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Natalie Gabriel0 This chick is soooooo pretty that she's the first GGurl to simultaneously have a GGurl feature and a cellphone cutie article! Very easy on the eyes is Natalie Gabriel. You could just stare at her all day!
Natalie Nicole0 You can never get enough of our muse Natalie Nicole aka @theNatalieDream. We're so proud to have her as a GGurl, not only because of her obvious goddess like prettiness, but because she's simply cool as fuck. @MarchalMARZian says she's always down, always ready to go and she looks good, on or off camera. How can you possibly find a better type of woman? You can't.
Natalie Dream0 ♪ Allow her to reintroduce herself her name is Natalie ♫ okay okay that was corny. However nothing about Natalie Nicole aka the Natalie Dream is corny at all. Here are all of the pictures from a shoot with Marchal Marzian. You'll be on this page for about ten minutes!
Natalie Nicole0 You saw her here first the first time and you're seeing new pics of Natalie Nicole that aren't anywhere else! Therefore it's a GGurl exclusive. See we got the hook up! Natalie Nicole and hot photographer Marchal Raines made beautiful art together and they sent it to GGurls as soon as it was ready! Our motha'fuckin' network is strong. Natalie has to be one of the most beautiful women walking the Earth! Just look.
Natalie Gabrielle0 One of the sexiest models alive? She's a good candidate, very easy on the eyes, coke bottle shape and a sweet tattoo makes this GGurl stand out! What a keeper!
Natalie Gabriel0 We have another player in the game and his work is outstanding! Look at this graphic of Natalie Gabriel aka the Natalie Dream. That shit is cold! Thanks to 1028 Dezigns for submitting this hot work!
Natalie Graphic 0 Hot graphic by our boy WestWood4Ever of one of our favs The Natalie Dream. Download and enjoy!
Natalie Nunn0 I run L.A.? Wow, we bet people in LA are running away from you! That's a mean mug you got there.

Shaq Natalie Nunn0 So now Shaq and Natalie Nunn are supposedly dating. The last thing we knew, Shaq was engaged to our friend Hoopz. Meh! We liked Hoopz much better. Boo!
Natalie Nunn0Would you do her? Miss "I run L.A." herself? These two pictures of her are actually pretty hot and she does have a nice body. Would you?
Bad Girls ClubBad Girls Natalie, Amber and Kendra tussle around after the police tickets Natalie for disorderly conduct, yet Kendra pushes Natalie and Natalie manhandles her. Amber tries to break it up but she's not to successful. Sound like a hot mess? That's Oxygen's reality show the Bad Girls Club for ya!
Bad Girls Club PortiaThis show is the pinnacle of reality shows. They let the bad girls do what they want. In this episode Portia, the chick running around the house, swings on Natalie because she's talking about her kid. Just watch this craziness.

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