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Twerkin' is where it's at nowadays. Whenever Miley Cyrus says she has a twerk team then you know it's all the rage. Do you know how to twerk? No? Then here is a step by step tutorial on how to twerk like the pros. It's also a good way to work your legs and booty out.

Princess Kitty shakes her beautiful round booty in a tub to Aaliyah and Drake's 'Enough Said'. Can't remember if we ever heard of this girl but this video does go hard. Take a good look, you'll love it.



Go Hard the magazine presents Chiya L'ree Big Booty video. No, that's actually the name of it and the song that's playing. This girl shows off her booty moving skills outside. Pretty Impressive.

Artist by the name of J Roc made this video called Booty Whop. It's just a song about girls shaking their asses, one of those hype songs. Funny how it sounds just like that gay dudes song who made "Ass Everywhere". Just like it too.

Maybe we shouldn't use the term hoodrat but the shit got your attention right? Whoever this girl is she has a very nice build with nice legs and ass. This is nothing more than an booty shaking video for you to watch (as if you read this shit).

The title explains it all son. Short and simple.

Damn is she bad! Aaliyah Maria was twerkin' her booty recently in a video so we had to present you with these animated booty pictures of it. That's a nice ass she has there.

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