If you can't laugh at yourself you can't laugh at anybody. When we first started off, the only official photographer for was the owner Lewis, who had no fucking clue what he was doing. Man has he and the site come a looooooooong way.
beisy pizarro Beisy is a hard gem to come by. She's a model we think should be much more popular than what she is. Whenever we get our hands on some pictures of her we consider it a hot commodity.
neesha sada Whoa! Neesha Sada came back strong with this new set from Inergee Studios. We so love how these pictures came out. She's a keeper for sho!
Meet Stephanie Caciedo aka Stephanie Monique, the girl that's NOT Drake's girlfriend. This hottie is so popular that she had to make a proof video to send us to prove it's her and not a fake. Damn is she bad!
jeniffer morel We love Jeniffer Morel as soon as we met her online. She's spunky as she is sexy and it was an instant connection. So when DDG Studios hit us up and told us they took these pictures JUST for we were super flattered. These are four hot picture we're proud to present to you.
jewel mizrahi Jewel Mizrahi came back with pictures that really show off her modeling talent. She can really bring pizazz to a picture and have you looking at it not only because of her sexiness but because of her artistic imagery.
Why Yellow Booties you ask? Because every time we label it "white" or "Latina" we catch a bunch of flack over what race the booty belong too. So we'll name it "yellow" to be safe ;). So for you yellow booty lovers here you go.
Let's do multiple this time. Instead of just one picture tell us which of these are real and which of these are more than likely fake. The one in jeans has to be real right? The girl in the hat is real too right?
We think they all have i-phones. Just like you, we're not paying attention to the damn phone. However for Google's sake we titled this one i-phones (by apple and even included the 4 in the tags lol webmasters know why we did it)
victoria Another hot one from DDG Photos. This is Victoria who's not afraid to show it all in front of a camera. Hot little number here.
We have to do better. These type of pictures pop up on the internet everyday and we all wonder; "What the hell were they thinking". Well regardless of what they were thinking let's just thank God it's at least worth a good laugh.
Well check this out. This hottie just sent us these pictures of herself promoting her new website @CamGirlVanessa and we instantly fell in love. Give her a click.
asharia sunshine Annnnnd a cutie she is! Asharia Sunshine sent us some gems to post of her taking pictures of herself in the bathroom mirror. We like!
rubi de franca Rubi De Franca shows off her amazing body with her smart phone. Just wait 'til you see her exclusive pictures for GGurls coming with Marchal Marzian.
mesha model Mesha Model has a booty that makes your tongue hard. It's so beautiful looking and nice and round. She loves showing it off and we love showing it to you. See more on her website. Mesha Model has a very nice ass.
jhonni blaze Always sending us pictures, always keeping it hot, Jhonni Blaze has a pretty face and a nice round ass. How can you beat this?
riskee Talk about being photogenic. Riskee takes stunning cell phone pictures in the mirror. Seems like every shot is perfect no matter the angle. Wow!
luv imani We think Imani is super fine. Smooth skin, cute face and outrageous curves. These cell phone pictures proves she's the shit. Check 'em out.
book angel Look what Angel sent us today. Talk about a hot chick. Angel doesn't mind showing you what she has rather it be with cell phone pictures or professional pictures. Damn she's hot. She told us her booty is soft and natural. One day we'll find out!
danielle marie Stacked! Danielle Marie just recently became a GGurl and we thought her curves were awesome (yeah we said "awesome"). Here to prove they're real, here are her cell phone pics. Stacked!
indonesia Damn Indonesia got a thick ass curvy body. Dig these cell phone pictures of this woman. Wowee.
jakani tashmeka Cell phone pics rule! They tell the truth and when you got a vicious body like Ja'kani then you should take pictures all the time. Lucky for us Ja'kani does! Here they go.
auchane sierra We really like Auchane, she's so damn sexy. Here are some candid cell phone pics of her she linked us to. Of course they're hot.
Dauvinee Damati One of our favorite Ggurls, Dede, (Dauvinee Damati) is one of the prettiest women you'll ever meet. She has a naturally outstanding body too. Here are her cell phone pictures. No Photoshop needed.
black gabby doll Gabby shows off her perfect body in this self taken pictures. She looks just as good with cell phone pics as she does with a Canon camera in front of her. It's all real baby.
sheneka adams cell phone Well look what we have here! We found candid cell phone pictures of the ever popular Sheneka Adams. No photoshop, just plain ole natural shape, curve and beauty! Wow
gabriella She did it again! Gabriella told us she's the cell phone picture taking queen so she sent us another batch of pictures. She's a sex little something ain't she?
gabriella amoroso Another hot GGurl who can prove to you she doesn't need the liquidfy tool to shape that figure 8 physique. Gabriella Amoroso is the definition of a sexy little shawty. Here are her cell phone pics.
cell phone titties Let's keep our focus at the top this time and pay attention to those lovely lady humps we see first when we meet a chick. The titties! Gotta love the titties!

yaris sanchez Yaris Sanchez takes some cell phone pictures of herself showing off her curves and natural untouched beauty. We got a hold to seven of them and you're going to love us for it :)

cell You love these cell phone cuties threads so who are we to deny you what you want? Here are some more GGurl cell phone cuties.

cell babe You can't go wrong with a bunch of hot ass babes like these. Zip your pants back up! This ain't that type of site!

cell phone girl Ulp! We might have found your girlfriend in this edition of cell phone cuties These women are hot and love taking pictures of themselves and sending it in. Enjoy.

cell phone girls Don't have many pictures to send in? Well send in one and we'll make a full article of all the single pictures we get! Check out these cell phone babes!
thick chick Hmmm? Seen this chick somewhere before. Is she a GGurl already? Well rather she is or not dig these pictures she took of herself in the mirror. Thick ain't she?

cell phone sexy You can never get enough of chicks taking pictures of themselves in the mirror with their cell phones can you? That's why we love to get these pictures and post them. Here's the latest batch.

cell phone Now this is a thread you want to see! It's hot chicks taking cell phone pics of their booty! All of 'em nice too. Okay okay we'll shut up now, enjoy!

mika shay New GGurl Mika Shay has some cell phone pictures to prove to you how shapely she really is, professional pics or cell phone pics it don't matter, this woman is the truth no matter what
cell phone Now these are very attractive women taking these cell phone pictures. Here are a bunch of different hot chicks taking pictures in the mirror of themselves.
red rum ruby Our latest Cellphone Cutie features the 26 year old hot little number of Ruby Rene taking pics showing of her sexiness! Ruby is from the Bay Area in Cali and she's Puerto Rican, Jamaican and Creole. Ruby has some modeling pics too that we're wondering how come she didn't submit to be a GGurl feature. Hmmm?
alexia elaine Just to prove that she's as sexy without any digital touch ups or edit Alexia is back as a GGurl cell phone cutie. You can't argue with the facts!
cell phone girl Maybe they only had one picture so we just put them all together for one good ass thread. Here are some random Cellphone Cuties. Some naked ;)

cellphone cutie Want to be a Cellphone cutie? All you have to do is send us 4 or five (hot!) pics or yourself using your cellphone. Send 'em to Staff(at)GGurls(dot)com. Make sure you title the email "Cellphone Cutie" and include your name, and social network links (Twitter, Facebook etc). Need an example of what we think is hot? Here ya go!

sasha so badd Our latest edition of Cell Phone Cuties features the naughty GGurl Sasha So Badd taking steamy pics in her bathroom mirror. Keep 'em coming Sasha!
fiji Just to prove to you she's as pretty as a picture (heh!) GGurl Fiji Chante has some cute cell phone pics for you! Adorable ain't she?
cell phone cutie Thank God for modern technology. The cell phone camera pictures women take in the mirror speckle social networking sites and we love it! Here are even more cell phone cuties just for you!

cellphone cuties You can never get enough of hot women posting half naked pictures of themselves on the internet. So here are some more cell phone cuties.

karen jael colombian badass Got excited when we found out that Karen Jael ColombianBadass was shooting with us for a Marz Presents by @MarchalMarzian. It was well worth the wait. Always though Karen was just so beautiful inside and out and now we have exclusive pictures of her just for you. Hopefully we'll have more content to display of this gorgeous model. Thanks Karen and Marz!
wankaego We anticipated this exclusive for a minute now. Wankaego hopped on board with GGurls when she shot with Marchal Marzian, and we must admit it's a great look. She belongs here. Perfect fit. Wankaego (Theresa Runyon) is very pretty with a great body and an amazing booty. She was also super fun to shoot with, her personality is fun loving and she's a people person. Any who, without further ado, here's the feature. Oh you're going to love this one!
jasmine love Jasmine came back strong with these new hot pics from 2020 Photography. These look pretty damn good. Go follow her on Twitter now.

jenna_sheaBig fan favorite Jenna Shea sent in this smoking set of pictures. The first two are never seen before pics of her in red and of course they're hot! Just for added measure she sent in a bonus picture showing off that great chest of hers in a Little Red Riding hood outfit. Zip your pants back up you pervs and just enjoy the pictures. Damn she got ass.

