Jada Cheng You Like? - 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes
jada cheng Hot Asian chick Jada Cheng is a pretty specimen ain't she? Just in case you haven't heard of her here are some pictures of her. She has a website
girl gets knocked out by guy She's trying to fight him. He keeps backing up. She keeps coming at him, he punches her in the face and knocks her out. The crowd thinks it's funny. He should have just walked away. HOWEVER we don't know the full story behind it, maybe he was defending his woman or family.
gay away Doctors have discovered a medicine that gets rid of gayness lol. It's called Gay Away and it's penis flavored. Please don't believe this, it's a spoof article!
stupid tattoo Some tattoos you shouldn't get, and if you get one on your ass it better be a sexy or sweet one. This one? Naw ma, it's just too hood

real or fake banana Why she has a banana in her ass we'll never know, however that ass is holding that banana in place ain't it? So can a real ass do that or is that booty suspected to be fake? Well?

vnasty white girl mob says nigga V Nasty of White Girl Mob explains why she uses the word "nigga" and that she doesn't have to apologize for using it because of where she came from. Note, something she does say makes sense: "You can't act Black, you can't act a race." Now that part we agree with. What do you think about this video? She pours it on kinda thick.
obama everday life Every wonder what your president has to do everyday? Well President Obama allowed a camera to follow him to an important document signing from the helicopter back to the helicopter. See what hassles and problems the president has to deal with on a day to day basis

freddy kruegar mortal kombat This is a perfect fit. Think about the zany Mortal Kombat characters like Baraka, Kintaro, Mileena, Reptile, Noob Saibot, Ermac, and Khameleon. Doesn't Freddy Kruegar fit right in with his claw and nightmarish abilities? No brainer if you ask us. Take a look at the video trailer. It looks to be promosing.
soulja boy movie Yes you read that right. No it's not a typo. Soulja Boy (Tell 'Em) will have a movie coming out soon, basically a documentary on his life. DeAndre Cortez Way some say is the new face of modern hip hop and rap during the digital era. He's racked up a lot of fans and a lot of criticism over his style of rap and lifestyle. Do you think this will be interesting or do you think this will be a giant flop?
Poked Out Booty - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
poke booty Just a filler thread really for you pervs. Pictures of girls poking out that round mound, have to say it looks best that way, don't it?
dynasty magazine print rali Y'all see us posting Dynasty Magazine material from time to time. That's because we like them and they network with us. So you know we have their back and wish them great luck with their print magazine. They are really good peeps and the magazine looks very well done! Congrats guys!

alexa icon Many people use Alexa to gauge how much traffic a site is getting. This also determines your site's worth. If your site is not ranked under 100,000 in the world then Alexa doesn't consider you worthwhile to even rank you. However Alexa is very flawed. It gets it statistics from people who have downloaded the Alexa toolbar and then browse a site. So you can have a lot of people looking at your site but don't have the Alexa toolbar installed and it won't reflect those stats. For instance, in the last 4 days GGurls has been getting the most traffic it's ever has in a 4 day period, HOWEVER our Alexa ranking dropped. Now how is that possible? Shouldn't it have went up? Of course it should have. So we've have concluded that Alexa is full of crap and it's very inaccurate, which most people already know anyway. The widgets, toolbars, yada yada yada don't do anything for your site. Some people know how to cheat Alexa too, making it very unreliable. But the sad thing is, it's still important because advertisers will look at your Alexa ranking first before they spend any cash on your site. Blah...
tmz bowwow kill The weirdest thing happened yesterday on Twitter. Apparently some people were ragging Bow Wow through tweets and then somebody made a fake TMZ story about him committing suicide. Needless to say he didn't. The weird thing is, nobody can piece together what really happened. Bow Wow did however become pissed off and threaten to shut down his Twitter page. Bow Wow you have to be used to the hecklers by now right? That's the price of being famous. Fuck 'em keep moving.
dede promo shot You seen his other features of Dynastie Virje and Mz Gotti, and you'd think he couldn't do it again right? But see Marchal Martian has natural talent and he'll always bring you sexy women with a distinct artful style. His next GGurl exclusive? Is Dauvanee Damati aka DeDe on the Beach, and you do not want to miss this. Only on GGurls.
dede on the beach Model Faceoff! Let's start it up again! In this corner we have the bootylicious Jewel Mizrahi from Detroit now residing in Atlanta. She cool, she's sexy and she has nice round booty. In the other corner we have Dede On The Beach from Miami. She's cool, she's sexy and she has a nice round booty. Hey! They're evenly match! But you gotta choose one. Who's it gonna be?
menace to society Funny but stupid, Steve Jo makes a video of himself going around fucking with people in Miami. Lucky for him he didn't fuck with the wrong person or it wouldn't have been a video, it would have been a news story.
No Photoshop? - 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
photoshop girl Are any of these three real? These have to be photoshop right? Their waist is way to small and distorted to actually be real right? You decide.

