Tali Mills0 You love 'em like this don't you? Tali Mills has that body and booty we so crave on GGurls.com. Let's give her a nice warm welcome and a new home.
Dani Denier0 What a bad ass body on this chick! This is Dani Denier from Green Clover Entertainment. Thanks guys!
Nona Malone0 Representing the 3-1-third it's thick body Nona Malone shot by Shawn Darnell. Guaranteed to be a hot topic around these parts Nona's big round booty alone will be the source of many comments. Scroll down and enjoy
Carmelcandy0 A UK glamour model now in the Big Apple. Model, actress, singer, and dancer. With whopping measurements of 34-30-45 and a 100% real ass! You gotta love this chick! Go check her site out ILuvCarmelCandy.com
Shay Moss0 Thick ain't she? This is Shay Moss' latest set of pictures by James Rich and we love what we see. She's a very curvy model with a hot look.
Patrice 0 Our people over at CE Wiley Studios does it again! They have been sending honey after honey for features and Patrice is going to be an instant fan favorite! Just look.

Diamond Showstopper0 Hell yeah, stop the show because it's going to be hard to top this! Diamond the Showstopper has the right curves in the right places and of course one in our favorite place! Thanks to @CEWileyStudios for the pictures!

Kaisha Corrien0 Kai sent pictures over to Lewis' phone and he instantly liked them. So then she sent pictures in for a feature and damn they were hot, everybody liked them. Ka'isha has sexy eyes and her body is bangin' her hips are thick and they look lickable. Make sure you befriend Kai on Twitter.
Dreamcrusher0 Wonder why we're also known as the home of the thick chicks? Thick booty sexy women like Dream Crusher is why. She has some nice lady lumps on her don't she? Follow this Puerto Rican and Italian hottie on Twitter.
Larhonda Envy0 38-29-52 That's right, 52 inches of booty! Look at it. LaRhonda Envy is about to make the internet buzz with these pictures. Yeah blogging sites and people from Tumblr are about to copy, save and post. Damn LaRhonda.
Crystal Unique0 Man is she pretty! Now couple that with a nice round booty and you have the perfect urban glamour model. Crystal unique brings fire to your screen with these outstanding pictures! She's a welcomed addition to the GGurls line up.
Jenn Yummy0 Dig this! Jenn Yummy has some new pictures for you to gawk at! Love the way she poses and teases you with her powerful sexy body. Would love to see more of her around.
Latoya Nash0 Keep 'em coming Nigel. This latest entry is hot! Latoya Nash is a tall drink of water with beautiful lady lumps and specifically a good rump! Hot pictures here.
Dominican Dream0 Whenever you get a model like this in your email box, you're glad you own a popular website that get models like this in their inbox. Dominican Dream is indeed dreamy, we love every inch of what we see and you will too when you scroll down.
Auraliciious0 Thick Hispanic New Yorker urban glamour model. Auraliciious takes some very good pictures with her sexy ass.
Tia Simone0 Instantly a fan favorite, Tia Simone has exactly what it takes to make it in this industry, cute face, big booty and a small waist. She's serious about it too, as soon as we found out about her she sent pictures within 5 minutes! She is a banger!
Carmen Nichole0 Big shout out to @FollowCrisspy for the find! Carmen Nichole is a nice addition to the GGurl line up and she has a nice thick butt! Yay! Welcome.
Mikal Blair0 You can't deny her! She's a babe to the fullest! Mikal Blair brings heat to every photo she takes. Wow man just wow!
Ebony0 You like this booty don't you? You love that face don't you? Well we do too, DynastyMagazine.com does it again with Ebony.

Buzz Small0 New to the game and instantly in contact with GGurls thanks to @simplyfinesse, Buzz Small has a look that should get her far in the urban modeling game. She's nice to look at and has a nice round booty. Pics edited by us (Damn we're good!)
Daniela0 Another hot one shot by MJFlix.com! This is thick body Daniela and these pictures are simply amazing. Look at the body on this white girl.

Melody Jai0 Look at that booty! Hot girl Melody Jai comes over to GGurls to show of that thick body of hers and we like! Thanks Melody. These pics are nice!
Jahreen Dream0 Umph! Sexy thick booty, pretty brown skin, cute face. How can you possibly beat Jahreen the Dream? The UK has some sexy ones!
Pretty Browne0 She's hot, she's thick and she's on GGurls. Pretty Browne has was it takes to get popular, so we're glad to introduce her to the world! Maybe you found a new favorite model!
Starr0 True definition of thick with a pretty face and big booty! Can you trust her? (Never trust a big butt and a smile lol) Here is new GGurl Cara Starr!
Miss Dainty0 Thick-a-licious! We love these types of GGurls, welcome the sexy Kouture Torri to the GGurl line up!
Brandi Wine0 We've been talking to Brandi Wine for a second now, and it was a pleasant surprise to see she hooked up with VXN Studios and got a set of hot ass pictures! But what did you expect, with a sexy model and a great (and sexy too!) photographer? You guys are about to fall in love with her.
Sincere Brown0 Maria Scott is good fam with GGurls. That's why we showcase all their pics. Check out these pictures of Sincere Brown. Smoking!
Nadean Imani0 This woman is stunning! If you don't like these pictures something is wrong with you. She's a five out of five. Na'Dean Imani should be all over the web once the word gets out.
Amoure0 Check out the latest core GGurl model Amoure Deon! Little shorty with a thick body and a nice booty! You love us, we know
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