megan nicole Ladies see why you should shoot with Inergee Studios? He take hot pics. This is a GGurl exclusive of a new model by the name of Megan Nicole. Hot model, hot pics!
corvette little Word is out. GGurls is where you need to be! Corvette Little found us and requested us to feature her and after looking at her amazing body of course we would. Her body has perfect curves in all the right places. Go check out her website after looking at these pictures.
kaisha-corrien Obviously one of our favorite GGurls, Ka'isha Corrien aka Ka'isha Diaz aka Princess Diarys has multiple features on here. She looks great nude or clothed, but these semi nude pictures will make your tongue wag. We're wiping our screen right now. The best part? She's diehard #TeamGGurls
ashlee elizabeth Well we like her that's for sho'. Ashlee Elizabeth has a pretty face and a nice shape. She has that girl next door look. You know, the kind of girl you creeps be trying to catch naked in her window. She's a cutie!
gucci If you don't like Gucci, you're a hater flat out. Girls who're trying to model, learn something here. Look at how she works the pictures, look at her how she fits the themes she's in. She is really modeling and not just putting her ass in the camera and smiling. Gucci is quite simply, the shit. One of Lewis' favorites.
janice michele Glamour model. Maybe the definition of it. We like the idea of Janice Michele being on GGurls and we're glad she submitted pictures. She is very much a keeper.
rarest jewels Yes, that's what she calls herself, Rarest Jewels and it actually fits. You don't see this type of woman just walking around at Walmart all the time do you? We like her already.
jessica roberts We like the slim goodies this way. This is Jessica Roberts who submitted pictures and a questionnaire.
magic wshh One of our favorite GGurls, Magic has returned with some pictures by Risque Curves, a great photographer. Believe us when we say they make the perfect combo. These pictures are nothing less that fantastic.
lux lucciano Lux Lucciano is just so damn pretty, she takes some of the best pictures we've seen. She's pretty, slender and has a great attitude. Basically the perfect woman.
irma palma Gorgeous is as gorgeous does, and Irma does gorgeous well. This set of pictures are very tasteful yet sexy. We hope to see much more of her soon.
india baby Hot pictures of mocha chocolate model India Baby edited by the GGurls staff. This woman is a nice addition to our line up and you can only see the pictures here. Shout out to @QsFlava for the pictures.
jessica red Now this is a pleasant surprise. This is Jessica Red nice easy pictures. She's a little sexpot this one. Let's try to get some more from her too.
ms jonez Andrea aka Ms Jonez told us she had some never seen before pictures just for us. You know we like those type of pictures. So when we saw these we were very excited to showcase them. This woman is bad. Twitter: @MsJonez88

khalilah patra Ya know we like it slender and sexy, so Khalilah Patra is a perfect fit. She submitted us four sexy pictures by Maurice Chatman and we approved it immediately. Comment and let her know how much you like them.
carter rose Carter Rose just looks so innocent and cute. Here are some steamy pictures of her just lying in the bed making you wish you were there too. Pretty face girl ain't she?
joling ferro Joling was worried that maybe the pictures she sent in weren't sexy, we think Ms Ferro is crazy because these pictures are so hot it took us a second to stop drooling before we posted them. Wow does she have it going on. We're already looking for a second Joling Ferro feature.
jasmine jannay More hot pictures of Jasmine Jannay. She really has it going on don't she? Cute in the face small in the waist and fine all over the place. She's bad.
deanna franklin Talk about a pretty girl. Deanna is very pretty with a cute shape. Her smile looks like it'll light up any soul. Glad to have her as a feature on
kelly symone Kelly Symone knows how to pose. She's a natural at this with a nice sexy body. We love it when Kelly has new pics to showcase. They always come out nice and crisp. Kelly is a real model.

kimmy maxx Exotic and plain gorgeous Kimmy Maxx is raising the bar on urban glamour modeling, she has a face to kill for and a body to match. All other ladies better step their game up.

keyera sanders Keyera Sanders 2nd GGurls feature. This time she's posing in long socks and a sports jersey. Only a cute girl can do that.
asharia sunshine We have a winner! Asharia Sunshine was a pleasant surprise sitting in our inbox. Every single picture was on point, and every single picture was GGurls material. What a nice little ray of sunshine we got today!
metisha Yep! Another smoking hot woman from 305 Media. This is Metisha and the best word to describe her is damn! Eyes, skin, face, lips, body, you name it, Metisha has it perfected. Gorgeous woman here.
kitti kouture It's been a minute since we had new pictures of Kitti Kouture and now 305 Media has supplied us with some with her wet and in a pool! Kitti is that woman we all dream about, and now she's back teasing us with these hot photos. Damn!
lana lang She's back and this time Lana Lang is modeling a black bikini. She sports it well! These pictures are from a new photography group by the name of Team Strider.
miss cream brttany west Damn is Brittany West fine as hell. This Houston model shot with D. Brown and turned out pure perfection. This is one bad ass GGurl. We really want to see more of Brittany West really soon. She also goes by Miss Creme.
myame Myame, Myame Myame is a thick'ems with a coke bottle curve. Her pictures are pretty damn good and we like how she displays the goods. Myame has some good potential don't you think? Myame is part of the @MaryJaneModels group!
jasmine juicy j Bad as hell ain't she? Lewis been trying to get Jasmine on GGurls for a minute now. She's a hot little thang. So we finally got her sexy ass on here with pics from bad boy Shawn Darnell. It's a big win for the hometown team (inside joke!). We'll find some JJJ videos too and post those soon. Go follow her on Twitter immediately!
misty stone People love porn stars and a hot porn star is even more adored. Misty Stone has so much sex appeal its scary. These pictures will make you Google her after seeing them. But before you do that, go follow her and our boy Alex on Twitter right now.

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