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Imani Cell0 We think Imani is super fine. Smooth skin, cute face and outrageous curves. These cell phone pictures proves she's the shit. Check 'em out.
Taylor Jones0 Now you big booty lovers can rejoice because Taylor Jones has ass in spades my dude! So damn thick in the butt you can see it from the side, the front, the back, the top, the bottom and from around the corner. Did we mention she got ass?
Leesa Unique0 Damn. Say it again. Leesa Unique has a spectacular body with a face to match. Her shape is unbelievable and her pictures are a blessing to whoever gets to see them. Damn.
Carriece0 She also calls herself Miss Sho-N-Tell. We don't think anybody will have a problem with Carriece showing off her body because it's borderline perfect! We're proud to announce Carriece as the latest GGurl.
Keara Jones0 Talk about a gorgeous ass woman. Look at her face, body and booty. She is stacked and super adorable. Keara Jones would make any man happy to come home to her. Now we want even more pictures Keara.
Britney Love0 Like yes baby! Anybody not liking Britney is a hater! So hater read no further. Hot girl alert!
Cuban Luxury0 Never can get enough of Cuban Luxury!
Sharmaine Hunter0 Nice perky booty here. Slim girls always have those types. This is Sharmaine Hunter exposing that cute ass booty.
Remy Rockz0 How about Remy Rockz? This model has great potential. She has the type of body people love and the type of booty everybody adores, and it all looks real too!
Perfect White Ass0 We like booty. You know that. We like all kinds of booty. You know that too. Now tell us, do you think this is the perfect white booty? Pretty good huh?
Weird Pizza0 Pizza is a sacred religion and like all religions you have blasphemer committing pizza sins! Just take a look at these pizza pies and see if you'd eat any of them. A couple may be creative but hey, let's just leave pizza alone.
Ass Fake0 There is no way that she's that small in the waist yet that wide in the hips. Still don't look right though.

Are They Hating This chick swears they're hating on her at her beauty school, because of her looks, booty and body. You tell us, are they hating on her or are they right. We think they're hating.
Shape Of Ass Look at this video. Now rate the ass. What did you give it? We think you should have rated it a 7 or above. If you rated it a 9 we can see why. The point is, it's not the size of an ass that matters, it's the shape, and you gotta admit that's a nice looking ass. Ass comes in all different shapes, pear, apple, round, etc. Which means that any nationally can have a nice shape ass.

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