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Roses have began to wilt, chocolate has started to melt and the love making has simmered down. Last week Cupid was in full effect and had most of the world enjoying a romantic evening with their significant other. 

If you noticed (and of course you have) the site has changed. What started as a redesign turned into a system overhaul all for the better. Faster, with a catchier design GGurls is updated for the new year. So now our email is backed up and now that we've finished you'll be bombarded with new pics and videos. So OOPS sorry for the delay and the hassle but we're back on point!
Cell  Phone0 The latest batch of cell phone cuties are just as good as any other batch! You'll love these hotties for their faces, bodies and round and brown booties. Go ahead and scroll down and enjoy these gorgeous babes.

Cell Cell0 Some more random cell phone cutie pics! A couple of these you'll probably try to rip lol, just scroll down and see what we mean. Women love to take pictures of themselves!

Cellphone Cuties0 Maybe they only had one picture so we just put them all together for one good ass thread. Here are some random Cellphone Cuties. Some naked ;)
Cellphonecutie0 Ongoing! They take 'em, we post 'em! More cellphone cuties by gorgeous women. This takes real confidence! No photoshop here.

Cell Phone Cutie0 Thank God for modern technology. The cell phone camera pictures women take in the mirror speckle social networking sites and we love it! Here are even more cell phone cuties just for you!

Promise Ming0 Ebony princess. Cute as fuck with a body to match, Promise Ming is very welcomed around these parts. Let's hope she wants to keep sending up pics with her fine ass.
Chenade Laroy0 You know how people always name places that are famous for fine ass women? You know like Southern California, Miami, etc? Well here's a place that does too, the United Kingdom. Our UK counterparts have some of the sexiest women in the world! One of our favorites (she has 3 features on GGurls) is Chenade Laroy's super fine ass. Here are 19 pictures to prove our point on her beauty and the UK. Thanks to Koshmo Photo for the pics.
Bootypower See? We always said women like looking at other women butts too. Watch how all these people break their necks looking at these two women booty. Booty Power baby.
Pregnant Ugly0 See. This is the kind of shit that pisses us off. Why does this picture exist and what exactly do they think they're doing? There is no value in this picture other than it being a hot ass mess and ignorant as hell. It's not sexy, it's not sweet, it's not artistic, it looks like a bunch of silly pregnant women posing with their breast out. Hope their kids never see this bullshit.
Hustlebunny0 The premier source for sexy models, beautiful girls, and the hottest women. Including entertainment news, celebrity gossip, interviews, videos and more. The perfect blend of sexy
Drunk Bitches0 What's funnier than a girl who can't hold her liquor? How about the end result when she passes out basically anywhere? Get that tolerance up ladies or quit drinking lol.

Perfect Gap0 One of the sexiest things about a woman's body is actually something that's not their. A gap between her legs. Some men really love the gap, they say it's made for easy access. A nice gap between a woman's legs makes her ass stand out and sit right. It looks sexy as hell when she wears tight clothing around her booty. Look at these examples of what we're talking about.
Fat Girl Stepping Out0 Why do fat black women wear the strangest clothes when they go out to clubs at night? Did she honestly think she was stuntin' on them? This is ridiculous.
Cheaters0 Women cheat. Some even say that women cheat just as much as men nowadays, hell some people say they cheat more. But have you ever sat down and wondered why they cheat? Well we have and here are some reasons.
Photoshop0 One. Only one of these pictures are untouched by Adobe Photoshop. The rest are all retouched by Photoshop. Can you guess which one is a 100 percent real picture?

Butt0 Your favorite subject: Butt (booty, ass) whatever you call it. Well here are some natural untouched up pictures of nice asses for you.

Thick0 Usually when people say "thick" they never call the girl pretty. Most people don't think it goes hand and hand and most of the time it usually does not. However all of these women can truly be call thick, hot and sexy. Agree?
Not Modeling0 How many times do we have to tell you stanks? Just because you feel sexy and your boyfriend has a new cell phone camera does NOT mean you're now a model! Don't send in shit like this and get this shit off the web.
Cartoon Hotties0 Was trying to find out who made these and don't know how we found it but it's a guy from These pictures are some of the best artwork of sexy women we've ever seen. Good job Garv.

Jessica Vice0 Everytime we look for somebody you guys always help us out. Well find out where Jessica Vice is located on the web and hit us back! This has got to be one of the finest women ever! Don't you think?
User0 Even more graphics of GGurls! This time it includes Mez the Monster, Gorgeous, Mercedz, Titi and Lourde Baez! Remember all pictures are scaled down to fit the screen here.
Black White Sex0 What do you get when you mix black and white together? Sexiness pure and simple. Even when you're just talking about the picture color. That's nice son!
Ggurl Collage0 The member participation on GGurls is plentiful, our man Kyle aka the Kollage King makes collages of GGurls! His work is pretty good, check him out.
Thick0 What's the true definition of a girl being thick? See, it's a lot of fat chicks who swear they are "thick" when they know (or maybe they don't know) they are just fucking fat. It's also men fault for lying to these fat girls saying they are thick just because they want to hit it real quick. Thick is when a girl is bigger but yet still firm and has shape. Look at these pics.
GGurls Here's the final edition ya boy Lewis was working on all night. He's a freaking perfectionist, but you have to admit that this is much better overall and it looks great slapped against a picture. We just keep getting better and better! We ain't getting all those hits for nothing!

Jahreen0 A thread you should love. Especially if you have a Twitter account. Just posting pictures and bios of some hot women we talk to all the time on Twitter. Of course this will be ongoing.

Thick White Chick0 For those of you who like thick ass white chicks, take a gander at these photos. We think the last two might be Hispanic though.

Tatted0 Now that you seen that other thread with ugly tattoos on ugly women, here are some sexy tattoos on sexy women. We'll try to keep this ongoing. We'll call this "Tatted."
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