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It's been a long time coming baby! But after many setbacks and then much labor I finally, yes finnaly will have a print magazine! Talk about being excited. The magazine is in the hands of the designer (@witchcraftdes Twitter) and after that it goes to print! So basically we're just in the waiting mode, I have nothing left to do. It's happening, it's finally happening. When I put these pictures on Instagram the other day a super strong buzz occurred, even bigger than I had imagined. Special thanks to Dede on the Beach for being the cover model and posting it too, that's where a lot of the buzz came from, it's why I nicknamed her GGurl "Perfection".

The front cover is Dede shot by the Studio Marz and the back cover is the gorgeous Brittani Skye shot by me. The mag will feature GGurls Miss PB Cookie, Lusinghiero (Oli), Lia Leigh, Lena Renea, Blair Barbie, Beautiful Dizazter, Gina Smilez, Shani Akilah with a cameo by Chanel Ayana. We are already shooting for issue two, and man do we have a sweet ass idea.

Ggurls Magcover Ggurls Magcover1 Ggurls Magcover2


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