If you can't laugh at yourself you can't laugh at anybody. When we first started off, the only official photographer for GGurls.com was the owner Lewis, who had no fucking clue what he was doing. Man has he and the site come a looooooooong way.
Beisy P0 Beisy is a hard gem to come by. She's a model we think should be much more popular than what she is. Whenever we get our hands on some pictures of her we consider it a hot commodity.
Neesha Sada 0 Whoa! Neesha Sada came back strong with this new set from Inergee Studios. We so love how these pictures came out. She's a keeper for sho!
Meet Stephanie Caciedo aka Stephanie Monique, the girl that's NOT Drake's girlfriend. This hottie is so popular that she had to make a proof video to send us to prove it's her and not a fake. Damn is she bad!
Jeniffer Morel0 We love Jeniffer Morel as soon as we met her online. She's spunky as she is sexy and it was an instant connection. So when DDG Studios hit us up and told us they took these pictures JUST for GGurls.com we were super flattered. These are four hot picture we're proud to present to you.
Why Yellow Booties you ask? Because every time we label it "white" or "Latina" we catch a bunch of flack over what race the booty belong too. So we'll name it "yellow" to be safe ;). So for you yellow booty lovers here you go.
Let's do multiple this time. Instead of just one picture tell us which of these are real and which of these are more than likely fake. The one in jeans has to be real right? The girl in the hat is real too right?
We think they all have i-phones. Just like you, we're not paying attention to the damn phone. However for Google's sake we titled this one i-phones (by apple and even included the 4 in the tags lol webmasters know why we did it)
Victoria0 Another hot one from DDG Photos. This is Victoria who's not afraid to show it all in front of a camera. Hot little number here.
We have to do better. These type of pictures pop up on the internet everyday and we all wonder; "What the hell were they thinking". Well regardless of what they were thinking let's just thank God it's at least worth a good laugh.
Well check this out. This hottie just sent us these pictures of herself promoting her new website @CamGirlVanessa and we instantly fell in love. Give her a click.
Asharia Sunshine0 Annnnnd a cutie she is! Asharia Sunshine sent us some gems to post of her taking pictures of herself in the bathroom mirror. We like!
Rubidefranca0 Rubi De Franca shows off her amazing body with her smart phone. Just wait 'til you see her exclusive pictures for GGurls coming with Marchal Marzian.
Meshamodel0 Mesha Model has a booty that makes your tongue hard. It's so beautiful looking and nice and round. She loves showing it off and we love showing it to you. See more on her website. Mesha Model has a very nice ass.
Jhonniblaze0 Always sending us pictures, always keeping it hot, Jhonni Blaze has a pretty face and a nice round ass. How can you beat this?
Riskee0 Talk about being photogenic. Riskee takes stunning cell phone pictures in the mirror. Seems like every shot is perfect no matter the angle. Wow!
Imani Cell0 We think Imani is super fine. Smooth skin, cute face and outrageous curves. These cell phone pictures proves she's the shit. Check 'em out.
Book Angel0 Look what Angel sent us today. Talk about a hot chick. Angel doesn't mind showing you what she has rather it be with cell phone pictures or professional pictures. Damn she's hot. She told us her booty is soft and natural. One day we'll find out!
D Marie0 Stacked! Danielle Marie just recently became a GGurl and we thought her curves were awesome (yeah we said "awesome"). Here to prove they're real, here are her cell phone pics. Stacked!
Indonesia0 Damn Indonesia got a thick ass curvy body. Dig these cell phone pictures of this woman. Wowee.
Jakani Tashmeka0 Cell phone pics rule! They tell the truth and when you got a vicious body like Ja'kani then you should take pictures all the time. Lucky for us Ja'kani does! Here they go.
Auchane Sierra0 We really like Auchane, she's so damn sexy. Here are some candid cell phone pics of her she linked us to. Of course they're hot.
Dede Cellphone0 One of our favorite Ggurls, Dede, (Dauvinee Damati) is one of the prettiest women you'll ever meet. She has a naturally outstanding body too. Here are her cell phone pictures. No Photoshop needed.
Black Gabby Doll0 Gabby shows off her perfect body in this self taken pictures. She looks just as good with cell phone pics as she does with a Canon camera in front of her. It's all real baby.
Sheneka Adams Cell Phone0 Well look what we have here! We found candid cell phone pictures of the ever popular Sheneka Adams. No photoshop, just plain ole natural shape, curve and beauty! Wow
Gabcell She did it again! Gabriella told us she's the cell phone picture taking queen so she sent us another batch of pictures. She's a sex little something ain't she?
Gabriella Amore0 Another hot GGurl who can prove to you she doesn't need the liquidfy tool to shape that figure 8 physique. Gabriella Amoroso is the definition of a sexy little shawty. Here are her cell phone pics.
Cellgirl0 Let's keep our focus at the top this time and pay attention to those lovely lady humps we see first when we meet a chick. The titties! Gotta love the titties!

Yaris Sanchez0 Yaris Sanchez takes some cell phone pictures of herself showing off her curves and natural untouched beauty. We got a hold to seven of them and you're going to love us for it :)

Cell0 You love these cell phone cuties threads so who are we to deny you what you want? Here are some more GGurl cell phone cuties.

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