This Saturday, October 20th, 2012, GGurls will be shooting for the new 2013 GGurls/ASIS calendar in Detroit. If you're interesting in being selected hit us up. Basically we're just letting you know, be on the look out for the calendar. We know it's short notice lol.
Courtney Nicole Love0 We so love Courtney Nicole! Who wouldn't? She's super bad and now we have more pics of her from 2020 Photography, posing outdoors in showing off her amazing body. This is the one to watch out for.
Jazzy Carlena0 Hot pictures from IRS Studios of hot girl Jazzy Carlena. Love the theme shoot and Jazzy's curvy body. Real nice set here.
Want to be on GGurls yet you need professional pictures? We have you covered, you can shoot with one of our photographers in these many areas around the United States. We have Detroit, Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta. Greensboro (NC) Houston, San Diego, New York and Chicago covered.  So let us make you glamorous baby contact us today
Anahmae0 Anah Mae came back to shoot with GGurls and it was perfect timing. Our pictures are just like Anah Mae, the shiznit (had to say that lol). So it was great getting our girl in the studio to hook up these bad ass pics. A cutie with a booty, Anah Mae is fun loving and dedicated. Did you know she could sing too?
Jasmine Adams0 Absolutely love this girl's size and shape. Jasmine Adams return and she's celebrating the return of the NBA with this hot photo shoot. This girl can model anything.
Justmissparis Flexi Lexii0 Put two sexy women like Tracy Rosentreter (Just Miss Paris) and Flexi Lexii together and you'll get heat every single time. Sensual and erotic yet very tasteful best describes these pics. You simply can't do no better than this.
Janay0 What a hot photo set this is. Jenny V and 305 Media took some eye catching pictures didn't they? Jenny is sexy and tempting and we love every shot. You will too.
Lora Lynn0 We love the school girl series by CE Wiley. This time we're presenting a new model by the name of Lora Lynn. She has 8 hot pictures for you to enjoy. So go ahead and scroll down.
Kristal Solis0 Look who's on GGurls! It's Kristal Solis and if you don't think she's sexy then you must be a gay dude. After looking at these pictures and videos she sent in, done by our fam MJ Flix you'll instantly be a Kristal Solis fan! Damn she's bad!
Nikkii Nashay0 Our girl Nikkii is back and this time she shot with GGurl's official photographer Ricky Fontaine of Iconik Images, so of course the pictures came out right. Nikkii teases you with an open black jacket and a come here look. Nice set (of pictures you pervs!).
Gabriella Amorosa0 Well well well, we love opening up our email box and seeing pictures of a hot model. We got a pleasant surpise with Gabriella Amoroso
Sasha Salena0 Sasha and Salena look good together, and we're here to present them to you. These are a couple of hot GGurls from the UK who according to Pink N Black Entertainment we're be seeing a lot more of. GGurls will represent them in the US. Not just Sasha and Salena but much more :)
Nay Jay0 She's back and this time she's nude on the beach with some hot pictures by KG Toops! Nay J is just so fine ;)
Mez0 Check out GGurl Mez the Monster and her cute booty! These pictures are nice and Mez is very photogenic. Make sure you follow Mez on Twitter!
Urfavoritemodel0 You're going to love her and she might just be your new favorite model. Check out this hot photoshoot of @urfavoritemodel playing pool. More like she's seducing you.

Ashleysteele Ashley Steele lets you in on her latest photo shoot by giving you this video. She is so freaking adorable. Enjoy!
Yummi0 In the cut! The trap house shoot starring sexy girl Yummy. Get a load of these two artistic pictures.
Sexy Model Shoot0 Just animated pictures of a sexy model on a roof top in the middle of a photo shoot. These animated pictures alone make the whole thing worth while.
Creative Stupid0 This could go either way. Is it a creative photo shoot? Or does it look like it was an idea that sounded good on paper but stupid in action? What do you think? (Where's her navel?)

Marz Presents0 You like all the new and popular models we present huh? Are you a sexy girl that wants to get the same treatment? In the Miami area or willing to travel? It's simple really! Just shoot with Ggurls photographer @MarchalMARZian and get the power of GG behind you!
Kgmag0 Marcus from KG Body Magazine ( did a power shoot in Detroit and shot three of our original GGurls. Remember MVP, Chloe and Cocoa? Of course you do! Here are some hot sneak previews of what's to come!
Sicario S Tequila We barely noticed what they were advertising. Take a look at the video and see what we mean. This is an ad for Sicario S Tequila.
Mileena Hayes Video Can't get enough of Mileena Hayes? Well check this hot video of her out she sent us. You can never get enough of Mileena!
Ssh Eboni Jewelz You saw the pictures of Eboni Jewelz right? If not click here. Hot as hell right? Well his the video of that shoot with SSH Photography. Very nice.
Lady Cache We so love Lady Cache because she always hustling and she always shaking that nice booty! She got with Detroit's own Buckie Naked and Shawn Darnell and did her thing for the Buckie Naked calendar shoot for 2012. Hot!
Ggurls Flier0 Hey is it flier or flyer? Ever think of that? Okay fuck that, we're gearing up for the print magazine and we have two published photographers on our team, Marchal Raines and Ricky Fontaine doing a powershoot together. They're starting in Miami and then touring various cities looking for models for the magazine! You got what it takes? Then hit them up and see if and when they're coming to your city.
San Fran Police Kill 19 Black0 Warning! Graphic video. Explain this one. The San Francisco police shoot a 19 year black teen in the neck after chasing him for not paying his bus fare. He was killed. He had no weapon and as stated he was running away from the police. Here are two videos showing the victim lying on the ground. The first video actually shows him going through death woes as he's struggling to keep his upper torso up. Sad. Very sad. Somebody has some explaining to do.
Bella Gonzalez0 Wow! Damn! Whew! Eyow! Those and any other of our favorite adjectives come to mind whenever we look at this chick. Bella Gonzalez has the sex appeal department sewn up! Oh we forgot "Whoa!"
Prettyjazzy We so love Pretty Jazzy, as she's a core GGurl, and our fam @MrShawn_Darnell (Fyne Girls) and @IamBHughesTV did a great job with this photo and video shoot. Pretty Jazzy is sexy and cool and like we said we love her!
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