Shani Ggurls
Nevaeh Markz0 One of Lewis' favorite. Nevaeh Markz marks her place on GGurls with her second set of pictures shot by 20/20 photography. He captured her perfectly! Nevaeh is one stunning vixen and we love her here.
Angela Castillo0 Once again, our family does it again! Alex Tirado presents another hot model in Angela Castillo. Great pictures hot model!
Alba Zapata0 She's fancies herself as "Colombia's finest model". Well if all the rest of the models from Colombia look only half as good as this they'd be hot. Welcome Alba Zapata to Team GGurls, thanks for submitting these pics Alex!
ThaisConcepcion0 Sexy pictures, and classy best describe Thais Concepcion. This picture set from Alex Tirado is very nice!
Ashley Amour0 This is urban glamour modeling, the posing, the face, the body, the booty, Ashley Amour is the definition of an urban glam model. She looks like she should be in every rap video made from here on in. She's bad as fuck. Shout out to our pals and VXNStudios.
French Chevelle0 Ooohwee we know this is Lewis' type right here! Pretty brown skin and super pretty. She's GGurl material by far. Welcome French Chevelle!
Jaki Nycole0 Well check her out! It's hot new model @Jaki_Nycole!
Mena Monroe0 Detroit's "it" girl @MenaMonroe is now a feature GGurl. Hot model and hot pictures by our boy @JamesRich68. These two did the damn thang.
Dime0 Our partners over at Mics and Models present to you fine ass model Dime! Yeah, the name is fitting!
Her twitter: @princ3ssdim3
Feeva0Feeva sent her pics in with no interview. Her moto is a picture is worth a thousand words. She's just that fine.
Rooftopping0 Cool yet dangerous as hell, Roof Topping is a new form of photography that gives you a great view of a city's landscape. More power to the photographers who do this because there is no way we could. Some of these shots are spectacular.
Ssh Eboni Jewelz You saw the pictures of Eboni Jewelz right? If not click here. Hot as hell right? Well his the video of that shoot with SSH Photography. Very nice.
Ggurl Nation Tour0 It's official! GGurls is going into print and we're touring the United States looking for hot babes to showcase in the premier issue! Now of course you know with the popularity of GGurls the spots are going fast. If you think you have what it takes you better hit up @MarchalMarzian and @Ricky_Fontaine and set up a schedule. The information is on the flyer below (done by @1028Dezigns.) Yeah we're excited because this has been planned for a minute now! Let's do it!
Koshmophoto0 A photographer with a passion, you can tell by the pictures. Koshmo takes pictures of very beautiful girls over in the UK. We feature them on GGurls quite often because of their great work. Take a look
Trill0 Trill has a good eye for angles and he shoots one of our favorite GGurls. We're looking forward to seeing more Trill photography around these parts.
Iceboxstudios0 Grreat eyecandy pictures here. We love Ice Box Studios over this way and after looking at these pictures you'll see why. Ice Box Studios is in demand.
Alextirado0 This guy knows how to take a picture. His skills are unique and the pictures pop, you can't go wrong with Alex behind the lens. We love his work on GGurls.

GiGi0 Not just a website people. Besides the print mag and calendar (and photography, graphics, and other websites) GGurls is a gateway for models for other media! GGurl GiGi was blessed enough to be shot by Maria Scott Photography (good people!), and will be in the Christmas issue of Sweets Magazine (nice mag!).

Shanice0 Some eyecandy for you. This is @MsShaniceB presented to you by @JamesRich68 

Nice huh?
This is the "Backshot" to that picture from this article about TruthIs007! Wow is all we could say when @jamesrich68 sent it to us. @Truthis007com is the truth! Oh, that's why she calls herself the truth!
Jimmie Walker Ann Coulter0 What a weird world we live in. Okay if you frequent this site then you probably read the article we did recently titled: Goodtimes was corny, which starred Jimmy Walker a.k.a JJ. Anyway Jimmy Walker, one of the ugliest dudes to ever grace your T.V. screen was a corny actor and people who know him says he's pretty corny in real life. Well this goes beyond corny. WAAAAAY beyond corny. Jimmy is allegedly dating, prepare yourself, Ann Coulter!!! 
Lloyd Parks0 This is one hot ass photographer. Lloyd Pards of home of Gorgeous Magazine has real talent and is very known in the eyecandy modeling game. His pictures are so clear and they grab you the second you look at them. He'll be featured in the new industry section of GGurls along with other hot photographers. Models, Lloyd is located in the NYC, so hit up his site and get in contact with him if you're serious about the game.
Desiree T0 Damn this girl is fine as fuck! Her name is Desiree T and we could only find this picture of her taken by Face Photography. Where is she?
James Rich0You've seen "JR" or "James Rich" stamped on a bunch of eye-candy pictures around the internet. You've seen it lots of times on GGurls. This is one bad ass photographer and it shows in his work. Ladies look for James Rich in Atlanta, and he travels a lot too.
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