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Nice booty latina girls always get good attention on here. This is a hot find. Her name is Karmina Rose and not only does she have a great ass she's fine all around. Pretty soon she's going to send us her pro pictures too. Yeah, we can't wait either.

UK based international model Gemma Webb has a very nice ass. The size of it is perfect, not too big not to small and the shape of it is what we're really talking about. Nice butt buns can come in any color and size and Gemma Webb has a great set. Scroll down and look at that ass (as if you really read this).


Are any of these whooties true PAWGS? Unless you're still in the last century a P.A.W.G. is a "phat ass white girl". Okay now here is the problem we have with that. A lot of times it's fat white women who date black men that call themselves pawgs when actually they're just fucking fat. So scroll down and tell us if any of these girl are true pawgs.

You know what a P.A.W.G. is right? (Phat ass white girl). Then what is a "whooty?" It's a white girl with booty. Meet GGurl Melody Jai. A whooty! Back that ass up girl!
Natasha Lucas0 New to GGurls! It's Natasha Lucas in her Ikandy Series! Dig her fine ass.
Mikal Blair0 Thick booty Mikal Blair is back with a second pair of pictures from Brown Photography. In this segment she shows off that nice round booty by putting it right in the camera.
This white girl's hips to ass ratio is ridiculous, it looks great, and judging by the fact that the background is not altered it looks real! You tell us.
Maya Dutchy is the true definition of a phat ass white girl (P.A.W.G.) here are several pictures of her boasting that donk and even a video. Enjoy.

Think we might have posted this already, but just in case we didn't or you haven't seen it here's a video of big booty Darlene. That's a big booty.

Eva Kristine0 Eva Kristine is a new urban glamour model from GlamourXposure photography. Tell us how you like this new hottie fam. Follow them both on Twitter.
Renee G 0 We can't get enough of Renee G and it seems the internet loves her too. Racking up impressive numbers on Facebook and Twitter in a very short period of time Renee G is primed to take over as the new Whooty in urban glamour modeling (white girl with booty).
She might be petite but ain't nothing petite about that booty! Gigi Petite loves to tweet us pictures of her butt, so we gathered them all up and made you this thread. We know you like it.
Now that's an ass right there! Miz Hollywood is a phat booty cutie who's making some noise around the internet with that round butt. Enjoy.
She's back angain and this time it's a Cell Phone Cutie (Booty!) article. Renee G has a nice round plump ass don't she? Follow her on Twitter.
Phat ass white girl (PAWG) Renee G returns with a more revealing picture of her round rump. This girl is destined to be a hit. What do you think?
So what do you think about this close up of this hot white booty shaking closely in the camera? What do you rate it?
Which one is real, which one is not real? We bet you can't tell and we bet you think you know what you're talking about. So go ahead and tell us which of these two chicks have a real booty.

The true definition of a PAWG (Phat ass white girl) Renee G enters the picture. This is what we think. Renee might just be the next white urban glam sensation. Her booty is not nasty big, it's nice big. It's round and shapely and oh yeah, she looks good too.
Rosee Divine has been a hot topic lately. Her hips and ass apparently are driving big booty lovers crazy lately. This is a PAWG you don't want to miss.
Dreamcrusher0 Wonder why we're also known as the home of the thick chicks? Thick booty sexy women like Dream Crusher is why. She has some nice lady lumps on her don't she? Follow this Puerto Rican and Italian hottie on Twitter.
Anna Maria Christina0 How's this one? They call her a "pawg" around the internet (Phat ass white girl). I know some of y'all are just going to say she's fat and start screaming "Photoshop"! Which is it?
Pawg0 Know what P.A.W.G. stand for? It stands for phat ass white girl. But let's clear something up right now. Having a phat ass doesn't mean shit if it's not shaped and toned with legs and body to match. So don't get it twisted by thinking just 'cuz your ass is phat it's nice. Like it or not?

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