why women cheat Women cheat. Some even say that women cheat just as much as men nowadays, hell some people say they cheat more. But have you ever sat down and wondered why they cheat? Well we have and here are some reasons.
high heels Here are 9 pair of high heel shoes you won't see any women caught dead in. Talk about strange! But then again it's a few women out there who'd try to pull a few of these off!

briana hate Well are you? She does her head and neck motions like Eve don't she? She does have a lil flow going but she isn't really doing anything to distinguish herself from other female rappers.
i hate black people So, this white girl makes a video stating that she hates black people but she's not racist. She then proceeds to use common stereotypes about black people stating that blacks "eat up all your chicken." Then soon afterwards she calls blacks "niggers". No you're not racist, you're dumb and pathetic.
stripper documentary The Naked Truth Project makes a documentary about a young lady who decides to strip to pay her way through college. It's a great video that shows you the ups and downs a girl has to take in the stripping business. She has to deal with her father, her boyfriend, her reputation and many more things. Watch it people.
san fransico police kill 19 year old black Warning! Graphic video. Explain this one. The San Francisco police shoot a 19 year black teen in the neck after chasing him for not paying his bus fare. He was killed. He had no weapon and as stated he was running away from the police. Here are two videos showing the victim lying on the ground. The first video actually shows him going through death woes as he's struggling to keep his upper torso up. Sad. Very sad. Somebody has some explaining to do.
Booty Battle! - 3.9 out of 5 based on 11 votes
booty battle Here we go! We're about to have some fun now! This is the first in the many to come BOOTY BATTLES and it's simple really. Just look at all the nice asses and then pick your favorite and vote! You can vote every six hours and no the comments do not count as votes. The votes count as votes. Poll is open for one month and the one with the most votes win (duh). Now we know this might be a booty overload but go ahead and give it a shot and try to scroll down to see them all.
weird pizza Pizza is a sacred religion and like all religions you have blasphemer committing pizza sins! Just take a look at these pizza pies and see if you'd eat any of them. A couple may be creative but hey, let's just leave pizza alone.
lady magiiic Oh how we love these two! Alexis and Lady Magic made GGurl fan signs that are hot! Alexis even mimicked the GGurls' logo. We love you guys!
really though For real? Seriously? In a way these pictures are not even funny. Kind of sad actually. These people are fucking crazy
Is This Ass Real or Fake? (20) - 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 votes
black ass We love the Real or Fake post. So continuing in the tradition of it, tell us what you think about this big black ass? Now it could be the angle that makes it look weird or it could be should butt injections. It may look good but is it real?
Booty in Motion - 4.2 out of 5 based on 5 votes
booty What's better than booty pictures? Animated booty pics! That's right booty in motion. Go ahead and right click save 'em if you want, like you you weren't going to do it anyway lol! You're welcome you freaks!

Find This Chick - 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 votes
find this chick Twitter? Facebook? Hell does she have a Myspace page? Who is this chick? Pretty eyes, face, skin tone, (tits) and smile. We've even Googled "yellow bone girl in see through lingerie" and nothing lol. One of you pervs know her name. Tell us.
shadow sex Pretty creative if they're doing that on purpose. You haven't noticed? Look at the shadow's they're casting. Pretty funny!

