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Beyonce Run The World Girls Beyonce's newest joint, smash hit or big flop? The video is interesting but we're not sure about the song. It has to grow on you.
Johanie Taylor5 Johanie is smoking and you can't deny her. If you don't like her you probably don't like women. Vote Johanie for GGurl of the month of April.
Mashi Peree1111 Is it possible to improve on perfection? Mashi Peree brings pure fire to her entry and expects nothing less than perfect
Sheneka Adams You can't deny Sheneka Adams anything with a face and body like that. Rate her high marks fa' sho'.
Destiny Raven Look at the body on Destiny Raven. How can you beat that? Nothing but high marks here people.
Denisse MurilloNew comer to the game, threat with her beauty. If you want to see more of her make her feel good by giving her high marks!
Ladycache1 With a body like that and a pretty face how could she not do good?
Shawnee0 Happy 4th of July! GGurl Shawnee helps you celebrate it by taking these pics. Never has the American flag look sexier! Some of you would let her shoot you because you wouldn't be paying attention to the gun lol.
Sammi0 Sammi has some new hot pics for you to gawk at. This time she's showing off her best poses and we have to say she's a natural. Do ya thang Sammi.
Mez The Monster0 Brittney, aka Mez the Monster is a hot little number, and another slim goodie to Ggurls. Tell us how you like her.

Qsinclair0 Where do we find 'em? I mean is this sexy or is this sexy as fuck? Q Sinclair aka Q the Model is one fine ass sexy ass woman in so many ways it's scary! Beautiful skin, eyes, face, legs, complexion and not to mention a nice little ass on her. Okay enough already, here ya go.
Paris Vixen0 One of the hottest GGurls to date has new pictures just for you! Paris the Vixen is a tatted
Elsuenoespanol0 She's back with even better pics! Don't know how she did it but these are even hotter than before. It's El Sueno Espanol (The Spanish Dream)
What The Hell0 We hate when you can't tell what it is just by looking at it. Is this a fucking chick? A guy? Or a chick with a dick?

Realbooty0 This one might be 100% real. Remember black women have nice big booties long before injections were created. But you never know. Is it real? Maybe we just wanted to post this hot ass picture lol.
Stripper0 Ever wonder what happens in the changing room at a female strip club? These pictures can give you and idea. Seems like they just like to have fun taking pictures of themselves.
Jasmine Cruz0 C. E. Wiley studios sent us this picture of Jasmine Cruz for the picture of the day. We like! We love Jasmine and CE Wiley Studios!
Mcdonalds Fight What the hell is going on in the world. Watch as this grown ass man punches a teenage girl in the face twice in front of his kids! Now guess what for? They were arguing about who was next in line.
Monica Nashay Is this hot or is this hot? GGurl Monica Nashay does a video doing a sexy dance to Kanye West's all of the lights. We looked at it about 4 times already.

Karmen Da Body0 Remember the video on the front a while ago? It was of Karmen Da Body. Well here it is again with a couple of pictures we found of her. She's good peeps.
Police Brutality This is brutality. There is no other way to put it. Don't get us wrong, we're not the type of people who just hate the police, we try to look at both sides of the story but we really would like to know how can the Houston Police Department explain this one. Once the suspect is down, which he clearly is, it's a simple handcuff, load 'em, and drive away routine. They beat the crap out this dude.
Fiveheartbeats0 What's the greatest Black movie of all time? We're going to try to list as many as possible and then you tell us which one is the best ONE of all time? Name any that we forgot.
Faya Ass This was a tough contest. It actually came down to the final minutes to see who'd win between GGurls Faya Dynamite or Elke The Stallion. New comer Faya edged out the veteran Elke 1140 votes to 1131 votes. So congratulations to Faya for winning and thanks to both for promoting the event very hard. Also thanks to all models that participated and promoted the contest too! Special shout out to Mz Lollipop!
The Game0 Every woman's dream! Every man's nightmare! Yep it's the Game and it's returning to television with all new episode on January 11th, 2010. Nope not re-runs, all new episode, the entire cast has agreed to do it again (as if they were doing something else anyway). BET has picked up the series this time.

Booty Of The Week Presenting the booty of the week! We know you'll love this one. Not to hot in the face though and the ass has a little too much flab for our taste but y'all don't care.

Blue Panty Ass Ya boy Lue Diamonds is making a lot of booty shaking music that girls like to... well shake their ass too.. Or is this a rip from a porn movie? Either way rate this nice looking ass.

Elke The Stallion Vote0Hey you! Come help your favorite bootylicious model Elke the Stallion get into Oxygen's Bad Girl Club! Click here, to get her there! So when you see her on TV you can say "hey I helped get her on there!" You can vote once a day!

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