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Alexis Lugo0 Coming very soon, and we know you can't wait. Alexis Lugo's GGurl exclusive by Marchal Marzain has the chance to be the hottest one to date son! Stay tuned.
Perfect White Cakes? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Perfect White Cakes We always say it's the shape of the ass not the size. Can you deny that this white girl got good cakes? That's a really nice ass there son.
Lexxi Ggurls0 We love the way Lexii flexes and stretches her body. So what could be even better than seeing a pretty girl with a nice booty doing handstand splits? Why, a handstand splits with a GGurl sign on her booty! This made our day.
Auchane Sierra0 With pictures like these it was very easy to give Auchane Sierra a spotlight. She just looks so soft and cuddly
Vida Guerra Models Tape - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Vida Guerra0 Vida Guerra models nothing but tape in these two pictures. She's still got it! Now she just needs to get rid of the tape!

Lastarya Freaky Playful Video - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Lastarya Freaky Just having fun, Lastarya is shaking her phat ass at a photoshoot with some guys. That booty is nice!
Serena Williams Split Video - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Serena Williams Split Now this is fucking impressive. Serena Williams runs after the tennis ball and hits it while doing a full split in one singular motion. That is fucking impressive.
Pic of the Day Leonie Nicole - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Leonie Nicole0 Maybe you've seen this picture maybe you haven't but here it is anyway! Her name is Leonie Nicole adn we want to find her.

Ray J Fabolous What the hell happened between Ray J and Fabolous? Seems Ray J got mad at Fab when he tweeted:

"Nah but Floyd saying we having a concert in my living room and the camera cuts to Ray J singing “One Wish” on the piano had me in tears!!
Beyonce Jayz Kid0 What will Jay Z and Beyonce's kid look like as a 21 year old female? If Joe Camel has dominant genes (and we hope not), it'll look like this!

Meagan Good Caught Fucking? - 2.4 out of 5 based on 23 votes

Meagan Good Sex Tape0 Whoa! Is this real? Look what we found? Meagan Good getting done from behind by some white guy. If that's not real it's a hella Photoshop job. That naked booty looks like it could be Meagan's too don't it?

Pic of the Day: Monique - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes
Monique The Physique0 Monique loves to show off her physique and she tweets us pictures all the time. Here's one by @linkzphoto that we really like!
Waist Too Small0 Now damn this girl's waist is just too damn small. Did she have some ribs removed or something? Looks like it's a size 20 or something.
Lightskin Vs Darkskin This young black girl speaks out on how she feels about the whole light skin versus dark skin garbage and the idiots who're brainwashed to believe lighter is better.
"Can I Suck Dick Good?" - 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Can I Suck Dick Good Black girl chronicles her experiences about how the world perceives her lips. What? What did you think it was? You perverts we don't put that stuff on our site!
Mayonnaise0 So, What do you get when you go to Wendy's and ask them to hold the (gross ass) mayo? You get a hamburger with nothing but lots of mayo, and mayonnaise sucks! Mayonnaise does not belong on Hamburgers or any kind of sandwich for that matter. As a matter of fact, mayonnaise, Miracle Whip, sour cream and cottage cheese should not even exist. Now what dummy thought of Miracle whip?
Mayweather Cheats OrtizDid he cheat? Mayweather was losing this fight. So after the referee breaks up a hold between Mayweather and Ortiz, Mayweather sneaks in two punches and knocks Ortiz out! Look at the video we rip from Youtube and tell us what you think?
Promote Yourself in 1 Minute! - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Ggurl Tko How can you beat this? GGurls and models, make a one minute or less video promoting yourself using a simple webcam or cell phone! We'll put it right here on so thousands can see it. No excuses now huh? See the simple instructions and rules below. Don't sleep on this!

Pic of the Day: Sharmaine - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Slim Fade0 Annnnnnd the picture of the day belongs to Sharmaine from CE Wiley Studios. Nice little thing here huh? We like!
Kanye West Rhymefest Kimkardashian Behind the scenes with Kanye West, Rhymefest, and Kim Kardashian in the making of Alligator Boots puppet TV show. The video was shot and directed by Konee Rok (whoever that is). Kinda funny though.
Ricanbombshell0 Want to book the hottest model in the game for your next event? Want the face of GGurls to represent your party, calendar or magazine? Jossie the Rican Bombshell is the sexiest nude model on the internet and we're her manager. If you have a serious project and a real talent hit us for pricing and availability. Serious offers only.
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Miszqb0 GGurls get hooked up by our graphic artist all the time and it seems like the graphics get better and better every time we post a new one. This one is just so kold it is crazy.
Crackhead Boxing It's a little of everything on the internet. Now they're trying to make crack head boxing a form of entertainment. Oh? You don't believe it? Well watch this video. It's not a joke they're serious about it.
Lady Keeya Xxx Your kind of video here. Two nice booty girls shaking that ass and playing around. Really nothing else to be said here.
Whitegirl Thong Watch this short clip and tell us if you think this white girl has a great ass or no ass at all. The brother next to her seems to like it. Look at how the girls in the water are looking at her, like "this bitch.."
Kattwilliamsbeef Katt Williams been in the news a lot lately, taking turns dissing everybody. First it was Mexicans and now it's celebrities like Jermaine Dupree, Janet Jackson and Steve Harvey. He doesn't stop there though, he goes on and on about a lot of people in this so called freestyle.
Qudaqueen These types of videos are getting extremely popular nowadays, and it's already popular for women to go the strip joints now, so it's a no brainer we get both in a video. Here's Qu Da Queen's watch it go
Smash Pass0 People are strange and will take pictures of themselves doing strange things or just looking crazy. Or other people will catch them doing it and take it against their wills. Results? Funny shit for all of us to laugh at.

