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Pretty damn good pics. This is Tammy Terrelle by photographer Mike Wilkes. We saw him post these on Instagram and ask that he send them over and wham! We got 'em. We don't have a social network for her yet. Seen her around somewhere though I think.

Casey Chasem has been featured on GGurls quite a few times. Now this time we're introducing her and a new photographer by the name of Sincere Maya. These are some pictures you'll love to see.

Such a stylish shoot and a pretty girl doing it. This is Janese with pictures by J Alex headlining the pictures of the day. We need more stuff like this around these parts.

Rena Babe aka Rena Cambell is already featured on the site, with pics from this set but not these particular pictures. That booty shot is now our new favorite one of her.

Pretty ass Kendall Bruton just shot with TL Glam Studio and produces these gorgeous pictures. Good enough for the GG pictures of the day. Even with clothes on Kendall still proves she's a hottie

Wouldn't you like to walk upstairs go in your bedroom and see Chrislynn Jacqueline waiting for you in bed like this? Yeah you do. This is why these are the pictures of the day, maybe we should say pictures of the night?

Tami Kupcakes. Umph! We almost missed this email, but thankfully we went back and check all the emails to see if we missed something, lo and behold, nakee (naked) Tami Kupcake booty! Thanks Tami!
The newest set of pictures of China Dolle which will be showcased in the next issue of Elm Magazine. China Dolle is a serious model with a great look. She puts in work!
DDG Photos does it again! This time he got a hold of well known hottie Skyler Haze and sent us a couple of pics. Had to give it to you guys. Check her out, you already know she's a hottie!
Been a minute since we had Ebony Lavette on GGurls and it's good to have her back. Here she is showing off her thick body and cute face in this Picture of the Day thread. Holla.
We love us some Tanisha around these parts. Here are some more hot pictures of her and her 2nd Picture of the day thread.
GGurls' Puerto Rican Princess Janet Lissette has a new set of pictures for you again. Every set she takes is always guaranteed to be fire. Here's the latest.
Bea Taylor took some smoking hot pictures with 2020 photography. We like Bea so much this is like her 4th installment of some sort around the site. She has booty of the day, a cell phone cutie article, a feature and now pics of the day.
She's probably the true definition of a hot chick, Tropical Flii really has it going on. She takes pretty to a whole new level with not only a easy on the eyes face but the whole package. That butt she has makes us so horny. Bet Lil Wayne likes this too.
Nice set here! Totally new to the game, Lisa Barbee shoots with CE Wiley and gives us a nice article to post with the results.
Now these are two smoking hot pictures! Lovely Chanel has a nice curvy sleek body on her. She has that model type body. Very nice!

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