nikesha Another totally hot new GGurl, this is Sheka from Dallas and man does she look good! Sheka poses in purple lingerie and you can really see the definition of her body. She has great features all around.
rose royce Back again with that great back side is Rose Royce with some hot pictures from TL Glam Studios. Pictures are nothing less than stunning. Rose Royce should be in more publications and on more websites don't you agree?
kennedy l estelle Back for a second time Kennedy Estelle models a short little dress (lingerie we know) this time and we're bending our heads as though we can actually see up under it. Nice shots.
princess miraj Pretty girl here, and she's doing the sexy school girl thing too! Princess Miraj shot with IRS Studios for this hot set of pics. Good job on both ends.
issii bangkok She's back and this time she's a naughty school girl taking provocative pictures. Issii Bangkok is a fan favorite and one of our favorites too. Great set of pictures here.
crisana mariyah Well it sure is nice meeting Crisana Mariyah. She has some great eyes and a great body. These pictures were a great introduction piece and we want to give a big shout out to 2020 photography for the submission. Thanks!
katrina Katrina has new pictures for you and they're smoking people. This is her sexy maid series by Sir BX. Hot stuff. She can clean anything over this way ;)
adrianna di ossi A GGurl's Christmas special exclusive from one of our favorite GGurls Adrianna Di Ossi. We love having her on the team because everything she does is hot as fuck. If you saw her under your tree you'll fall in love with the holidays all over again. These pictures are the best present we got so far.
jeneva Bold. Daring. And just fucking hot! Jeneva pics will have you staring for a minute before you click off the page. They're all beautiful and erotic. Like we said, just fucking hot!
megan nicole Ladies see why you should shoot with Inergee Studios? He take hot pics. This is a GGurl exclusive of a new model by the name of Megan Nicole. Hot model, hot pics!
corvette little Word is out. GGurls is where you need to be! Corvette Little found us and requested us to feature her and after looking at her amazing body of course we would. Her body has perfect curves in all the right places. Go check out her website after looking at these pictures.
kaisha-corrien Obviously one of our favorite GGurls, Ka'isha Corrien aka Ka'isha Diaz aka Princess Diarys has multiple features on here. She looks great nude or clothed, but these semi nude pictures will make your tongue wag. We're wiping our screen right now. The best part? She's diehard #TeamGGurls
ashlee elizabeth Well we like her that's for sho'. Ashlee Elizabeth has a pretty face and a nice shape. She has that girl next door look. You know, the kind of girl you creeps be trying to catch naked in her window. She's a cutie!
gucci If you don't like Gucci, you're a hater flat out. Girls who're trying to model, learn something here. Look at how she works the pictures, look at her how she fits the themes she's in. She is really modeling and not just putting her ass in the camera and smiling. Gucci is quite simply, the shit. One of Lewis' favorites.
janice michele Glamour model. Maybe the definition of it. We like the idea of Janice Michele being on GGurls and we're glad she submitted pictures. She is very much a keeper.
rarest jewels Yes, that's what she calls herself, Rarest Jewels and it actually fits. You don't see this type of woman just walking around at Walmart all the time do you? We like her already.
jessica roberts We like the slim goodies this way. This is Jessica Roberts who submitted pictures and a questionnaire.
magic wshh One of our favorite GGurls, Magic has returned with some pictures by Risque Curves, a great photographer. Believe us when we say they make the perfect combo. These pictures are nothing less that fantastic.
lux lucciano Lux Lucciano is just so damn pretty, she takes some of the best pictures we've seen. She's pretty, slender and has a great attitude. Basically the perfect woman.
irma palma Gorgeous is as gorgeous does, and Irma does gorgeous well. This set of pictures are very tasteful yet sexy. We hope to see much more of her soon.
india baby Hot pictures of mocha chocolate model India Baby edited by the GGurls staff. This woman is a nice addition to our line up and you can only see the pictures here. Shout out to @QsFlava for the pictures.
jessica red Now this is a pleasant surprise. This is Jessica Red nice easy pictures. She's a little sexpot this one. Let's try to get some more from her too.
ms jonez Andrea aka Ms Jonez told us she had some never seen before pictures just for us. You know we like those type of pictures. So when we saw these we were very excited to showcase them. This woman is bad. Twitter: @MsJonez88

khalilah patra Ya know we like it slender and sexy, so Khalilah Patra is a perfect fit. She submitted us four sexy pictures by Maurice Chatman and we approved it immediately. Comment and let her know how much you like them.
carter rose Carter Rose just looks so innocent and cute. Here are some steamy pictures of her just lying in the bed making you wish you were there too. Pretty face girl ain't she?
joling ferro Joling was worried that maybe the pictures she sent in weren't sexy, we think Ms Ferro is crazy because these pictures are so hot it took us a second to stop drooling before we posted them. Wow does she have it going on. We're already looking for a second Joling Ferro feature.
jasmine jannay More hot pictures of Jasmine Jannay. She really has it going on don't she? Cute in the face small in the waist and fine all over the place. She's bad.
deanna franklin Talk about a pretty girl. Deanna is very pretty with a cute shape. Her smile looks like it'll light up any soul. Glad to have her as a feature on
kelly symone Kelly Symone knows how to pose. She's a natural at this with a nice sexy body. We love it when Kelly has new pics to showcase. They always come out nice and crisp. Kelly is a real model.

kimmy maxx Exotic and plain gorgeous Kimmy Maxx is raising the bar on urban glamour modeling, she has a face to kill for and a body to match. All other ladies better step their game up.

keyera sanders Keyera Sanders 2nd GGurls feature. This time she's posing in long socks and a sports jersey. Only a cute girl can do that.
asharia sunshine We have a winner! Asharia Sunshine was a pleasant surprise sitting in our inbox. Every single picture was on point, and every single picture was GGurls material. What a nice little ray of sunshine we got today!
metisha Yep! Another smoking hot woman from 305 Media. This is Metisha and the best word to describe her is damn! Eyes, skin, face, lips, body, you name it, Metisha has it perfected. Gorgeous woman here.
kitti kouture It's been a minute since we had new pictures of Kitti Kouture and now 305 Media has supplied us with some with her wet and in a pool! Kitti is that woman we all dream about, and now she's back teasing us with these hot photos. Damn!
lana lang She's back and this time Lana Lang is modeling a black bikini. She sports it well! These pictures are from a new photography group by the name of Team Strider.
miss cream brttany west Damn is Brittany West fine as hell. This Houston model shot with D. Brown and turned out pure perfection. This is one bad ass GGurl. We really want to see more of Brittany West really soon. She also goes by Miss Creme.
myame Myame, Myame Myame is a thick'ems with a coke bottle curve. Her pictures are pretty damn good and we like how she displays the goods. Myame has some good potential don't you think? Myame is part of the @MaryJaneModels group!
jasmine juicy j Bad as hell ain't she? Lewis been trying to get Jasmine on GGurls for a minute now. She's a hot little thang. So we finally got her sexy ass on here with pics from bad boy Shawn Darnell. It's a big win for the hometown team (inside joke!). We'll find some JJJ videos too and post those soon. Go follow her on Twitter immediately!
misty stone People love porn stars and a hot porn star is even more adored. Misty Stone has so much sex appeal its scary. These pictures will make you Google her after seeing them. But before you do that, go follow her and our boy Alex on Twitter right now.
carmen leigh Yay! We now have the beautiful Carmen Leigh featured on GGurls. This UK model has it going on and we're glad to present her to you. Follow her on Twitter now.
ife whitaker Looking classy and sexy, Ife Whitaker joins the ranks of Ggurls thanks to C.E. Wiley Studios. We always wanted a set of pictures of this hot model and now we have them!
lacresha lacy Nice model here. Lacresha Lacy wants to show you what she's working with so here goes!

Twitter: @buityfullae

sasha cream Sexy and sensual. Sasha Creme has a body of a sex goddess! Her curves are sharp and she has a gorgeous face to match. Check out her pictures and follow her on Twitter. Trust us, you want to.
dmv finest Eye candy overload dude! Miss DMV Finest took some steamy pictures this time and we're glad to showcase 'em! Go ahead and get an eyeful!

nicole ashley Another GGurl exclusive! Introducing the fine Nicole Ashley by Alex Tirado!

Facebook:Nicole Ashley by @AlexTiradoPhoto

lynnzie cherelle Sexy little thing here. Lynnzie Cherelle is a hot little number with some great pics for you to look at. We love including her in the GGurl line up. Hot model
chyna black Damn. This photo set is on fire! It's Chyna Black from Koshmo photos and we like every. single. picture. She's bad as hell and you can even more by clicking the link below :)
ashlai box Here she is again with new pictures just for you. It's Ashlai Box aka Beautie box. Such a cutie
nikki sweets Nikki Sweets is back and this time she's done up by 2020 Photography. These pictures show you what she's working with. After looking at them you'll want to work Nikki.
mz amour Another one! This model is so hot, you'll be locked on this page for a minute just staring. 2020 captured her perfectly and we're showcasing it here. Welcome Mz Amour to the GG lineup.
lux lucciano Hottie alert. New model by the name of Lux Lucciano with some hot pics by Ricky Fontaine. Love her size and shape. Follow her on Twitter.
heather shanholtz New pics of Heather Shanholtz is here! Venge Media got some great shots of this woman, posing that unbelievable body with a bike in the background. Scroll down and check it out!
tay simone Now this is hot! Tay Simone did a quick questionnaire and submitted these pictures by VXN Studios. It's a must look and a must read of a little sexy ass model.
stephy c Now these pictures are so fucking fantastic they could sell a magazine with nothing but them in them! It's new Ggurl Naked Stephy C with pictures from the amazing Rho Photos! Check his website
alisha tran We like these pictures. They're sweet looking and they feature the popular Alisha Tran. MQ Tease is changing his brand around and we have to say he's off to a great start!
kristal solis Look who's on GGurls! It's Kristal Solis and if you don't think she's sexy then you must be a gay dude. After looking at these pictures and videos she sent in, done by our fam MJ Flix you'll instantly be a Kristal Solis fan! Damn she's bad!
nadean imani We couldn't wait to get Na'dean Imani back on the site after we got her first feature. Lewis thought she was the sexiest thing ever. So when we found out hot photographer Derrick Clegg shot her, we harassed them both until we got the pictures! Well here they are, now you see why we wanted them
jae choice Wow. We weren't even expecting these pictures when we opened up our email today. What a GREAT surprise!
jessica murphy Dig this! Jessica Murphy is. the. shit! We love her pictures and we hope we can keep getting more an more. This is a hot model and she's now a GGurl!

