Adrienne Vs Hershey

ggurls like you've never seen them before
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The names alone makes this a good battle. Adrienne Obsession versus Hershy Lust. Sounds like some serious shit is about to happen. They both have a lot in common too. Both are thick body hotties who don't mind showing their titties.

Both of their features on here did pretty good along with their postings on our social networks. But tell me, who do you got? You can only choose one.

(IG) @Adrienne_Obsession by @TheCurvesCLub
Ao Ao1 Ao2


@hersheylust by @shotbyjason
Hersheylust2 Hersheylust4 Hersheylust6

Got this from Kyle from Model Model. A nice thick bodied girl…
Now you know this moves Shawty Red up several hundred notches…
One of my absolute favorite people to follow on Instagram is…
Ericka Reye looks soft and squeezable. The caramel coated…
Was going to ask who she was but I found out later from the…
Ain't nothing in this world like a big booty switching. So…
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