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Couldn't find many more to be specific to this category but the three we found were pretty damn good! Phat booties in motion.

We so love Alba Nitza baby. Here is a video she tweeted us earlier today of her getting ready to go to the club. She's actually (very tastefully) naked! So if you ever wanted to see Alba Nitza's fine ass in motion here you go.
Everybody's favorite thread. Moving booties, or should we say moving round phat booties? Go ahead and download and enjoy.
Lana Lang In Motion Now that's hot! GGurl Lana Lang made a little short clip of her walking to her car and nobody can deny that this is sexy as fuck. Wow.
Booty0 What's better than booty pictures? Animated booty pics! That's right booty in motion. Go ahead and right click save 'em if you want, like you you weren't going to do it anyway lol! You're welcome you freaks!

Last Airbender Movie0 "Sucked" is an understatement. If you are a fan of the animated series, then you will be greatly disappointed. If you've never seen the animated series you will not understand it and it will be boring and stupid. This movie doesn't follow the animated series correctly. They mispronounce all the characters name, and some of the characters do not fit the description given in the animated series.

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