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Yep you read that right. KimYeRiChrisFOchoCinco, Kendall talks about the celebrity relationship status between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Rihanna and Chris Brown and Evelyn and Ocho Cinco. The ups and down and especially the forgiving factor each relationship shares. As usual, it's a great vlog by Kendall B.

Hot? Rihanna's replacement? We think Jay Z is just trying to cash in on a whole 'nother market with singer Rita Ora. When it comes to looks, she can't fuck with Rihanna.
Rihanna gets a lot of media time whenever she changes her hair. This time the blonde straight style is making waves across the internet. To be truthful, this looks better than the red hair. Blonde actually fits her.
Who's hotter? Alicia Keys or Rihanna? We're not talking about talent wise, we're talking strictly looks here. Both are good looking women but to us, one MURDERS the other in looks. Who do you think we think look better? Fuck it, we'll tell you.
Lolo0 Found Lolo on Model Mayhem. She was down to shoot instantly and the connection was great! She was fun to shoot and very sexy. While shooting her we noticed she looks a little like Rihanna, how can you beat that! She's now core GGurl ;)
Rihanna Nice Legs0 One thing you can say about Rihanna for sure is she has some nice long legs. Rather you like her or not, think she's pretty or not, you can't deny these legs!

Rihanna Naked Again0 Okay okay, we know it's just a photoshopped picture of Rihanna naked but admit this is a great picture. It's looks super real, as if somebody hacked her computer or phone or something. You can never get enough of Rihanna nude can you?

Rihanna Red Hair0 Actually Rihanna is one of the few black women who can rock red hair and look pretty damn good with it. Check out the different variations she rocks red. She's pretty.
Black Models0 What do you think about black models, or ebony models or nubian models or whatever you call them. We're talking specifically the urban glamour model type. So basically we're talking about any race of these hot babes including Hispanic, White or Asian. We know it's a ton of different models who include actors, fashion, runway, super blah blah blah, Like Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Stacey Dash, Agbani Darego, Esther Baxter (and more blah blah blah). But since we're we're going to focus on the urban glamour model game. Let's see how good we are and see how many of these sexy ass ladies we can name from sites like,,,,,, (there bunny section) and even the popular ones from Let's test it out
Rihanna Liar So was it just a big publicity stunt? (Yes) Or was Rihanna just lying or is Nicki Minaj lying? Remember when Rihanna said her and Nicki Minaj were roommates and having sex? Well here's a video of her saying that they are having sex, but Nicki denies it completely.
Nickiminaj Rihanna0 We wanted more concrete proof before we posted this. We have something that confirms that something may be afoot but truth be told we all know it's just a publicity stunt. Rihanna has been tweeting about her and Nicki Minaj living together. She even hints that the two might be fucking. Probably just for attention to their new music but maybe it might be true so here goes...
Rihanna0 Uh Uhhh! They got a Rihanna sex cartoon out now! You know you're famous when people take the time to draw x-rated cartoons of you. Does this look like Rih Rih?
Nicki Rihanna0We knew it! Recently Nicki Minaj and Rihanna announced that they would tour together. The tour was Rihanna's and Nicki was signed on at the last minute (to help sell tickets because nobody wants to see Rihanna). Well what seems to be jealously on Rihanna's part (her "career" is not going so great) caused her to limit the acts that the popular Nicki Minaj could perform.
Riahnna Topless0Attention all viewers, Rihanna is now topless in the latest edition of GQ magazine. Wow. What's next Rihanna? You'll do anything for attention.
Rihanna Bikini BoxAre you sick or hearing about Rihanna? Well we are. The reason why she's all over the place is because her new (FLOP) album has come out. What you didn't know? Well that's just how bad it is! One website in particular posts Rihanna stories everyday (y'all know who we're talking about). See the thing is, Rihanna can't sing.

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