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Alexa Stats It feels great owning a blog just so you can vent to a lot of people about some bullshit. A while ago we were disgusted about and their inaccurate rankings. So guess what? We think the petty bitches over at Alexa read them! Know why? All of a sudden our stats went to shit, and we mean shit. BUT! We're getting the MOST traffic we've ever received since existing. Quantcast shows our stats are the highest ever and we lead our niche. Even shows us increasing.
Quantcast Just a little while ago we were venting about Alexa rankings and how inaccurate they were. Nothings changed. We still say fuck 'em for having such a fucked up system that doesn't tell the truth. If you go by Alexa remember you're getting super raw readings based on how many people have the Alexa toolbar installed on their web browser.
Fuck You0 This topic is for webmasters in the know about Alexa rankings. I'm not about to explain it to you if you don't know about it because as of right now I could give a fuck less about Alexa Rankings. After this post Alexa is non-existent to me.
Power RankingsJust like the NFL and the NBA power rankings, GGurls now have a power ranking system. What's a power ranking system you say? Basically it's a list of who's going hard at the present moment. Now with the NFL and NBA it gives you a list of all the teams and it critiques what they did that week. Well since we have almost 1,000 GGurls there is no way we can do that. So we'll just give you the top rated GGurls in numerical order for that week.

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