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Dec 05, 2014

Luscious Kisses

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Sure you pervs will enjoy this set. Set of pictures I mean! Get your mind out the gutter, well you know what, I guess after looking at Lucious Kisses your mind will think nasty stuff. She's… Read More...
May 23, 2014

Introducing Keyz Amani

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Ok, now I know I'm overwhelmed with this stuff. I haven't had time to update in several days and I was excited to see new pictures of Keyz Amani, as it turns out though, this is her first… Read More...