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Seriously? I lost a LOT of enthusiam for this stuff, and I'm focusing on making money from it. Just updating for a some hits ain't where it's at HOWEVER I do realize I must if I'm to keep it going. I got a ton of shit for the 4th of July from several photographers I'll put up on the 5th of July LMAO. I also got a ton of shit I'm just simply procrastinating with and have been forever. I'll get to it I swear.

I didn't even proofread this shit. So whatever.

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The good stuff...

Nov 12, 2014

Nieko Dinero

in Latest
Here's one for you. Another new one and a thick pretty one at that. Meet Nieko Dinero, brand spanking new to You'll love her I guarantee Read More...
Dec 21, 2014

New Khloe The Komeup…

in Video
She never disappoints. Ever. This is the latest Khloe the Komeup video from Crowley Walnuts. Yes it's just as hot as you think it'll be. Read More...
Feb 11, 2018

Kelz Kakes & Babe Bri…

in Latest
Nice set of pictures, nice set of girls. Welcome Miss Kelz Kakes (the white girl) and Babe Bri Girl (the black girl duh) to Theres a bit of history with these picures, but I… Read More...