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    <p>Thanks for coming to my page and checking me out. I loves music from every soca music nation, including <strong>Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Antigua, and Grenada</strong>. Also loves to dance .</p><p>Here goes a little info about me. I am African American mixed with Jamaica ,Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago. <br />I grew up in Brooklyn New York and have lived there all my life. My birthday is September 27th 1984 ; I love toys and lingerie. My Measurements :42DD-33-46 <br />Height: 5'4" <br />Weight: 180lbs <br />Hair: black <br />MY RESUME: <br />WWW.THUNDERBOOTY.ORG <br />WWW.WEGOTCAKEMODELS.COM <br />WWW.LILSOULFLOWER.COM <br />WWW.BUSTYBABYDOLLS.COM <br />WWW.ACLIT4U2LICK.COM <br />WWW.KUMINUPSTRONG.COM <br />WWW.BCMXXX.NING.COM <br />WWW.SYERPRODUCTIONS.NING.COM <br />WWW.LOCALCURVYMODELS.COM <br />WWW.NUTTMAGAZINE.COM <br />WWW.BIGBABYBBW.COM <br />WWW.BIGGIRLZGONEWILD.NING.COM <br /> beast <br /> <br />WWW.THUNDERBOOTY.NING.COM <br />VIDEO WITH XPLOSION VIDEOS ON OCT 20,2008 <br />MUSIC VIDEO WITH LALO THE DON ON OCT 25,2008</p><u><font color="#0000ff"><p><a href=""><u><font color="#0000ff"></font></u></a></p></font></u><u><font color="#0000ff"><p><a href=""><u><font color="#0000ff"></font></u></a> </p></font></u><br /><p>YOU MAY CONTACT ME AT</p><u><font color="#0000ff"><p><a href="mailto:[email protected]"><u><font color="#0000ff">[email protected]</font></u></a> </p></font></u><u><font color="#0000ff"><p><a href="mailto:[email protected]"><u><font color="#0000ff">[email protected]</font></u></a></p></font></u><u><font color="#0000ff"><p><a href=""><u><font color="#0000ff">WWW.MYSPACE.COM/BIGBOOTYTHUNDER</font></u></a></p></font></u><u><font color="#0000ff"><p><a href=""><u><font color="#0000ff">WWW.MYSPCE.COM/THEYHATEMEHA</font></u></a></p></font></u><u><font color="#0000ff"><p><a href=""><u><font color="#0000ff">WWW.MYSPACE.COM/MZBEASTXXX</font></u></a></p></font></u><font size="2"><br /></font>
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