woman attack judge Kentucky woman is found in contempt of court, she gets pissed off and attempts to jump the bench and hit the judge. She missed! Wow now you're really going to get it and you didn't get a lick in.
carmen nichole booty video We love it lol! Carmen Nichole makes a booty shaking video just for GGurls and it's sexy! She has a nice round butt on her don't she? Especially love when she shakes in the bathroom in good lighting. That booty makes you lust for it!
Smash Or Pass? Truthfully - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes
smash or pass Tell the honest to God Truth, would you smash this? Is this in anyway appealing to you? She's kind of big ain't she? Looks like a big marshmallow or something.

twitter trainSimple really! Nothing to do but "@" yourself in the comment section and it'll automatically link back to your Twitter account! Note: You should have a sexy avatar picture of yourself if you really want some followers. Let's keep this going. Just scroll down and type your Twitter name like @GGurls and you can even leave a brief description or say some silly shit, we don't care.
dance trick Actually this is pretty sweet ain't it? Wonder how long this guy and girl can keep flipping like this? Real nice dance trick.
bowling columbine Michael Moore always make controversial stuff. In his movie Bowling for Columbine he does a cartoon parody of America's history. Would you say that this 'toon clip actually has a lot of truth to it? We can pretty much guess who wouldn't agree with it.
bobby brown Try to walk away from Bobby while he's talking to you? He'll snatch you by your weave until he's finished talking! A New York waitress found this to be true as she tried to walk away from him during mid conversation. Bitch Bobby don't play that shit! Get some of this pimpin'!
Throwback Pic - On the Move! - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
ggurls Still love this picture. Taken almost two years ago. Not bad for somebody who didn't really know what they were doing! But looking at this makes us remember how this GGurl thing started to blow up and how far we've come since. Many different site designs, many more women discovered and we've gained a much bigger audience and gotten much more popular.
GGurls Permanent Logo - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
ggurls logo Her name is GG, and she's the new and permanent GGurls logo and watermark. So get ready to see this all around the web as people take our pictures and put them on other sites and Tumblr. If you're an affiliate of GGurls, then you already know what it is fam.
lil kim barbie On July 11th, Lil Kim celebrated her birthday by taking a picture as Black Barbie. For those of you of this Nicki Minaj generation, Lil Kim was actually the first to make being a Black Barbie popular. This is why Lil Kim doesn't like Nicki Minaj, she feels like she stole her swag. So tell us. After looking at these two pictures who is the better Black Barbie?

nicki minaj punched As reported from

" Rapper Nicki Minaj told authorities she was “struck” in the lower lip by a man … during a heated argument at a swanky Dallas, TX hotel last night … law enforcement sources tell TMZ. Minaj was hanging out at the pool at the fancy Palomar Hotel when she got into a very intense verbal spat with an unidentified man she was staying with.
big wheelsGet this. The Cincinatti Police Department has been routinely targeting and impounded cars with oversize wheels. You know, the 22 inch rims you see young black with all the time? Yeah those cars. The Police state that those vehicles are deemed unsafe and must pass inspection so they impound them whenever they see them. Is this a racist tactic?
40 prada bag Would you even consider buying this $40,000 Prada bag? It's made out of crocodile skin and well it looks like nothing special. It's just a damn bag for crying out loud.

Most Popular DETROIT model? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
shettoria Let's find out who's the most popular model in the urban glamour modeling game in each city. Let's start with Detroit since GG is based here. Who do you think is the most popular? Did we forget anybody on the list?
GGurl Collages 9 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
jakani The Kollage King strikes again! GGurls Ja'Kani, Laeann Amos and Lucy L'vette are the focus of his talent this time. Nice work!
Treasure 95 Sneak Peek - 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes
treasure 95 Here's a sneak peek of our photoshoot with Treasure, who just loves to get naked! Yeah perfect for us pervs right? We'll finish the set when we feel like it. What? The site is free! Take what you can get twerps.
Music: "I'm A GGurl" - 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
ggurls song Well check this out. Somebody sent this in and told us to listen to it. It's titled I'm a GGurl by a sexy sounding female artist by the name of Alexandria. Tell us if you like it.
lloyd naked Lloyd has a new cut out called naked. This video is a nice look with it. That's Kamille Leai aka Hot Wings from Real Chance Of Love. Hot video.
real or fake ass That booty looks good, yes it does, but is that booty real? That's the question. It looks like it could be one of those big juicy Latina booties.

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