Jayandbey0 A pregnant Beyonce and Jay Z take a stroll around New York City. Although in the past Jay has stated he wanted a child he doesn't seem to be too happy or is it he has to keep a gangsta face on at all times? Man c'mon Jay you're having a baby by one of the most wanted women in the world. Smile Son.
Swizz And Alicia Keys0 What goes around comes around. Bossip got the scoop on a good possibility that Swizz Beats is cheating on Alicia Keys. Now this really be a big surprise considering that he left his wife Mashonda Tifree to get with Alicia? The alleged jump-off name is simply Chris (short for Christina maybe?) and Swizz met at Solange Knowles birthday party some years back and have kept in touch ever since. Here are some pictures of the sexting from Also included (in text) is the correspondence between the two.
Best Basketball No it's not the NBA, other people can play basketball too. Now that we got that out the way, we just had to post this if only for the announcer himself. He loses his voice and goes crazy at the end. Watch these four spectacular shots in less than 33 seconds of play.
Real Damn Ass0 Well can it? It's a weird conundrum about this here booty, because her cakes look real. But at the same time it's just so fucking big. Wish we had another angle of it.
Cell Phone ASS - 3.0 out of 5 based on 3 votes
Cell Ass0 Not booty. Ass. Cell phone pictures of girl taking pictures of their nice round asses. How can you beat that?
Name Her Please - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Name Her0 This piece of eyecandy is right up our alley. However we don't know who this eyecandy girl is. Please help us name her. She's just too perfect.

Women With Perfect Gaps - 3.9 out of 5 based on 9 votes
Perfect Gap0 One of the sexiest things about a woman's body is actually something that's not their. A gap between her legs. Some men really love the gap, they say it's made for easy access. A nice gap between a woman's legs makes her ass stand out and sit right. It looks sexy as hell when she wears tight clothing around her booty. Look at these examples of what we're talking about.
911 Wtc100 This 9-11 will mark the first passing decade since the World Trade Center tragedy of 2001. Ten years later pictures have surfaced that were never seen before. These pictures will hit you hard as you see people jumping to their death and clinging on to the side of the building while smoke bellows out over their heads. We all saw the videos of the planes crashing but we never saw pictures likes this. Even ten years later, this still hurts like hell. What monster would orchestrate something like this?
South African Racist Facebook Photo0 The question is, is it real or is it a hoax? This picture hit Facebook back in 2007 and caused a big outrage. Of course it would. A white man smiling, holding a rifle, while kneeling over what seems to be the corpse of a dead black child. After South African police investigated the man he said the child was  paid to act this scene out and the hold thing was staged.
Mileena Hayes Video Shoot - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Mileena Hayes Video Can't get enough of Mileena Hayes? Well check this hot video of her out she sent us. You can never get enough of Mileena!
Skater With No Legs Next time you complain about silly like having a bad day, or some materialistic bullshit, think about others who have real problems. Then after you do, think about people like this man who still accomplishes amazing stuff with a real physical handicap. Motivating huh. You have no problems.
Fat Ass Model0 Seriously? What the fuck were they trying to capture with this picture? The model (and we use that term loosely) and the photographer should be shot, unless one paid the other a lot of money to do it.
Ssh Eboni Jewelz You saw the pictures of Eboni Jewelz right? If not click here. Hot as hell right? Well his the video of that shoot with SSH Photography. Very nice.
Hot Pic: Mona Lisa Andre - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Dat Model 060 Like Whoa! Mona Lisa takes some hot ass pictures and will always have one that will make you do a double take. This one did just that when we saw it. Extremely hot picture.
Dressilicious0 These cell phone cuties articles just keep on coming and we'll keep on posting them just so long as they're hot like Dressi here. You're sexy bae!
Lana Lang in Motion - 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 votes
Lana Lang In Motion Now that's hot! GGurl Lana Lang made a little short clip of her walking to her car and nobody can deny that this is sexy as fuck. Wow.
Dynastie Virje Graphic - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes
Dynastie Virje Graphic0 We love us some Dynastie Virje, so we were happy when 1028 dezigns hooked this one up! Check it out!
Celya Mirians0 Now that's what we're talking about. Congratulations to Celya for having such a hot picture she sent in that we had to make it the picture of the day!
Jessenica Vice How To Love - 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Jessenia Vice How To Love Check out Jessenia Vice's new video over Little Wayne's How to Love. A young woman struggles with the daily life of being a stripper. Directed by Latin Legend
What's Racist About These Pics? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Naked Racist0 Read this before you look. If you look closely at the pictures you'll notice something that can be construed as racist. Why do we say "construed" instead of just saying it's racist? Well numerous reasons actually. After you notice it, you'll also notice it's backwards or reversed, which could mean that she's against it. Other people will argue that the symbol has many more meanings than what the modern world view it as. So you tell us, is she being racist?
Da Real Shar - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
Shar0 Shar Proves just how cute and sexy she is with these natural pictures. You want a girl like this don't you? She's a cutie.

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