Twitter: @Ms_JRabbit

kristal ashely Kristal wanted to update her feature on Ggurls with these super cute pictures of herself. She's adorable ain't she?
rikki leigh diwata Slim and sexy with an exotic look. Rikki Leigh  is photogenic, we doubt she can take a bad picture. She just has the look and body that photographs well no matter what.
misz queen b We had to feature Misz Queen B again. She's just the cutest thing and her pictures are so sweet and artistic. Great job by her and the photographer.
villaina duvall So pretty you'll be looking at this page for a minute. Then you'll right click save or download them to your phone. Quit playing. This is one of the baddest urban glamour models ever. We know right?
cream Smoking eye candy here. Miss Cream has a tight body on her and it's perfect for showing off. How could you not like what you see here? Pictures via
lexi de la rosa We like these pictures of Lexi De La Rosa, she has a unique sexy look. She just needs to get us some more pictures to showcase :)
dj daisy dukes What's wrong with us? How did we slip on Dj Daisy Dukes? We've been knowing her for a minute via Twitter and we didn't realize her sexy self wasn't on Well let's change that right now. Here are pictures of her to enjoy and you want to see how good of a DJ she is go here: Download DJ Daisy Dukes Summer Slaps Mixtape
brooke bailey Now that's what's up! The popular and most gorgeous Brooke Bailey is now on GGurls! If you don't like this model then you just don't like women. This is the ultimate head turner. We love you Brooke ;)
taneka jo We think Taneka Jo is just so damn fine. We love her body and her look. Here are some more pictures of her for you to see what we're talking about. Couldn't wait to have her back again.
melissa lorenzo Long awaited pictures! We finally got this super bad chick to show us what she's made of, and we love every single inch! Go 'head Mel! You know you're super bad!
mileena hayes That's right. Mileena Hayes is now on You ain't going to get much better than this. Mileena sent in pictures and they simply prove why she is so popular and why she's becoming one of the better known urban glamour models out there. This woman has body for days. A curve in all the right places.
nathalie day Check out new model Nathalie Day. She just sent these in and we like 'em. Follow her on Twitter now, she just made an account.

kameco cuaolo We got her! Kameco Cuaolo fine ass is now on GGurls courtesy of Kameco Cuaolo! Go ahead and enjoy these pictures and lets see if we can get even more fire pictures from here later.

jessenia vice These pictures are so kold we just had to post them as soon as we got them. This is Jessenia Vice and she is the shit! Gorgeous young lady and now a featured GGurl thanks to IEC Studios. It took us a while to post the feature because we were too busy staring at the pictures. Check out her website:
marianne sylvia Now this is what we're talking about right here! Beautiful hot model with nice clear artistic pictures! Marianne Sylvia makes her debut on with pictures from MQ Images Inc. Perfect combo!
ashley o Exclusive to Ashley recently took some hot pictures with GG photographer Ricky Fontaine. Look out for Ashley in the GG print magazine coming late this year!
gabriella bobe So bad that we had to showcase her again! These are the pictures that she chose. We love how she's sexy yet cute at the same time. See the definition of a babe, Gabriella Bobe again.
carmen fitness shaw We finally have more pictures of Carmen Fitness (Shawn). We loved her first feature so much we couldn't wait to get our hands on some more. Well thanks to C.E. Wiley Studios we now have some more. Carmen has a perfectly fit body and she's just simply stunning all over. Enjoy.
esaucey Bold and daring is the best way to describe this new set of pictures of E. Saucey. She's doing some real modeling in these things and it's not just erotic but artistic. Love 'em. Shout out to official GGurl photographer Ricky Fontaine for the set!
nalanie You can search long and hard but it's going to be a long and hard time before you find another model as pretty as this. Nalanie is a cutie and a keeper and her skin looks so soft and smooth. Big thanks to Alex Tirado Photography for the pictures!
nicholle monique Little cute ass. We like Nicholle Monique, from her name to her looks she's a keeper. Here are several pictures of this new GGurl for you to enjoy.
lucy lvette Part 2 of the NFL Lockout series by CE Wiley Studios' NFL Lockout includes Lucy L'vette! She makes everything look sexy don't she? Stay tuned for part three and four tomorrow!
gabriella amoroso dynasty magazine Our 2nd feature of Gabriella Amoroso comes from These pics are even hotter than the first set of pictures and we can't believe it. Gabby has a pretty face and a nice little tight package. We love her around these parts.
danica logan Some super hot pictures of a super hot chick from We like what we see over this way. Thanks for the pics fam.

tonya michelle What do you get when you mix real modeling and sexiness? You get Tonya Michelle. Tonya and the photographer did a great job with these shots. We love 'em.
erica kane adams Erica has been down with GGurls for a minute, and can you believe she actually took hotter pictures than even last time? That's almost impossible because she's just too fine for words.
miss chiney Now is she a little something or what? We like her already! Chiney Marie is bite size and we're hungry for a snack. Nice pictures Chiney!
angeline meliana Well lookee here! Nice ain't she? This is Angeline Meliana the latest GGurl and we're happy to have her on board.
bella reese Sexy! Welcome Bella Reese to the GGurl line up. Nice addition here, here pictures are hot!
shawnee Happy 4th of July! GGurl Shawnee helps you celebrate it by taking these pics. Never has the American flag look sexier! Some of you would let her shoot you because you wouldn't be paying attention to the gun lol.
felicia kim What is Sexy? The D Brown series are always good and Felicia Kim is no exception. She's sexy, that's what sexy. Shout out to @theKollageKing
heather bianchi Outstanding! Heather Bianchi teases you with these pictures by @CEWileyStudios. Check her site out if you want to see more.
kelly symone Brown skin, girl we love your brown skin. These are some pretty good pictures of Kelly Symone by Energee Studios. Enjoy.
mehgan james Gorgeous. This term really does fit Mehgan James. These pictures are sexy and gorgeous. Mehgan is a very pretty model and her sex appeal is undeniable. Pictures by Photographer D. Brown Photo
amber stone We like Amber Stone! These pictures are just what we're talking about. How can you go wrong with this? Our man over at CE Wiley Studios has a good eye for great pictures. Nice work guys!
nessa dee What do we have here? We have pure sexiness in one Vanessa Denise! You're really going to love it after you scroll down and see the beauty that she presents! Enjoy.
claudia sampedro Hot photographer and model scout Joel Alvarez of Venge Media sent us these pictures of Claudio Sampedro, and we couldn't believe how hot she was! These are some great pictures and this is a hot model.

Heard it through the grapevine that Claudio is Reggie Bush's new girlfriend. She's currently published in Maxim's esp June issue.
lavish styles Damn damn damn! We say "sexy" a lot, but nobody can deny that Lavish Styles is anything but. These pictures will be floating around the internet in no time. Let's see what she comes up with next.
amoroso Well well well, we love opening up our email box and seeing pictures of a hot model. We got a pleasant surpise with Gabriella Amoroso
kiarra ashel Lionel Barnes of 50Fifty Magazine sent us this to show you guys! It's new model Kiarra Ashel and we can see the potential. She's been featured in their magazine and Optimum and WWS magazine as well. She's a 22 year old 5' 5" vixen, with measurements of 36-27-40. Nice!
miss nu nu We always re-feature NuNu when she takes new pictures. She is just so hot to us, and this time she's showing us more of that sexy booty. Well last time she did too heh!
dazzling tae What can we say but damn she's bad?! You might just have a new favorite model after looking at these three stunning pictures of Dazzling Tae. Pictures by 20/20 Photography.
erica lane Yes! This is what we're talking about when we talk about GGurl features. A pretty ass model like Erica Lane. She is just too damn fine ain't she? You can thank us now for presenting to you the best!
ms d block Ms D Block is so gorgeous it's frightening, here are a bunch of pictures of her to let you see what we're talking about. We love this woman!
jazzey marie Nice number here. Jazzey Marie brings cuteness in her photoshoots and we like it. Big shout out to Ggurl Scout @FollowCrisspy
bobbi dean Stupendously gorgeous! (We hope we used that word right) But you get the gist of what we're saying. These are really some glamorous pictures Bobbi Dean took, and she has model written all over her. Nice huh?
jasmin cadavid We think has a natural eye for beauty because he picks some hot models to shoot. Just look at Jasmin Cadavid and thank God you can see.

