Man Shoot Police In broad daylight, in public, in the middle of the street during a traffic stop, this idiot takes shots at the police. The police returned fire and killed him and it was all caught on tape. This happened in Wisconsin.
Visha Vonshae Who needs photoshop when you look this fucking good? The video camera don't lie, and Visha Vonshae looks great in front of it.
Emmaly Lugo Now this is worth watching! Popular model Emmaly Lugo does a photoshoot with Ice Box Studios and it looks steamy! Great work guys :)
Cherokee Xxx Watch as two well known porn stars do a all body paint photo shoot, just for you pervs. It's Cherokee D' Ass and The Body XXX.
Honeyeyes Video GGurl Honey Eyes just recently did a hot photo shoot with CClark Fotos and it looks like it's going to be a hot set. Great model, great photographer.
Police Shoot Man Soooo? How do you comment on this one? The police are chasing a man who refuses to stop. He eventually stops, immediately gets out of his truck and take aim at them. The police shoot him 8 times only to find out he was holding and ice scraper. Let the debate begin.
Maria Scott Maria Scott presents new model Juicy Kouture! Check out the photoshoot and the picture, thanks fam for sending this in. Also stay tuned to GGurls for new models presented by Maria Scott Photography!
Rubyourtits This is a very erotic photo shoot! Had to post it, it's just that fucking sexy! Nothing much left to be said!
Nayj We knew this chick was hot by looking at her pictures but who knew she was this damn sexy by looking at her video? So now nobody can yell "photoshop" when looking at her pictures, because that's how she really looks! Nay J is SUPER fine.
Mya Bliss Mya Bliss is banging and she's on Show Girls Exclusive! Wow, check her out!
Karmen0 Karmen Hayes was recently in Detroit for promotion and @LuxurySuite77 got a hold of her and got her for a photo shoot. Here are the pics!
Follow her on Twitter @CarmenHayes

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