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Quantcast Just a little while ago we were venting about Alexa rankings and how inaccurate they were. Nothings changed. We still say fuck 'em for having such a fucked up system that doesn't tell the truth. If you go by Alexa remember you're getting super raw readings based on how many people have the Alexa toolbar installed on their web browser.
Alexa Higher Why do you need a higher Alexa ranking? The top advertising click programs actually look at your Alexa score and value how much you should make per click depending on it. Alexa is not fool proof however and it's algorithms are not easily explainable or understood for that matter. Basically the more people with the Alexa toolbar installed visiting your site will increase your ranking, page views and etc.

Alexa Icon Many people use Alexa to gauge how much traffic a site is getting. This also determines your site's worth. If your site is not ranked under 100,000 in the world then Alexa doesn't consider you worthwhile to even rank you. However Alexa is very flawed. It gets it statistics from people who have downloaded the Alexa toolbar and then browse a site. So you can have a lot of people looking at your site but don't have the Alexa toolbar installed and it won't reflect those stats. For instance, in the last 4 days GGurls has been getting the most traffic it's ever has in a 4 day period, HOWEVER our Alexa ranking dropped. Now how is that possible? Shouldn't it have went up? Of course it should have. So we've have concluded that Alexa is full of crap and it's very inaccurate, which most people already know anyway. The widgets, toolbars, yada yada yada don't do anything for your site. Some people know how to cheat Alexa too, making it very unreliable. But the sad thing is, it's still important because advertisers will look at your Alexa ranking first before they spend any cash on your site. Blah...

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