yuri Yuri is back with more skin showing and you're going to love these new photos. Nothing more to be said than wow!
rali ivanova Burning up the web with hot ass pictures, Rali Ivanova was a no brainer for GGurls. She is hot as fuck! So here she is, the Maxim cover model, also featured in FHM, American curves and MIXED magazine. Now she's a GGurl!
pretti taylor Well check her out. Pretti Taylor is a little cutie with a booty and you know we love 'em like that over this way. Check her pictures out.
sweets moore We love 'em like this, hot black and curvy. Sweets Moore has some steamy pictures for you to gawk at and she has a website for you to click on! Thanks for your submission Sweets, you've just found a new home! 
ayisha diaz Ayisha Diaz is a published well known model and is possibly the best looking model you've ever seen! Her body is amazing. Her booty is spectacular. Her face is that of an angel. You really can't do any better than this.
jahreen dream Umph! Sexy thick booty, pretty brown skin, cute face. How can you possibly beat Jahreen the Dream? The UK has some sexy ones!
wyneeka viera Ask and ye shall received. Remember the article in the gossip section asking who is "Wyneeka?" Well turns out she was already a GGurl --> Wyneeka from July of '10. Well we couldn't find her and made that article, and the next day on Twitter? Bam! She was hitting us up with new pics! Damn, we have some clout lol.
heather shanholtz Exclusive to, Heather Shanholtz pics are so steamy your screen is fogging up right now. Well probably because you're breathing all hard on it and shit. But aren't these some fire ass pictures? Only on! No other site! Heather is what's up!
heather shanholtz Introducing the stunning Heather Shanholtz to the GGurls library. You're drooling ain't you? Well guess what? After you see these pictures go back to the Ggurls section and look for her 2nd feature with exclusive pictures only on We love this new GGurl already, too sexy and too cool!
princess miraj Searching..... Targeted...... Hotness Located!! Princess Miraj graces GGurls with some hot ass pictures! Scouted by GGurls staff @REAL_SHITSUCKA
eve canela Our first submission from hot photographer CE Wiley out of Louisiana this is a hot model by the name of Eve Canela and we like what we see on both ends of the camera. Good job guys!
nunu samuels Damn son! How can you beat this? This is a columnist for, and if you don't think this GGurl is a looker then something is wrong with you. We don't care if you're gay, you'd still think she's hot. Oooh NuNu that's just too nice!
thais concepcion You can never get enough of a good thing so you can never get enough of a hot model, here's GGurl Thais Concepcion shot by GGurls photographer Ricky Fontaine!
ms peaches Ya like her huh? We do too! So when our boy MQ Images Inc sent her pics over we put her on immediately. You see, she has that look and he captured her perfectly! So it was a must to showcase these pictures! Good Job!
janese mariee Janese Mariee has been a member of GGurls for a minute now. So it's a pleasant surprise for us when we found out she wanted to be featured. She took some sexy pictures to didn't she? Go ahead and give her a look over, and oh, ya boy Lewis edited the pics! Good job Lewis!
visha vonshae Yes sir! Look at her, now look at your girlfriend, now look back at her, now smack your girlfriend. This woman is fi-zine! So naturally she belongs on, you're welcome lames.
golden gurl The second set was even hotter than the first set and those were good! This is Ms Golden Gurl from Trill Reloaded studios. They do great work together! We love her sexy ass. Notice her name is "GG" we love that too!
cece Our girl CeCe is back with three hot pics that are Exclusive for GGurls, unless another site steals them (which they do) you won't see them anywhere else. Sensual ain't she?
angelique nadine cruz Incredible pictures of an incredible model! Everything from the perfect woman in the pictures to the background to the lighting is nothing less than a 10! We're flattered that Angelique Nadine Cruz wanted to be a GGurl. Thank you! You're one of the hottest ever!
awards: ggurl of the week
chase dupree She's back and yeah this set is even more smoking! Chase Dupree is a GGurl from waaaay back and she loves making videos all the time, so of course we've included her latest hot video. Photos by photographer D. Brown
erica vee Erica Vee oh my! Where does Ricky Fontaine (Iconik Images) find these women? She's like so gorgeous it's scary! Go ahead and give your eyes a treat!
monica monroe Man oh man. They just keep getting prettier and sexier. Now look at Monica Monroe and say you're not going to keep it here for awhile. We really liker her.
exotica We love reality stars and here's the latest reality star now GGurl Leila Depina aka Exotic from the Love of Ray J. She's been promising us pictures for a minute and now here they are! She's a hottie fa' sho'!
maci cruz New GGurl Maci Cruz brings style and sexiness together is this set of photos. Tell us how you like her!
elegant saj Elegant, naked, and cute! Dark skin girls rock and Elegant Saj proves it with all these smoking pictures.
alicia monae Where do they come from? These sexy women are finding they way to GGurls in droves! Here's the latest eye candy beauty to grace our pages. Her name is Alicia Monae and she's an instant fav!
johanie taylor Much thanks to Audrea (The Ghost Model) Jackson for submitting two hot models to GGurls who'll be entered in the GGurl of the month contest! But first we must feature them. Here is the second beauty by the name of Johanie Taylor. Another one that GGurls material!
angela castillo Once again, our family does it again! Alex Tirado presents another hot model in Angela Castillo. Great pictures hot model!
lee moreno Clothes on or clothes off, it don't matter, this GGurl is banging regardless!
Quote: *KISS MY ASS* I Know Your #Watching ;) (Yes we are!)
gigi la modela Where'd she come from? Glad we met her. This the super pretty GiGi and we love her already! Thanks GiGi. "Cσℓℓege Student Living The Life of a мσdel. 22. мixed"
bonnie b Like whoa son. Dig these hot ass pictures and tell me you're not in love. It's Bonnie B, the sex siren the ebony queen of sexuality. Whoa!
alba zapata She's fancies herself as "Colombia's finest model". Well if all the rest of the models from Colombia look only half as good as this they'd be hot. Welcome Alba Zapata to Team GGurls, thanks for submitting these pics Alex!
karma red Another super fine one shot by VXN Studios. Karma Red has it going on! High sex appeal on this one.
chenade laroy This has to be one of the prettiest GGurls. Notice we have strong ties with the United Kingdom. They have a lot of fucking gorgeous ass women over there. Chenade is super pretty to us and she even has a naked booty picture in this mix! Wowee ;)
kouture torri Thick-a-licious! We love these types of GGurls, welcome the sexy Kouture Torri to the GGurl line up!
andrea rincon Sitting here trying to figure out a way to describe the hotness we were sent today. She's too fine for words. Popular Model (featured in Playboy and Maxim) Andrea Rincon now graces GGurls after she asked if she could join. Seriously? Of course your fine ass can be down!
tierra ferrari She's back, Tierra pushes the envelope and does implied nudity this time! Hot!
dililah Can't get enough of a pretty ass girl like Feven so we brought her back on her request with a whole 'nother picture set! Keep 'em coming Feven
fatal obsession Love a nice photo set, and that's what we have with this chocolate drop cutie Fatal Obsession. Such nice smooth skin!
mrz trill Love these pictures, this is Mrz Trill and she's the latest sexiest GGurl.
italian kisses Can't help but to fall in love after looking at all these hot ass pictures of Italian Kisses. She's certified badd (insider lol). Now make sure you follow her on Twitter:
glam goddess Yes Lawd! Glam Goddess is her name and you can see why!
latoya maureen There she go! Latoya Maureen has some new pictures she want you to see! You can't deny her, she's hot!
krystle vega Another hot one form and photographer Nigel Guy! How work Krystle Vega is that deal!
lina margarita Love 'em like this! Lina is sexy!
cokee Check out the new hot pics of GGurl Cokee done by Photographer Nureign. Hot ain't it!?

currency cakes Ya like her look don't ya? Currency cake is doing her thang in this pics! Check her out

bella Nice darkskin beauty! Welcome Bella!
boriqua She wanted to be a GGurl, and all we're wondering is why'd she take so long to submit her pictures? She's hot. Welcome Tiffany Elizabeth aka "Boriqua" (inside joke)
gorgeous Everybody's favorite GGurl is back with another hot shoot, this time giving you even more sex appeal!
bodytalk Brand new pictures of thick GGurls model Body Talk the diva. Hot ain't she? Enjoy!
alisha jenay Yes Lawd! This GGurl is damn near perfect, some would say she is. Body, face and booty is on point! Welcome Alisha Jenay to the team!
juicci Quit drooling, okay go ahead and drool it's hard not too. It's Juicci baby!
home wrecka We love Mazzi the Home Wrecka and you know the pictures came out right when our boy @JamesRich68 shot her. Check 'em out. Special shout out to The Wiz Daily Dose for the pics.
kirstie narni Pow! Instantly a fan favorite, Kirstie will be a lot of people's new favorite model. Glad we were the ones who introduced you to this sexy vixen!
el sueno espanol One of the hottest GGurls makes another appearance so you can enjoy that pretty face and gorgeous backside. El Sueno Espanol (The Spanish Dream) always look damn good!
hustla bunnie Here she is again! Hustla Bunnie took some new pics and immediately sent them to We love this chick! She's hot :)
real sexi barbe Guess who's a GGurl? Oh yeah it's Real Sexi Barbie, the most downloaded model on the internet. She said she was down with being a GGurl and here she is! Yeah you love it.
faya dynamite GGurl of the year runner up Faya Dynamite has blessed us with more hot pictures of herself revealing even more than ever! Oh wow she is banging! Hey that's it: dynamite = banging, now we get it!
nay j Nay J wanted to show you what she's really working with in these new hot pictures for GGurls. Wow that's nice Nay!
shakira ggurls Oh my are you going to love what you see after reading this! Shakira is serious about her modeling career and she has the right team and right photographer with GGurls backing her. Look at that gleaming sexy wet yellow body of hers!
autumn renee You know we love Autumn Renee! Hell every photoshoot she does we'll post. So here are more hot pictures of her hot ass from photographer @Nigel_DP. Boy is good with that camera ain't he?
sasha santel Good find here! Thanks to modeling agent @pinknblack_ent we now have Sasha Santel featured on GGurls!
Love her pictures too, very artistic and sexy.
tierra ferrari Love these pictures. Very well done. Welcome model Tierra Ferrari to the GGurls family.
brittaney denise Some pictures of hot GGurl Brittaney Denise never seen on GGurls. Yeah go ahead and thank us for showing you. We know she's hot as fuck!
tirzy Tirzy Doll welcome home baby. Your sexy self is a perfect fit for GGurls. You're so pretty and you look like a professional model with these pictures. We like!
vanessa escobar Ever seen a model that left you speechless because she was just that gorgeous? When we first saw these pictures in our email box thats what we thought about Vanessa Escobar. She even has a video to prove she's just that gorgeous for real.
shavon ortiz Guess who's back? It's one of the original GGurls, Shavon Ortiz! She team up with Rob Meggett and got these super hot photos. Check her out!

keke kash Now this was a hell of an update! KeKe Kash brings her sexy ass over to GGurls with hot pictures and a hot interview!
brand new elke stallion Look at our girl Elke! She's on the cover of Enfluenz Magazine and she has some hot events this November. Hot!
faya dynamite Now this is hot! Welcome Faya Dynamite to the GGurls family!

Twitter: @FayaDynamite
dmv finest Remix! And what a great new song it is! This is new pictures of DMV Finest!

Twitter: @MissDMVfinest

jakani Now this is just plain ole gorgeous. Her name is Ja'Kani and she has it going on from top to bottom. Our type of GGurl!

Follow her on Twitter: @OHSoViciousJak

heather nikole Brand new pictures of GGurl Heather Nikole. She's hot ain't she?

follow her on Twitter: @Heather_Nikole

lourdes baez Super hot LATINA alert! (inside joke between us and Lourdes Baez lol). This woman is just too gorgeous and has a nice round sexy ass on her!

