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Just what in the fuck is this? This is the definition of fuckery. Does she honestly think she looks good? Imagine rolling up to this fast food joint and witnessing this shit. What in the fuck is this?
We have to do better. These type of pictures pop up on the internet everyday and we all wonder; "What the hell were they thinking". Well regardless of what they were thinking let's just thank God it's at least worth a good laugh.
Dumb Ass Pictures0 You can never ever get enough of these pictures. People make you laugh on accident. Get a load of the latest batch of dumb ass stupid ghetto pictures we found.

Creative Stupid0 This could go either way. Is it a creative photo shoot? Or does it look like it was an idea that sounded good on paper but stupid in action? What do you think? (Where's her navel?)

Dumb Tattoo0 Okay we already know that the Bybble tattoo is dumb as fuck. The person and the tattoo artist should be shot. But are the other three any good, or are they just hood?
Pregnant Ugly0 See. This is the kind of shit that pisses us off. Why does this picture exist and what exactly do they think they're doing? There is no value in this picture other than it being a hot ass mess and ignorant as hell. It's not sexy, it's not sweet, it's not artistic, it looks like a bunch of silly pregnant women posing with their breast out. Hope their kids never see this bullshit.
Funny Text Message0 Don't you just hate that stupid auto correct? Even when you try to correct the auto correct it corrects right back to the wrong word. Read these funny text message that surely started some heated arguments.

Pussy Whipped0 What grown ass man (or even little boy for that matter) would tattoo a girl's name in big ass letters on the side of his face? Simple, a pussy whipped lame. That must be some of the greatest pussy in the world son, got you walking around looking like a fool.
Stupid Tattoo0 Some tattoos you shouldn't get, and if you get one on your ass it better be a sexy or sweet one. This one? Naw ma, it's just too hood

Stupid Pics0 You can tell that some of these were on purpose and some were honest to goodness mistakes. Either way they're very funny! Check out these stupid pictures.
Finna Try Get ready to LOL and try to explain what you're looking at. Is he serious or is he playing? "Who you finna try, who you finna try BITCH heeeey!"
Is That Modeling0 Is it? Are any of these chicks actually modeling? C'mon son the answer is no. The answer is actually "hell no", but you know it's good for a great laugh. Some people just don't give a fuck.
Azz Everywhere Amazing! Amazingly corny and stupid yet funny as hell! Watch as the guy, we hope that's a guy rapping, starts shaking his ass too. But the video is truthful, there is ass EVERYWHERE, although it's not attractive ass.
Booty Tattoo0 Stupid ASS tattoos! Get it? Stupid ass tattoos? Forget it! Anyway, tattoos are supposed to be sexy if you put them on your ass, it would help if you had a sexy ass first though.
Ultimate Nigga0 What the fuck is wrong with some people? Are they trying to be funny or are these really candid shots? Buffoonery I tell you!

Follow Me0 Talk about being desperate for followers! This girl takes it to the extreme and gets a tattoo on her left arm that says "follow me". Wow! Nothing more to say about this one.

Dont Tat Your Face My man Skip of UTP clowns the new Gucci Mane tattoo of an ice cream on his face. What the fuck was that fool thinking?
Stack Or Starve0 So the new saying is "Stack or Starve" meaning either get paper or don't eat. Motha'Fucka's will tattoo anything on their body or try to make the dumbest new slang sound cool. How about "Learn or Lose?" Yeah that one sounds better.

Crazy Shit0 We love this type of shit. Dumb, stupid and crazy ass pictures and people always give you a good laugh. Some of these people should be shot though.

Stupid Ass This chick's body and ass is so ridiculously sexy it almost looks unreal. Very perfect ass, very flat stupid, with very buttery smooth skin.

Leprechaun Alabama This is just fucking stupid! A leprechaun in the hood huh? These motha'fucka's are serious, and had the nerve to have a sketch of the leprechaun.

This Nigga0 Some stupid shit just for you to laugh at. I mean who allows themselves to be photoed doing this dumb shit? For that matter who does this dumb shit, picture or not.

Fail0 Get a load of this shit! You ever wonder what the hell somebody is thinking when they allow pictures of themselves to be taken like this?
Tongue Tattoo0 Tattoo failure never gets old! Some of these are funny but all of them are stupid! Who would permanently mark their bodies like this?
Irony0 Oh the irony of these stupid ass signs and pictures! This will having you cracking up in disbelief! "Come on in, we're Closed?!" What the fuck! LOL
Stupid Shit0 What's a good blogging site without some stupid shit like this to post? Ghetto much? Some of these pictures just prove that some people really have no home training and are ignorant for no fucking reason what-so-ever. Come on son, a Lil Wayne haircut? SMH! And what's wrong with these women? Are they ground in reality? But leave it to the gay guy to outdo them all!
Tattoo FailMan these youngins nowadays just don't give a fuck! Look at two of the dumbest tattoos ever created. Hope you don't plan to have a job in your life dummies!

Typos 0 Don't drink and spell. We here at GG are guilty of typos all the time! But we're (partly) a blogging site and hey, we type all the time so of course we're going to make mistakes (I'm proof reading this right now). However somethings in life, like permanent signs and tattoos should not have spelling errors! Check these dumb asses out.
John Mayer0Okay here we go. As you probably already know John Mayer (a guitarist) made quite some controversial statements while being interview by Playboy magazine.

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