elke the stallion Here we go. No introduction needed for Elke The Stallion. Here are some cell phone pictures she sent in for viewing. Look at the curves on her! The pink outfit has been driving people crazy.
Redrumruby0 Our latest Cellphone Cutie features the 26 year old hot little number of Ruby Rene taking pics showing of her sexiness! Ruby is from the Bay Area in Cali and she's Puerto Rican, Jamaican and Creole. Ruby has some modeling pics too that we're wondering how come she didn't submit to be a GGurl feature. Hmmm?
Dililah0 The definition of eye candy modeling is here! Good looks great body, nice pictures! This model should rate 5 all across the boards! Welcome Feven Tadesse!
Andrea Michele0 New Model! Andrea Michele comes on the scene with some cute pics! Welcome to GGurls Andrea
Alexis Streeter0 Now she's pretty and sexy and she has that look that turns you on instantly! Dennery is a nice addition to the steadily growing long list of GGurls. Welcome baby.
Angelica Casanas0 Another fine ass model. Her name is Angelica Casanas and if you're not familiar with her you should be, this woman was made to be in front of a camera. Every picture she takes is stunning.
Sharmaine Hunter0 Nice perky booty here. Slim girls always have those types. This is Sharmaine Hunter exposing that cute ass booty.
Granny Panties0 When you think of granny panties you think of her on her period in some ugly ass drawers right? Well what do you think about these? Are they okay or is the girl just making it look okay?

Summer Walker Still one of the coldest video vixen models out there. Summer Walker has it going on. All her pictures are always on point and she teaches a lot of the new girls how to model just by looking at her photos.
Booty Pop Pump Panties0 Maybe it's us and we're just not in the know. Is this a new trend or is this the new version of booty pop panties? This chick looks like she has ass already but those panties are making it stand up.

Telli Swift Pic0 Today's hot picture is a non edited picture of GGurl's Blasian model chick,  Telli Swift in the kitchen looking good and acting a goofball! Follow Telli on Twitter: @TelliSwift

Thick Red Bone It's starts off looking pretty good we admit. But then as she walks it looks a little flabby. What do you think about this public display of redbone booty?
Sexytoyou What do you think about this Spanish chick? She should make more videos or should she stop?
Nopantieson This woman did this on purpose. She had to. She knew damn well she didn't have on any panties and wanted to show her bare ass. At the end of the video you can see she was a-okay with what happened.
Are They Hating This chick swears they're hating on her at her beauty school, because of her looks, booty and body. You tell us, are they hating on her or are they right. We think they're hating.
Thongs0 What makes that booty look better? What makes that booty pop out when a chick pulls her pants down? What would you rather see? Some regular panties, boy shorts or a thong?

Lady Gaga Bra Panties0 It's working bitch. You have our attention. You're so over the top that you can't help but to be talked about. Lady Gaga arrives at JFK airport wearing a bra and panties. Arrest this bitch already. Gawd what a horrible body and face.