Twitter: @LourdesBaez

queen riese Like damn! Queen Riese just sent us some updated pictures of herself and yes they're smoking as we expected!
Now we think we want Queen Riese in our print media so hit her up and pressure her! Bwahahahaha! 
rican bombshell nude Here is easily one of our favorite models, due to her sexiness and coolness (is that a word?) Jossie, the 'Rican Bombshell nude pics!
jzapal Now this is a treat for you! Jzapal the model and recording artist took some steamy hot pictures to make sure you don't forget about her! With a body like that who could!? 
ciara leon Like whoa! This model is killing them! Ciara Leon got what it takes and is definitely GGurls Material!
Twitter: @Ciara_Leon
brenda lee Simply gorgeous! This hot chick is Brenda Lee and she takes wonderful pictures! Pretty in face and fine in body. Enjoy 
nita cashmere Love these pictures of new GGurl Nita Cashmere aka Cash DeVereaux
She has that sex appeal that makes you want to stare at her like a perv!

Follow her on Twitter @_NCash

ur favorite model You're going to love her and she might just be your new favorite model. Check out this hot photoshoot of @urfavoritemodel playing pool. More like she's seducing you.

michaela Sexy slim girl are we? This is @SexyButClassy and she's a
sc the model Another hot one for you! This time it's @IcandySC bringing you the heat for GG!
bella nightingale Bella Nightingal is a mainstay here at GGurls, been a member for a couple of years and we love her here. Her pictures are astonishing!
Follow her on Twitter: @BellaNightingal    

jernie Just when Lewis was losing faith in Detroit, here comes Jernie. Super sexy, the right kind of thick and the two just vibed from the get. She's now part of the GG family and not just another model. Look for her in the upcoming magazine! But for now just enjoy these pics.

netta boo GGurls community member Netta Boo had such hot pictures we had to give her a feature so that we could be sure you all saw! Join the site and make friends with this sexy vixen.

chenade laroy Another sexy English woman, word must be getting across seas about
kristina divine Yes baby! These are some hot photos of @KristinaDivine from @ShawnDarnell and @Nureign, that capture her sexiness just right!
q sinclair the model Where do we find 'em? I mean is this sexy or is this sexy as fuck? Q Sinclair aka Q the Model is one fine ass sexy ass woman in so many ways it's scary! Beautiful skin, eyes, face, legs, complexion and not to mention a nice little ass on her. Okay enough already, here ya go.
innocent model Remix! Here are the new and sexier of GGurl exclusive model Innocent (TiTi). Her last pics were okay but okay ain't good enough to showcase this beauty. We were in a rush doing the last photoshoot but on this one we took our sweet time. Judging by the results we, Innocent and you all are happy for it!
Her Twitter: @StarringTiti

kalema We've been getting a lot of submissions lately and Kalema was a very nice surprise. Talk about a beautiful woman!
kristina carpenter Nice and hot! Kristina takes great photos and has a appealing personality to go with it. Follow her @Ms_Tina_
bad yella Well check her out. Bad Yella, as in a bad ass yellow bone, hmmm? I think we agree!
vh1 doll Jacqueline DaFonseca Doll is back and you know we always love to see her! This time she answers our
mercedez Exclusive to Ggurls only. This is the super sexy Mercedez. Now as of right now we're calling her Mercedez but that name is subject to change. We're looking for something much more fitting that describes her beauty. Help us out. What should we call her? Curve? Super Smooth? KeKe? What?
paris vixen One of the hottest GGurls to date has new pictures just for you! Paris the Vixen is a tatted
titi Owwwww! This is one fine chick and she goes by the name of TiTi. Loving these hot pictures. Looks like she has the attitude to match don't she. She knows she's fine. Hit her up @TiTi89 
sashia summers Better and better, her pics just keep getting hotter. @SashiaSummers has resubmitted new
arica christine Now this is what's up. She's like butter baby! @AricaChristine (Arica Christine) should go far in the modeling game as she has that look that everybody is looking for. We bring you all the fine ass models on GGurls don't we. You love us. Now love Arica!

cocoa denise This girl is so fucking sexy it's crazy, no enhancements here, just all natural cuteness. She has the "you want to wife me" look and yep, you do! Her skin is smooth and creamy and her face has a high sex appeal. The type of girl who makes you get nervous when she looks at you, and to top of off she has the cutest sexiest butt on her too. This is @MissCocoaDenise
Pictures by FacetStudios
Edited by GGurls Staff

autumn renee GGurl Autumn Renee gives us an updated treat with her hot new pictures! Enjoy
Her Twitter: @autumnrenee



sunny VXNstudios does it again, expect nothing less than great! This is model Sunny, in a sweet bikini with some sexy pics at the beach! Check out more work from VXNstudios Click Here
mariah milano Mariah is cool peeps! Talked to her on Twitter and she was down with being featured on GGurls. Now you'd think a big name like this with an uber popular site: would be conceited wouldn't ya? But nope not Mariah. She conversed with us like we were old pals! Click on any pic to go directly to her site and see this fine ass woman fulfill your XXX fantasies!
dominique chinn Oh my goodness *Martin Lawrence* voice, Dominique Chinn has a banging body and is an all around sexy ass woman! Welcome her to GGurls and be sure to check out her site or just click one of the pictures!
lyric 0611The internet icon is here and Lyric is revealing all! Look at these super nice booty pics and click them to go straight to her site and see more!
kayla hart Kayla Hart is a sexy gal ain't she? Kayla is also funny! She told me that GGurls only feature girls with big asses and I thought that was so hilarious. I told her no, we feature hot chicks no matter what, so come on and get featured. So here she is! Penthouse and Hustler model Kayla Hart, and hey that ass is nice too!
stacie lanePorn star Stacie Lane is making her presence known on the internet with smoking hot videos and pictures of her doing everything under the sun! Google her for more Stacie Lane fun!
shana patriceWe like, We Like! This woman extrudes sexiness! This is the newest eyecandy addition to GGurls. Shana Patrice!
vi renee Vi Renee is a hot lil Hershey's bar with some great shots and unique looks! We love her here.
greeneyemammi Welcome the Green Eye Mammi to! GEM is not a newb to the scene and has been somewhat of an internet icon in the glamour modeling world. So of course it's only natural she joins the hottest eyecandy modeling site on the
Tiara 4 EverFinally! Remember when we said Tiara was soon to be a GGurl? Well she's finally here with an interview to match! Of course seeing Tiara is always a treat because she's not shy what-so-ever! These naked pictures are classy and beautiful! Check out Tiara at Tiara4ever and on Twitter here @tiaramodel
ms iceMs Ice joined GGurls and then requested to be featured. The whole staff agreed after looking at her pics. We knew that you'd love them so we quickly put her on. She's not even showing booty and you can tell she's stacked!
shay the uk bombshellYet another fine ass model, and this time from the U.K. (United Kingdom dummies). Are these curves real? I mean it's impossible to have curves like that ain't it? Shay the UK Bombshell proves ya wrong! This figure is real and it's all here on GGurls. Lotsa pictures for you to drool over! Follow her on twitter @ShayUKBombshell
ayisha diazWe're getting an influx of super hot models. Ayisha Diaz proves this! After talking to her on twitter she was down with a feature on GGurls. You may have seen Ayisha before in music videos and around the web. Haven't? Well go here: and find out more about this unbelievable woman.
eve eyecandy Can it get any finer than this? Eve Eyecandi brings thunder to, we love her and you love her too! Eve proves you don't have to have a ridiculous ass, just a nice one (along with a nice everything else!)
brianna amor If this is not one of the baddest eyecandy models you've ever seen then you need glasses and a head examination. Brianna Amor should be 1,000 times more as popular as she really is. So we at are going to make that happen. Follow Brianna on Twitter @BriannaAmor and tell her GGurls sent you.
vh1 junkNow that's what I'm talking about! VH1's Junk from the Real Chance of Love Season 2 Reality Show: Back in the saddle join's VH1's Classy, Doll and Stephanie as a GGurl! Okay you can drool at these pictures now. Look at that junk in th
love lauraYay! Laura is representing Detroit and she does it well with her high sex appeal! Check her interview:
maliah michelMaliah Michel is one of the most popular models on the internet. Become a fan of hers at

veronica  viorSexalicious, that's the best word to describe this GGurl! Look at those legs on that pretty little frame! Get to know her here --> Veronica Vior's GG Page

christine baxYou can't hate on her because this is one of the finest models you've ever seen with face, body and booty! Go ahead and try to deny it!

stephany romero Whoa, now how did we ever miss this girl? Her name is Stephany Romero and she really has it going on. High sex appeal and a plumped round ass. Stephany is

rihanna naked again Okay okay, we know it's just a photoshopped picture of Rihanna naked but admit this is a great picture. It's looks super real, as if somebody hacked her computer or phone or something. You can never get enough of Rihanna nude can you?

jola Very very pretty. Like very pretty, Jola is a long time GGurl who always take hot cell pics. Here are her latest ones she just sent in for us. Very pretty.
roof topping Cool yet dangerous as hell, Roof Topping is a new form of photography that gives you a great view of a city's landscape. More power to the photographers who do this because there is no way we could. Some of these shots are spectacular.
karrueche tran What do you think about Karrueche Tran? You know, the girl Chris Brown is dating? Is she hotter than his ex? She's a good looking girl but do you think beat 'em down Brown can do better? Wonder how she'd look naked? We like those thin girls.
abbee kimberly UK Model Abbee Kimberly has some super big breasteseseses. She always wear low cut shirts and dresses to tease people with them. Those are some huge ass titties.

azzareya crystal curtis That's a hell of name there Azzareya Crystal Curtis ain't it? But that's a hot model though. Bet if she was your girlfriend you'll remember that name and even how to spell it backwards!

brittany dailey Check it out. If you ever wanted to know the definition of gorgeous it's this woman right here: Brittany Dailey. If you ask us she should be much more popular than what she is now. Check her out. Brittany Dailey is the truth son.
chanta patton Still hot, why wouldn't she be? Chanta Patton is one of those types that everybody in the club tries to holla at. Men and women alike. Never heard of her? Scroll down and see what we mean.

jasmin pacheco High sex appeal. Jasmin Pacheco has it in spades. She has that look that just melt men in their track. She's unbelievably hot. Enjoy these pics and follow her on Twitter.
monique minor We love Monique Minor and these pictures will tell you why. No edits, just plain ole cell phone pictures of gorgeous face, body, booty and tits!
lindsay lohan playboy naked These are supposedly leaked pictures of Lindsay Lohan posing naked for Playboy yet again. They offered her a whopping 900,000 dollars. Really? Lindsay Lohan? Everybody has already seen her nude in that other magazine and on the internet several times. Now get this. Lindsay did not want her pictures edited or Photoshopped. She wanted it to be natural. Sorry Lindsay and Playboy this was a failure on both ends.

dumb ass pictures You can never ever get enough of these pictures. People make you laugh on accident. Get a load of the latest batch of dumb ass stupid ghetto pictures we found.

monalisa christmas It's that time. Love it or hate it (we have mixed feelings about it), it's Christmas time! So what we're going to do it this. When we find hot Xmas modeling pics of GGurls we'll post them. Rather you like Christmas or not, you'll like this! First up, Monalisa.

