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Thick GGurl Sincerely Isyss was clowning around and made this hot little video shaking her booty to Mulher Melancia. We have no clue what it means or what they are saying but our guess is you don't care.
So this hot little thing found us on Twitter today and then instantly tweeted us this video. One word, damn. Okay two words. Damn that's hot. Okay that was three but you get it punk. Nina Rozay got a nice butt.
Shawtyredthevixen0 Oh y'all are going to love her! She sexy and she's not shy! Shawty red will entertain you for as long as you watch and she's she's super sexy too.
Lil Miss Chyna Chyna is a GGurl from way back. A few days ago she tweeted us this video of her shaking her pretty ass in a thong in a video. That booty jiggling is looking right. Think we need that bomb shit again (insider).
Ass Shaking Video Don't know who this ass but she knows how to shake her ass and she has a very nice body. Nice booty too!
Absolutely Amber Ass Shake Still relevant in the game, Absolutely Amber shows you why. You will never get sick of that booty will you?
Novoa Good Now this chick has a nice phat ass on her. It's World Star Hip Hop Candy Novoa Good. What a booty on her
Lady Keeya Xxx Your kind of video here. Two nice booty girls shaking that ass and playing around. Really nothing else to be said here.
Nina Nicole Chocolate Our family over at sent us another hot one of Nina Nicole being showered in chocolate. Tell us how you like this big booty vixen?
Secret215 Damn! We don't even know why we're typing this shit because you're not reading it anyway. Yo' ass went straight to the video didn't you? We don't blame you. Secret 215, DAMN!
Carmen Nichole Booty Ggurls We love it lol! Carmen Nichole makes a booty shaking video just for GGurls and it's sexy! She has a nice round butt on her don't she? Especially love when she shakes in the bathroom in good lighting. That booty makes you lust for it!
Secret Moneii Let the haters hate! Secret Moneii made this for all her haters "who didn't believe". We don't know what they were hating on but we love the video!

Twitter: @Secret215
Kai Lynn Ass She's back in service! Thick body Kai Lynn returns with this spectacular booty shaking video she made sure she sent to us. Thanks Kai! You're so freaking hot! Enjoy peeps.
Tanyalieder That's a big ole booty, probably not real but most of y'all don't care no way. So tell us how you like Tanya Lieder's video of her shaking that phat butt.
Shawtyredd Shawty Red gave us something special for your viewing pleasure! It's a hot ass video of her gyrating that fabulous ass of hers! You're really going to like this fam. Exclusive to GGurls until other sites steal it. Tsk!
Currency Cakes Now this is pure eye candy. Ggurl Currency Cakes made a video showing her gorgeous body and phat booty! If you don't like this you must like men.
Lagatita Okay the best we could translate "La gatita De Papi" is "The cat for daddy." Even Google didn't help for this one. So we guess she's shaking the "cat" for "daddy." Huh? well it's nice though! Check it out.
Women Our fam over at hit us up saying they wanted to put this video on GGurls. We know you'll like it. It's girls shaking their butts. Just perfect for you pervs!
What Is She Shaking What exactly is she shaking? Her pelvic bone? Her spine? This has to be the worse booty dance simply because of the lack of booty. 
Hoodratgirl ...when you dance in a nasty junky bathroom in front of a video camera and put it on the web.
Maliah Michel Maliah Michel does a Valentine's day video for you! We like that fact that it's a homemade video, shows character. Go girl!
Nice Black Butt We can go with this one. The booty sits up right and seems to be thick but not too thick. Wonder what the face looks like?
Angel Ass Shake We love her and this is why. GGurl Angel is sexy as fuck and this video proves it. This is some sort of contest for Ciroc that's she's participating in and we guess she'll win depending on how many hits the video get. Don't know if you get hits on YouTube by looking at it here but you can click the video box and it'll (should) take you to youtube. She knows how to shake that sexy ass don't she?

Aaliyah Maria Video Aaliyah Maria has to be one of the thickest and finest white women we've ever seen. Check this GGurl's video out Walk it like a dog and tell us you don't love that thick white ass?

Hoodrats 1 Let's keep this tradition going shall we? This is the latest edition of Hoodrat's or Hotties?. These two chicks shake what little ass they have on the side of some horny dude's car. Let's hear what you think about 'em.

Bunzhd With a website titled "Bunz" you better have the booty meat to prove it. Well she does, so here's a treat for you. Presenting Bunz HD

Yuck Or Fuck Really want to see the responses to this one. Most of you would probably beat it and then wouldn't tell nobody. Wouldn't you? Yeah you would.

Booty Double Two hot asses or two flat asses? Is this sexy enough for you or just lame? C'mon give us your HONEST opinion.

Blaze0 Would you beat it? Her name is Blaze and she's a model from the website ChocolateModels. Do you like her? What's the verdict? Hit that ass? Or let it pass?

Anisetai Now this is a good one here. You've already seen this girl's sexy pictures on here, now check out Anise's hot video! Look at the body, that booty, that face! Don't you love us.
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