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This big rehaul is pretty much finished. Designing the new site was the easy part. Any do it yourself webmaster will tell you, it's very frustrating when you have to add more functionality to your site. So many conflicting scripts and what not.

Got a few more things to take care of, like the freaking URL SEF system... blah.. It'll be done soon... What's new? A lot of stuff, but especially the design. Just installed a new like system that replaces the old star system. Love it.

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Dumb Ass Got It Tattooed On Her Ass

The good stuff...

Mar 28, 2018

Red Rose Naked Twerk…

in Video
Say swear. Red Rose La Cubana is a bonafide straight up, no holds barred freak. She make videos playing with herself, sucking on stuff and doing naked twerks. She doesn't cover anything.… Read More...
Apr 18, 2015

Lavish Fee

in Latest
How ya like Lavish Fee? Sexy right? Well now she's apart of the GGurl family with these new pictures. Think you'll approve too. Read More...
Jun 16, 2014

Booty of the Day: Annie…

in Latest
I knew Annie had a body but why didn't I know she had a booty like that? She sent these saying "You can post if you wanna"... Ummmmm..? Yeah, duh! Annie Rocq has a very serious backside. Read More...