Twitter: @DatModel06

diznee chelsea We first saw Diznee aka Chelsea in Show magazine but now we're seeing some other pictures surface of this gorgeous specimen. Diznee is fine from head to toe
yahna mikaela How are y'all feeling Yahna Mikaela? She's not shy, she's pretty and doesn't mind stripping down for you. Are you feeling her? Warning must be 18 years or older to view.

angel lola luv fershgenet We miss this chick. Angel Lola Luv Fershgenet (yeah that's her whole name) was making a lot of noise on the internet just a little while ago. She was modeling and then starting rapping but after that we haven't heard much about her. Where is she? She had that super pretty face and that ridiculously large butt.
alicia guidry What a hot little number Alicia Guidry is. Here are some nice pictures of this upcoming model

alexis lopez Alexis Lopez hot pictures and videos, you can't miss this, this is one gorgeous model

aria giovanni Hot steamy pictures of adult model and porn star Aria Giovanni. Some are never before seen pictures and videos
iphone girls Girls love taking pictures of themselves with their Apple Iphones in the mirror. Some like taking naked pictures some just like to show off their body. Here ya go!
remi belle shanie love We love these things. This are some animated pictures of Remi Belle and Shani Love. Must be 18 years or older to view!

kianna nana lynae What a beautiful woman. Kianna Nana Lynae really is a gem of a model and should be even more popular than what she already is. She's freaking gorgeous. Here are some pictures, enjoy.
quincy the queen Gorgeous woman here! Quincy the queen needs more publicity so we're going to get you to follow her on Twitter. After you see these pictures you'll want to anyway! Wow is she nice!
sexy butt moves We like these! Just animated pictures of a sexy butt moving. Every time we post these they get downloaded like a million times over. She got a nice booty too don't she?

motivational pictures These things are always funny. Some will make you crack up for real. Hey we think we'll start making our own pretty soon here. You can't lose with funny motivational posters.
bernice burgos Wowee is Bernice Burgos one of the prettiest sexiest women you've ever laid your eyes on? She really does have it going on don't she? Bernice Burgos is the shit!
photoshopping cell phone pics Girls are now Photoshopping cell phone pictures giving themselves ridiculous shapes and curves. Some are even airbrushing cell phone pics. Look at these pictures and tell us do you think these are natural or believable.
cell ass Just because. It's cell phone asses, and there you go!

ashlai box We didn't have enough pictures of Ashlai Box for a whole feature but there was no way in hell we were not going to post these pictures of Ashlai neither. This woman is the epitome of beauty. Thanks for the pictures Ash!
best booty We like booty, so what? You do too. So now that we got that out the way, pick your favorite looking ass out of these 7. This will be hard.

finest bitches Whoever took these pictures is a bad ass photographer. We're posting this simply because this is one of the baddest photoshoots we've ever seen.
tasena Now this is a glamour model here. This is Tasena and she is one of the hottest models you'll see. Well, at least we think so.
tupac Even after death Tupac Shakur is still making headlines. But get this, it's not about music or a new album. It's concerning a sex tape. broke a story with pictures proving that Tupac does have a sextape out. Here are some pictures of him and an unknown chick being recorded by a guy in a hotel room. In one of the pictures you can see the girl performing oral sex on Pac.

shakur sozahdah Wowee Shakur Sozahdah is surely a looker! No man can resist something this damn hot! We love what we see here!

smash pass People are strange and will take pictures of themselves doing strange things or just looking crazy. Or other people will catch them doing it and take it against their wills. Results? Funny shit for all of us to laugh at.

cell ass Not booty. Ass. Cell phone pictures of girl taking pictures of their nice round asses. How can you beat that?
911 world trade center never seen before This 9-11 will mark the first passing decade since the World Trade Center tragedy of 2001. Ten years later pictures have surfaced that were never seen before. These pictures will hit you hard as you see people jumping to their death and clinging on to the side of the building while smoke bellows out over their heads. We all saw the videos of the planes crashing but we never saw pictures likes this. Even ten years later, this still hurts like hell. What monster would orchestrate something like this?
shar Shar Proves just how cute and sexy she is with these natural pictures. You want a girl like this don't you? She's a cutie.
heaven leigh Look what we have here! Several pics of Heaven Leigh's nice round booty! She sent these in for you to drool over! Wipe your screen off son.
tahiti cora You've probably seen pictures of Tahiti Cora around the web and didn't know who she was. All you saw was a perfect shape and a great ass and said "Damn!" Well here are pictures of her you might not have seen. Tahiti can hang with the best of them in the looks and ass department and she doesn't have any flab.

pretty jamee We like stuff like this! Exclusive hot pictures of Pretty Jamee by New Photographer in the game Elite XL Media! Got talent don't they? Great job guys
porn Had this debate on Twitter about what's considered porn and what's considered modeling. Here is our (the true) definiton of it. Pornography involves more than nudity, it involves sexual intercourse of some sort, rather it's with two or more people or masturbation. Many people think just because they see a naked or half nude picture it's soft porn. No it's not soft porn. It's naked or nude modeling plain and simple. Although there is nothing wrong with pornography (must not be it's a billion dollar industry) it pisses us off when close minded individuals think nudity equal porn.
ggurl Here are some new pictures of two of your favorite GGurls, Pretty Jazzy and Gorgeous Way (GGurl Gorgeous). So for those of you who wanted to see Gorgeous naked here you go! Lol it's hard to get a picture of Jazzy with clothes on!

ashle dangerSorry Ashle Danger but we gotta do it to you! And we don't care if you want the pictures down we're keeping it up! With that nice ass body, pretty face and perfect booty we're exposing these pictures we hacked from you! Lol don't get mad just enjoy your popularity and we're not telling you how we got them!

ggurl nation tour It's official! GGurls is going into print and we're touring the United States looking for hot babes to showcase in the premier issue! Now of course you know with the popularity of GGurls the spots are going fast. If you think you have what it takes you better hit up @MarchalMarzian and @Ricky_Fontaine and set up a schedule. The information is on the flyer below (done by @1028Dezigns.) Yeah we're excited because this has been planned for a minute now! Let's do it!
black models What do you think about black models, or ebony models or nubian models or whatever you call them. We're talking specifically the urban glamour model type. So basically we're talking about any race of these hot babes including Hispanic, White or Asian. We know it's a ton of different models who include actors, fashion, runway, super blah blah blah, Like Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Stacey Dash, Agbani Darego, Esther Baxter (and more blah blah blah). But since we're we're going to focus on the urban glamour model game. Let's see how good we are and see how many of these sexy ass ladies we can name from sites like,,,,,, (there bunny section) and even the popular ones from Let's test it out
ggurls You love GGurls so we just made a random article of your favorite urban glamour model with several pictures of GGurls. Question? How did we get known for girls with big butts (booty)?

jada cheng Hot Asian chick Jada Cheng is a pretty specimen ain't she? Just in case you haven't heard of her here are some pictures of her. She has a website
photoshop girl Are any of these three real? These have to be photoshop right? Their waist is way to small and distorted to actually be real right? You decide.

treasure 95 Here's a sneak peek of our photoshoot with Treasure, who just loves to get naked! Yeah perfect for us pervs right? We'll finish the set when we feel like it. What? The site is free! Take what you can get twerps.
booty 7 Hot pictures of some nice booty. You know that's what we're known for (wonder why?) so fuck it, we'll supply it. Enjoy pervs.

playstation 4 That red and gray one looks sweet as hell. That one standing up looks like a toaster, if it was thinner it would look pretty good but then it'll just look like a Wii. What exactly will the Sony Playstation 4 look like though?

wii 2 The Wii revolutionized the video game industry with it's unique interface between the player and the console. So what possibly will the Wii 2 do and look like? Here are some concept pictures of the second generation of the Wii, code name Revolution.

bruce lee Think you've seen every picture of Bruce Lee? Bet you haven't seen these of the legendary (and best!) martial art master. Bruce Lee was the man.
thick Titled this one just thick pics because we figured it was more fitting. But basically it's our regular cell phone cuties series with another name ha! Enjoy pervs!

chrystiana GGurls co-pimp (inside joke!) sent us some pictures of her booty. We just had to post 'em! But um remember Chrystiana you're just co pimpin', you haven't reach true pimpin' yet, lol.
celly Girls love taking pictures of their bodies, particularly their booties! So here are some snap shots of girls taking pictures of their asses.

love ggurls Everybody love GGurls, including the unbelievably sexy Exotic Miami who took some hot ass cell phone pictures and made us a fan sign! Man this girl is every man's dream! GGurls love you too baby!
koshmo A photographer with a passion, you can tell by the pictures. Koshmo takes pictures of very beautiful girls over in the UK. We feature them on GGurls quite often because of their great work. Take a look
nikole hen naked Good Lawd! Be careful 'cuz you might get stuck on this page for 30 minutes just staring at that ass of beautiful GGurl Nikole Hen. This picture is worth a million words!
thicky These girls define thick! Small waist, nice phat ass, how can you beat that? Oh yeah a pretty face helps too huh? Well get a load of these pictures! You'll love us for it.

