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Alexandria Nadeau0 AlexZandria Nadeau is a 22 yr. old model from Ct. She is Black, White and French and this combination has created an exotic cross over model who not only does eye candy, lingerie and urban contemporary but has also made name for herself as a high fashion, runway and commercial model.

She has been featured on Model Modele, GGurls and Dynasty Series, music videos and countless fashion shows it the tri-state area. She has been featured in multiple commercial most notably for Tellumondo. Currently she is in the process of laying down plans to open her own spa. You can contact AlexZandria by following her on FB under AlexZandria Nadeau or IG: AlexZandriaN

Instagram: @AlexZandriaN Submitted by: @TheKollageKing Photos by @Brooily

Alexandria Nadeau Alexandria Nadeau1 Alexandria Nadeau2

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