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Who's hotter? You decide!

Alaysia Milan0 Yes. I HATE to admit this but every since our main Instagram page came back all the attention came back too. Our DMs are lit once again with talented photographers and good looking girls wanting to be on. FB Studios hit us up and said he wanted to show case some talent and sent us several pictures.

This was one of the girls, Alaysia Milan. Very, very fine. Very fine. Now dig this. We have that one pic of her topless uncensored. However we have to get permission to post it. If Alaysia gives us permission we'll do it of course. So you need to check back here a few times if you want to see something extremely beautiful.

Instagram: @alaysiamilan
Photographer: @FBStudios

Alaysia Alaysia Milan Alaysia Milan1 Alaysia Milan2

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