What's wrong with Kim Kardashian? Does she not realize she got famous from a sex tape? Here she is refusing to autograph a picture of herself for a fan because she thinks it shows too much nudity. Hey, Kim, it's a picture YOU TOOK!
You won't catch it because of obvious reasons. But after you read it you laugh out loud and it'll be you wonder, what the fuck? Basically your perv factor is blocking your train of thought.
What the hell is this? Is this a Photoshop job? Is this a bad surgery or a guy who wanted such a thing? Either way it's weird as hell. Funny though
Saw this on Model Mayhem today and it struck us as weird. The girl to your far left is Taryn, she's a good looking girl. The next girl is ok herself. The other two? Do they belong in this picture?

alana jung Beach pictures rock. A hot chick on the beach taking pictures makes it rock even more. Alana Jung gave us that scenario and here are the pics! They rock!
nay j Talk about fucking hot! You must be talking about Nay J! Wow she's nice!
pretti jasmine New hot model in the GGurls family! The name is Pretti Jasmine and she takes some very sexy pictures! You'll be seeing more of her very soon in GGurls upcoming events (hint!). Okay enough already enjoy the pics and follow her on Twitter:
karen jael No surprise here, because Karen Jael always take great pictures. This one made GG pic of the day. That's a fiiiiiiine woman!
cavel pretty beyes You're going to love this. Cavel aka Pretty Beyes is the picture of the day. These two shots are freakin' blazing. This woman really has it going on. What a deal for any man.
dlyciouss Sir Bx presents you with the picture of the day featuring new model Dlyciouss. How do you like this apple? Good right?
lakeya dream We're getting really good people! Okay enough about us, this is one of the newest GGurls Lakeya Dream pics. Hot enough to carry the picture of the day title.
alexis sade This is one pretty ass woman. Alexis Sade looks to be damn near perfect doesn't she? The way she looks will stop any man in his tracks

jazmine white How could this not be the picture of the day? We're waiting on Jazmine White to send us more. We're anxious to see what the rest of her pictures look like.
winiesha Annnnnd the picture of the day belongs to Winiesha for having such a hot pose! As an added bonus she sent us a little peak of how the scene was set up. Good job to both her and the photographer.
gemini lovell Now that's a pretty hot picture! Gemini Lovelle shot by Sir BX earns our picture of the day with fire like this!
ikandy Check out the new picture of the day from CE Wiley featuring iKandy. Nice ain't she? Follow them both on Twitter.
jewel mizrahi How can you deny it? This is a hot ass picture of one of our favorite people Jewel Mizrahi. Nice curvy smooth body. We want more Jewel!
julie Two pictures here showcasing pure beauty. Simply known as Julie this model is promising, and she's promised us more really soon. See why we can't wait to see what else she sends us.
felicia daniel feevad Been a minute since we had new pictures of Felicia Daniel ole fine ass. So we were very please when she showed us this one for picture of the day. Okay Felicia, it's time for a new feature. You know you love GGurls (and you know GGurls love you), you've been down with us for a minute now.
princess kai Are you dumb? These are some of the best cakes around. Princess Diarys has one of the roundest smoothness asses you will ever see.
sexy gross Is this sexy or gross or just really fucking gross. We go for really gross ourselves.

rosee One word. Damn. If this woman's body doesn't make your blood boil then you have a problem. Do we even have to talk about her cakes and the enormous curve on that mug? Then she even made a picture just for GGurls. Yes!
wankaego picture of the day Wankaego is all over GGurls now. Here's another shot of her by MQ Tease for picture of the day. We like!
kaylana reese We got a thing for Kaylana Reese, something about a sexy gorgeous woman with talent that turns us on. Kaylana Reese is known for being possibly the hottest photographer in the game behind VXN Studios and as her role as Classy on reality TV. Now scroll down and look at how fine she is. Now you see why we have a thang for her. One word. Damn.
kedesha Maybe picture of the week, because she has ass for days (put a week on it!). Had to say it. Kedesha is a bad mofo!
katherine barbery This could be picture of the year! Katherine is sexy than a mug! We just can't wait until she sends up pictures for a complete feature.
what the hell We hate when you can't tell what it is just by looking at it. Is this a fucking chick? A guy? Or a chick with a dick?

stoney janay The human body is beautiful and when a great model and a great photographer comes together you get a wonderful picture like this.
leonie Maybe you've seen this picture maybe you haven't but here it is anyway! Her name is Leonie Nicole adn we want to find her.

meagan good sex tape Whoa! Is this real? Look what we found? Meagan Good getting done from behind by some white guy. If that's not real it's a hella Photoshop job. That naked booty looks like it could be Meagan's too don't it?

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