thick What's the true definition of a girl being thick? See, it's a lot of fat chicks who swear they are "thick" when they know (or maybe they don't know) they are just fucking fat. It's also men fault for lying to these fat girls saying they are thick just because they want to hit it real quick. Thick is when a girl is bigger but yet still firm and has shape. Look at these pics.
Thick White Butt0 See if we got it right this time. Every time we post about thick white booty you guys keep telling us that it's really Latina booty pics we're putting up. So we think these are white chicks now. See? I guess it's hard to find nice thick white booty.
Thick White Chick0 For those of you who like thick ass white chicks, take a gander at these photos. We think the last two might be Hispanic though.

Ass Real0 Just a bunch of juicy booties for you to look at. You're welcome :)
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