With her big fan base Elke should be serious competition to anybody, give her five star ratings.
Elke Raw0 Here we go. No introduction needed for Elke The Stallion. Here are some cell phone pictures she sent in for viewing. Look at the curves on her! The pink outfit has been driving people crazy.
Brandnewelke0 Look at our girl Elke! She's on the cover of Enfluenz Magazine and she has some hot events this November. Hot!
Courtney BoxOne of our partners, Elke the Stallion has made another site that manage models, it's called StallionModels.com. We're gonna to feature some of these hot ladies from SM right here on GG. Make sure you check that site out.
Elke Box One of our favorites and part of the GG family. No really Elke is cool with Lewis! And everybody loves Elke (make sure you pronounce it elk-E or you face a beatdown! lol)

ElkeboxYou can never go wrong with Elke as you can see why in these pictures! Elke is a fan favorite, a GGurl favorite and a friend of Lewis' so you know we show her love. Now love her too, again after you see these pics!


The famous Elke The Stallion everybody! You've seen her before now see her again on GG!

Elke S0 Bad Girl and original GGurl Elke The Stallion has a whole sleeve of sweet as tattoos. It's a no brainer to have Elke as a Tatted GGurl feature.
2010ass Now this time we're voting for your favorite body part. BOOTY! So pick your favorite GGurl's backside and let's see who wins. You can also write in your favortie GGurls Booty on the bottom of the poll!
Gg Wallpaper0 So you like that top background with Junk, Rican Bombshell, Autumn Renee, Shakira, Elke the stallion and Vickie 6 huh? Well now you can download it for a wallpaper for your 'puter or phone! Yeah we know, we should be a pay site huh? Well why don't you tell everybody about GGurls and help us get paid by clicking those damn ads!
Junk Elke0 Can we give you a good battle or what? On one side there is the gorgeous thick @JunkAKAcandy and on the other side you have the sexy thick @ElkeTheStallion. Who do you choose? Tough one!
Elke Pics0Elke shows you she doesn't need photoshop and still looks good with just regular pics. Dig her!

Elke Ass Shake Our home girl Elke the Stallion shakes her phat booty in this video she made for GGurls! Check it out!
Bouncing BootyYou're in for a treat with this video! This is Gizelle the Stallion and Kai Lynn bouncing and playing with those big round asses!
Dreamteam0Okay here it is! Vote for your favorite GGurl. You can only vote for one and you can vote once a day. The top 5 will be the first Dream Team and we'll do make wallpapers of them for you! So make sure your favorite get's in there! We'll also do the "Sixth GGurl of the bench". Your vote counts so let's get started. Contest ends next month at this time. Don't see your favorite GGurl in the list? Leave a comment and we'll include her for nominations for the next Dream Team contest.
Elke The Stallion Vote0Hey you! Come help your favorite bootylicious model Elke the Stallion get into Oxygen's Bad Girl Club! Click here, realitywanted.com to get her there! So when you see her on TV you can say "hey I helped get her on there!" You can vote once a day!