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 Rose Royce0 Back again with that great back side is Rose Royce with some hot pictures from TL Glam Studios. Pictures are nothing less than stunning. Rose Royce should be in more publications and on more websites don't you agree?
Kakey0 If Kakey doesn't have one of the longest sexiest tongues out there than we don't know who does. She probably can pull any man or woman with that tongue. Doesn't even have to say shit, just stick her tongue out and she got 'em!
Shanie Love Don't know what happened to her Twitter account. We use to talk to Shanie Love all the time, if you miss her like we do then here's a throwback video of her showing you why she's so wanted on the internet.
Strippers Plankin0 Plankin - People who lie down straight in a stiff position over an object. Silly right? Well it's a new craze going on, that everybody is doing. Even Strippers! Look!

Heather Nikole Too fucking sexy! That's the only way to describe Heather Nikole. Go see more of her at her site Now part of the GGurls network!

Fiveheartbeats0 What's the greatest Black movie of all time? We're going to try to list as many as possible and then you tell us which one is the best ONE of all time? Name any that we forgot.
Soulja Boy Cat Daddy You gotta have fun with it. Sometimes we can see the honesty in Soulja Boy. When he doesn't open his mouth he shows that he's just a kid having fun. If only his public relations person would stop him from making stupid mistakes (and teach him how to rap) he'd be okay.

Nasty0 Don't piss your girl off or she might throw hot grease on your dick! Ouch! Seems this guy had to learn the hard way about cheating and getting caught. Wow, wonder if he'll ever be okay again?

Stripclub0 Where they do that at? Looks like she's enjoying it and it's not a topless joint either. SMH we like nudity but not like this. Okay we like this too :)

Booty Battle The first in a new ongoing series! Booty Battle! You decide who has the best ass between the two!

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