half head Are these real? We always ask that because, well you know why. But these look real and a lot of times reality is crazier than fantasy. This man's head seems to be caved in. If it is wouldn't that have affected his brain?! Or was he born like this? The man with the half head.
fail You can never ever get enough of FAIL pictures. So in honor of a good laugh we present to you some hilarious FAIL pictures! Sorry Little Wayne
sexy tats Tattoos can be very artful! We think these three tats are kold as fuck. Not to mention that one girl in that awkward pose with the phat butt. What do you think?

tehmeena afzal You can't deny beauty this gorgeous when you see it. Tehmeena Afzal takes great pictures no matter what position she poses in. Just look at this artwork.
holly peers She loves to show her breast boy! What do you think about Holly Peers? Is she a keeper? Yay or Nay? We can pretty much guess what you're going to say. If you're a breast person then it's yay! If you're an ass lover you're probably going to say nay. Huh huh huh we're right ain't we? Huh huh huh?
cassiie melinda We like this hot model by the name of Cassiie Meliinda, she takes some hot ass pics and is an all around cutie. Let's see if we can get in touch with her.
not modeling How many times do we have to tell you stanks? Just because you feel sexy and your boyfriend has a new cell phone camera does NOT mean you're now a model! Don't send in shit like this and get this shit off the web.
kristal solis Yay or Nay? YAY is the answer you dorks! Kristal Solis is burning up the web with fire ass pics and she should be in your top ten list of half nude eye candy models. We like Kristal Solis. pictures and videos of video vixen hip hop models and funny stuff
magic See the wonders one can create with a little imagination and a whole lot of Photoshop skill? With pictures like these you know you can't believe anything you see on the internet now.
black white sex What do you get when you mix black and white together? Sexiness pure and simple. Even when you're just talking about the picture color. That's nice son!
ggurl collage The member participation on GGurls is plentiful, our man Kyle aka the Kollage King makes collages of GGurls! His work is pretty good, check him out.
megan fox nude What do we have here. Megan fox completely buck ass naked and showing it all for the world. That third picture is photoshopped for sure but that first one people are saying is real! What do you think?
seymour It sure is. When three hot women get together completely nude and keep it super classy you can't call it nothing else but sexy. These two pics will have you staring at it all day.
thick white booty See if we got it right this time. Every time we post about thick white booty you guys keep telling us that it's really Latina booty pics we're putting up. So we think these are white chicks now. See? I guess it's hard to find nice thick white booty.
vanity wonder The 8th wonder of the world has some more pictures for you to talk about. It's the super duper big booty model Vanity Wonder. Our favorite ones are the pics where you can see her booty from the front. Vanity Wonder says her ass is 100% real. Hmmm?
best ass When you make a booty thread you don't even have to say nothing. Basically you can just post pictures and let the pictures do the talking. Damn we had something to say anyway.

ggurls Because you love it! (We can tell by looking at how many times graphics are downloaded) Here are some more GGurl graphics to use for you iphone, computer, signatures, tumblr, avatars or whatever! Go ahead and take them ;)
ms hollywood Milder on the tattoos, but sexy still the same, Marquita, aka Ms Hollywood shows off her sexy ink in this edition of Tatted!
sheneka adams Is Sheneka Adams the baddest in the urban glamour game right now? These pictures prove she's definitely a serious contender to be considered the baddest. Agree?
jordan carver Ya like 'em like this? Jordan Carver has a peculiar shape if you ask us. Super huge breast but barely any ass. Who likes this?
tittie tuesday Post this picture up for Twitter Titty (Tittie) Tuesday, and give them something to gawk at lol.
thick white chick For those of you who like thick ass white chicks, take a gander at these photos. We think the last two might be Hispanic though.

heather nikole Top GGurl and representative Heather Nikole wants you to choose which pic we should use for the header (top banner whatever you call it) on the front of the site? You know, the seven hot chicks on top of the page. Write it in the comment box. Pic 1 or pic 2? These are exclusive never before seen pics. If we don't mark them, other sites will steal them.
mommy People do dumb shit. Some more than others. This girl is taking (trying) sexy pictures in the mirror with her cell phone while her child is in the toilet. Her Facebook friends should have reported this!
check background ...check the background! If you don't you'll get some weird stuff going on. Then again, maybe the photographer knew what was in the background and planned to put it on the internet.
tatted Now that you seen that other thread with ugly tattoos on ugly women, here are some sexy tattoos on sexy women. We'll try to keep this ongoing. We'll call this "Tatted."
karmen da body Remember the video on the front a while ago? It was of Karmen Da Body. Well here it is again with a couple of pictures we found of her. She's good peeps.
namethem Dark skin models prove why they are among the sexiest women on Earth! Check these pictures out!

kid rappers Check these kiddie pics out of your favorite rappers and singers today. Cute. 50 cent, Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Usher, TI, Eminem, and Ne-yo.

sweet pics Sweet pictures of some beautiful black women just for your enjoyment. No other reason :)
kitty katt Look at this hottie we ran across on Twitter, turns out she's a webcam model, so you can really get to know her if you want. Her name is Kitty Katt, now just promise not to spend your whole paycheck on her okay?
ultimate nigga What the fuck is wrong with some people? Are they trying to be funny or are these really candid shots? Buffoonery I tell you!

hot pic Some more hot ass pictures just because you can't get enough. Name the models if you're good.
fakebook The say Twitter is taking over. We hope so. But as of right now Fakebook (as it will be referred to from here on out) is the 2nd biggest site in the world. Why do we call it Fakebook? because that's what it's full of. People who befriend you just to report your pictures and Fakebook makes it very easy for them. In our particular case their is a stalker who hounds GGurls simply because he's jealous as fuck.
faya dynamite Unseen pictures of Faya Dynamite have emerged! Y'all remember Faya, the winner of GGurl-Booty of the year! Enjoy and shot out to 50Fifty Magazine. We see ya!
twitter avatar Here we go again! Some chicks with some hot ass Twitter default pics! Defaults, avatars, twitcons, whatever you want to call them
shit begone One good thing about the internet is the pictures people post can be good for a laugh when you need it. Try these three on for size.

ms alotta bootie Check out this chic we found on Twitter. Her name is @MsAlottaBootie and the name is very fitting, she saids thats a fifty inch natural booty on her and we believe it! What do you think?

carmen ortega Found these hot ass pictures of Carmen Ortega floating around the web shot by EyeCandy Anthony. Very nice! Enjoy.

mena monroe Hot GGurl Mena Monroe took some camera phone pics to prove to you she's stacked like fuck! Follow our girl on Twitter: @MenaMonroe

vickie 6 naked New contest with your favorite GGurl Vickie 6! This time it's something you'll really enjoy. Vickie has requested a specific type of contest. Get this: she wants you to link either your favorite porn video or porn pic in the comments and she'll look at it and pick the one she likes best! Yeah you read that right. She wants you to link porn so she can watch it!
gianna deninno Try this on for size. This is Gianna Deninno and we're wondering why we haven't even heard of her before. You like?

crazy shit We love this type of shit. Dumb, stupid and crazy ass pictures and people always give you a good laugh. Some of these people should be shot though.

lauryn hill crazy

I’ve been a fan of Lauryn Hill since her days with Wyclef and that other dude, but I’m now convinced she’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” crazy!! The former Fugee left fans waiting for almost four hours last Tuesday during the first stop of her recently announced tour at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg. When she finally took the stage to a booing audience, she responded by telling them, “Don’t do that. That’s disrespectful,” and motioned for the unhappy fans to leave.

chi chi bonita Sexy ass GGurl Chi Chi Bonita now has her own personal space on the web! Of course it's hot because she's fire! Check her out.
idiots You can never get enough of a good laugh at an idiot's expense. So here are more dumb asses who take dumb pictures for you to laugh at.

perfect latina ass Now if somebody comes in here and says it's not big enough you should be shot! That Latina ass has a great shape to it. How could you not like it?
ignorant niggas You can never get enough of ignorant motha'fucka's posting ignorant ass pictures on the web. It makes you want to snatch the guns out of their hands and shoot them with it. Think about it, if you shot these low brain activity having bitches, would anybody miss them?

thick ems Various chicks that are thick in the ass and small in the waist. Pic your favorite one! All of them are tight though.
dj barbee Imagine walking into a club and then seeing her spinning records? You'd never leave with you? They say DJ Barbee got talent too. Check her out.
lindsay marie This hot little momma is also talented! Check out her new track! Fast Car
Sexy ain't it?
Follow her on twitter: @LindsayMarie

danni hannah GGurl Danni Hannah presents some new eye candy pics just for your enjoyment.

Follow her on Twitter: @DaniHannah

good booty Just a bunch of eye candy booty for you to look at. You love it and ya know it!

kat stacks model Check these new pictures out of Kat Stacks! You like? Actually to be truthful they look pretty damn good. Since we know GGurl users are ass lovers, rate that booty honestly.

