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Shoot with GGurls photographer Ricky Fontaine of Iconic Images. Get in on this winter special. Read the fine print below and then get in contact with him for some hot pictures now.

Kierra Favors0 Love our GGurl exclusives, so when we get an unexpected bad ass female with pics just for GGurls we tend to get excited and favor her a lot. So let us introduce Trouble aka Kierra Favors to you, so you can get a better understanding of what we're about. See, this is why we're hot. Ricky Fontaine hook this set up didn't he nephew?

Simfany  Brooks0 Now this is hot! Simfany Brooks, one of the Brook's twin set took some solo shots with Ricky Fontaine. The pictures came out great as expected. Glad to have her her on GGurls.

Yvette Martinez0 Annnnnnd here's another great set of gorgeous ass Yvette Martinez from Ricky Fontaine's iKandy Series. Yvette can keep 'em coming and we'll take every single one!
Natasha0 Let's rap a taste. This is Natasha from @Ricky_Fontaine's iKandy Series. Love these shots, we only wish she had some kind of social network to point you towards.
Kari Novelli0 Kari Novelli has a strong portfolio. This is her third time on GGurls and this time she shot with Ricky Fontaine of Ikonic Images. These are easily some of her best yet. Great job.
Lavish Styles0 This Rihanna look-a-like pornstar Lavish Styles just shot with GGurls photographer Ricky Fontaine and the set turn out pretty damn good. Get a gander at these photos fam.
Natasha Lucas0 New to GGurls! It's Natasha Lucas in her Ikandy Series! Dig her fine ass.
Cierrapashawn0 We just featured Cierra Pashawn a few GGurls ago but she didn't send in any social networking links. Ricky Fontiane just shot her and sent us her pics and her Twitter link. What were the chances of that?     
The Brooks Twins0 Man oh man are we geeked! The Brooks twins, Shelly and Simfany shot with GGurls' iKandy iMages and the outdoor shoot came up hot! Why settle for one pretty girl when you can have twin goddesses? Only on GGurls! Nice pics Ricky.
Ashley  Steele0 When we found out Ricky was shooting Ashley we actually got excited. Ashley is just sooooooooo hot. So now we have some GG exclusive of Ms Ashley Steele! Yay!
You like the GGurls iKandy series huh? That's Iconik Images' Ricky Fontaine's work right there. You want a GGurls' exclusive under the iKandy series? Then set up a shoot with Ricky!
Charm Killings Ggurls0 Oh. God. Yes. Charm Killings, one of the sexiest women in the game now has a GGurls exclusive thanks to GG photographer Ricky Fontaine ya dig. These pictures will soon be floating around the internet after the word gets out. We must admit how geeked we are just to have these pictures and it's all for your enjoyment.
Jeneva Tweets0 When we first saw Jeneva on the internet we had to have her here on She was down, and we ended up with one of our best features ever. So when GG photographer Ricky Fontaine shot her for GGurls you know we couldn't wait to put the pictures up. They don't disappoint! Here are exclusive pictures of Jeneva in the ever expanding GGurls iKandy series!
Alba  Nitza0 You should already know how much we like Alba Nitza if you follow us on Twitter. So when she shot with Ricky Fontaine we couldn't wait to get the images. They didn't let us down. These are some great pics and they're exclusive to
Photographers How do these girls look so damn good? Actually it's what you don't see that counts. The photographers! Here is a list of the photographers work you constantly see on All of them good.

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