Twitter: @IHateKatStacks

kim kardashian naked A completely naked Kim Kardashian poses for W magazine. Supposedly the pics are not touched up. Damn Kim has a big ass.

hood hoes Only in the hood baby. Only in the hood do you see shit like this. Just because somebody got a cell phone with a camera on it doesn't mean you have to look a damn fool in a picture. Actually those two chicks on the first pic don't look that bad!

chelsea handler sex tape First it was just a rumor, then it was a rumored joke. But nope it's real! After over 10 years the Chelsea Handler sex tape is ready to hit the internet. These pictures don't even look like her, but hey fame and money always make you look better. We'd like to see Chelsea's opening monologue after this hits the net. Chelsea, who's extremely funny will probably laugh it off and keep going like a great comedian.
bethany benze Guess who we tapped for our magazine? Bethany Benz a.k.a. VH1 Caviar! Yep she's going to be in the first issue of GGurls print magazine. Here's one pic and yeah we know she's fully clothed but we can't show you the good stuff for free! Just know we're doing it big for you in the magazine! Stay tuned.
bambi throw it back New GGurl Bambi told us she was a musician in her interview and then sent us this video called "Throw it Back". Like it? We do!

september carrino Ya like her? This is model September Carrino. She loves to show off her pierced nipples and sexy body. Your type?
Vickie 6 video Can never ever get enough of Vickie 6 and she's not only a GGurl but she's family here. She's an admin. If you live under a rock then you probably don't know about her site, if you haven't go there now and get a nice idea of what type of sexiness you're missing. Now check out this video. There are a WHOLE bunch like this on her site!
tamy incredible Remember when we introduced you to Tamy Incredible just a little while ago? You saw her here first and of course we knew she'd be a hot item on the internet. Well check this video out from WSHH of one of your favorite GGurls

asia mills Haven't seen her in a minute on GG but here are some new pics of her in a collage and she's hot as usual! Enjoy!

anorexic models Of course you're going to think this is photoshopped but it's actually not. There is a genre that goes far beyond the skinny model. The industry is so hard on models (runway and super models) that it has spawn this sad state of modeling. This is scary.

martellus bennett naked There goes another one! The latest victim of the naked picture internet revenge is Dallas Cowboy Marellus Bennett. Allegedly his girlfriend is exacting revenge by posting these on the internet. When will they learn? All pro athletes should never take naked pics unless they want it to hit the internet. Because eventually it will.
not photoshopIn a cyber world of fake pictures it's hard to believe that real life can be crazier than anything you can imagine. Okay just take our world for it but these pictures are not photoshopped. They are 100% real. 
elkeElke shows you she doesn't need photoshop and still looks good with just regular pics. Dig her!

coco beach bikini Hows does she look to you now without all the photoshopping? Is this flattering to you? This is Ice T's girl Coco at the beach.
facebook tag Quit tagging people that don't want to be tagged in your pics on facebook, especially if you're taking fruity pictures like this!
steve urkel Oh no! Jaleel White, better known as Steve Urkel from the (super corny) TV show Family Matters is gay! Well this is what we speculate after seeing this picture. It's not from some movie or tv show (when was the last time you seen him in a movie or tv show?). It's just a normal picture of him. Then to top it off, he was in Detroit talking to WJLB FM 98 and they asked him about his gayness. He was with Penny Hardaway? Huh?
natalin Where have we been? Natalin is fucking hawt and she has a nice heart shaped ass on her too! What do you think about this eyecandy model?
brianna frost Okay GG family, is this enough ass for you? We think Brianna is sexy, all models don't have to be thick ya' know.
stupid people stupid pics Get a load of this shit! You ever wonder what the hell somebody is thinking when they allow pictures of themselves to be taken like this?
evelyn lozada naked Karma? Remember on VH1's 'Basketball Wives' Evelyn Lozada told Royce she should behave in a more classy way? This was after Royce did the little freak dance at the pool party. Well look what we have here. Evelyn naked taking pictures of herself with her cell phone. Wow, Evelyn do you take your own advice?
trina king magazine The baddest bitch takes some hot pics for King Magazine. Funny thing is, Trina is known for her nice ass but she barely shows it here, and yet she still looks good!
alana wyatt naked Mos Def met and married this chick in less than 4 days! Now (of course) they're separated, and she's found a new gig! Naked modeling! She's also coming out with a tell all book about her life. Wow, didn't expect that one!
rosana Hey here's a treat for ya, GGurl pal @RosanaBabii is a little hottie! And as soon as she get some more pics we're gonna feature her. Look at that pretty face and those thick legs. Looks like she got a nice booty on her too. C'mon Rosana we're waiting!

kobe bryant gay pictures Lebron wins! Up until this point I would argue Kobe's case for being the better player but after taking some fruity pics like this? Kobe you just lost all respect. What in the world are they trying to accomplish here?
vanessa blu Would you hit Vanessa Blu? Actually it's that simple of a question, if Vanessa was in your living room right now and said you can get it. What would you do?
naughty neshelle Don't think we've ever seen pictures of her buck ass naked before? Have you? where here you go! Naughty Neshelle naked...
sex pervert Sex pervert on the loose! Guy dresses in black, sneaks up close to women, takes a hold of their shirt (or pants, or skirt, or dress) and yanks them down and then runs like hell! If ya see a hooded dude walking your way ladies, you run instead!
mzpurrfection Damn too much booty in the pants (and out the pants too)! Mzpurrfection, our homegirl from Twitter has one of the biggest, roundest, prettiest, smoothest asses you've ever seen! Look at that booty and look at those lips too on this ebony queen. Follow her @MzPurrfection. Damn look at that ass!
cris jorick Okay what about new comer Cris Jorick from Ya like that booty? How about her as a whole? Scale of one to ten what would you give Cris?
keisha knight pulliam Did you ever think that Rudy would look like this when she grew up? You probably thought Denise (Lisa Bonet) was going to be the hottest girl from the Cosby Show didn't you? Well Keisha Knight Pulliam beat her out by far. Hell Denise looks like a crack-head nowadays. Tempest Bledsoe (Vanessa) was ugly then and she's ugly now.
asia millsCute GGurl Asia Mills is seriously on her grind! She's in a hooter's commercial, a rap video, and she knows just about all the good eyecandy photographers out there. You want Asia for your magazine? Commercial? Video? Party? Event? 
what wrong with this pic Photoshop is a good thing but sometimes people (we're only human) can fuck up and forget to fine tune a picture. They forget to pay attention to detail. These two ads actually made production and passed the companies' editors. Look closely and you can see something is off about these two pictures.
britney spears before after photoshopBritney Spears didn't mind showing you the difference that Adobe Photoshop makes with a pic and a steady hand! Maybe now you guys can appreciate our work here at GGurls! Photoshop is so freakin' amazing it's almost endless possibilities you can do to a pic! Brave Britney, Brave!
stupid signs Oh the irony of these stupid ass signs and pictures! This will having you cracking up in disbelief! "Come on in, we're Closed?!" What the fuck! LOL
real sexi barbie Dimepiece or to fake for your taste? Obviously the breast are not real but what about the rest of Real Sexi Barbie? Her lips, hair and ass are suspect too. You have to admit she's eyecandy, but would you take it like this?
rosa acostaWould you consider Rosa Acosta to be the top model in the urban eyecandy modeling industry? She's been in numerous videos and she's splattered all over the web. She has one of the biggest fan bases and is well sought after. If you don't think she is then tell who is. Rosa Acosta is doing the damn thang.
marisa elise Banging or clanging? Keep it or creep on it? This is Marisa Elisa from Showgirlz. Nice booty or no booty? Well what do you think already!? 
truthis007 Wakina a.k.a Truthis007 has a new sexy video out promoting her latest ventures! You saw it here on GGurls. (You can't believe this site is free huh? well then click on them ads on the front page and help us out!) 
gia lashay You know about these big ass titties? Gia Lashay love showing you her size 32DD titties!

sapphira chanel We hope she just retired or something. Hope nothing bad has happened to this sexy ass model turned porn star Sapphira Chanel. Her website is not up anymore and she seems to have disappeared altogether from the internet. Please let her be okay and let her resurface. Hey she can hit us up and we'll help her get back on the scene! Sapphira had the hottest pics and videos on the net! 
vickie 6 Nice huh? Guess who? You've seen it before but you didn't know even without being behind the professional lens Vickie 6 is a bad mothafucka! Wouldn't you like to meet her at the club?!

nicki minaj before after Ever wanted to see what Nicki Minaj look like before all the surgery and cosmetics? Well here are some before and after pictures of your girl. How much work do you think she had done to herself? Going to get some before and after pictures of her ass (booty) soon :)
joiryda Now you know we like booty just like you, and JoiRyda from has one of the roundest sexiest asses you'll ever see. Not to start shit but how come they almost never show her face? Hell we've seen her around the web for years but still can't tell you what she looks like.
tiara naked Been talking to Tiara from over Twitter. Man is she hard to catch up with! She saids she wants a feature on GGurls and of course y'all know we love her here. So stay tuned and you'll probably see her on here soon! 
thick shortyLook at these amateur pics of this unknown girl! Shorty is thick as fuck ain't she? Anybody know her?
april assRemember the feature on this bootylicious model Mz April? (Click here dummy) Here are some more pics of her to add to that collection
natalie nunnWould you do her? Miss "I run L.A." herself? These two pictures of her are actually pretty hot and she does have a nice body. Would you?
florida A & M orgyIt's not a myth! These are real pics and the video from the Florida A & M college orgy that happened just days ago. It's been making a buzz around the internet and officials at Famu are not saying anything about it, but these are students from the school having a flat out orgy. What the fuck were they thinking? You know their parents are embarrassed as hell right now. We know people do crazy stuff in college but come on you don't film stuff like this!
beyonce bodyTake a look at Beyonce's latest pics in this photoshoot! Girl got body don't she?
interracialEver dated outside your race? Was it different? Fun? Weird? Or was it the absolute same and you learn that people are just people. Don't think black men like smaller butts? Think again. Don't think white men like bigger butts? Think again. It's the shape of the ass not the size or color.
alicia tylerIs this the baddest female in the porn game right now? Alicia Tyler is so sexy and unrealistic in her video scenes your keyboard will probably be sticky in under two minutes. She don't hold you up with her head game and she's not shy on film at all.

amber easton porn Again! interview the hottest models, and this time it's Amber Easton! Model turned pornstar. Check out our hot interview we did on Twitter. You can follow Amber here @XXAmberEastonXX and of course tell her you read this interview! Also check out her site
jazmin waterz baker vh1 Jazmin Waterz AKA Baker from Vh1's reality show "Real Chance of Love 2" is butt (buck) ass naked in these pics. Our fam over at sent it to us. And they have more too!
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