Frances Fossano0 Glad I turned up for this shoot. Thinking I'd be dealing with a flaky model, Frances Fossano came through on time and ready to go. She was very photogenic and brought high energy, now add that to her looks and what photographer wouldn't love her? Couldn't wait to put these up, so I did it as soon as I could. Here is new GGurl model Frances Fossano and all her pretyiness.

Mc0 We actually know who this model is but we can't remember her name. DDG Photos sent this in for us and now we have to see (remember) if she has a twitter. Boy is she bad
Saw this on Model Mayhem today and it struck us as weird. The girl to your far left is Taryn, she's a good looking girl. The next girl is ok herself. The other two? Do they belong in this picture?

If you noticed (and of course you have) the site has changed. What started as a redesign turned into a system overhaul all for the better. Faster, with a catchier design GGurls is updated for the new year. So now our email is backed up and now that we've finished you'll be bombarded with new pics and videos. So OOPS sorry for the delay and the hassle but we're back on point!

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Nessa T0 Super fucking pretty. Any man would love to call Nessa their woman. Think you have what it takes to pull a girl this fine? Follow her on Twitter and find out.
Wankaego0 We anticipated this exclusive for a minute now. Wankaego hopped on board with GGurls when she shot with Marchal Marzian, and we must admit it's a great look. She belongs here. Perfect fit. Wankaego (Theresa Runyon) is very pretty with a great body and an amazing booty. She was also super fun to shoot with, her personality is fun loving and she's a people person. Any who, without further ado, here's the feature. Oh you're going to love this one!
Ki Oh Shi0 Mexican cutie Ki Oh Shi came through to shoot with the double G and it was a nice match up. She was sexy, cool and fun (a little shy though lol). The pictures turned out great and we actually have more to show you. So stay tuned for more. Ki Oh Shi knows who her master is (insider!).
Lewis Twins0 No, they're not related to Lewis the owner of GGurls. These are the Lewis Twins. Identical sexiness, identical hotness and twice the fun! Venge Media needs to send us several more of these two, would love to paste them around the site.
Lana Lang0 She's back and this time Lana Lang is modeling a black bikini. She sports it well! These pictures are from a new photography group by the name of Team Strider.
Myame0 Myame, Myame Myame is a thick'ems with a coke bottle curve. Her pictures are pretty damn good and we like how she displays the goods. Myame has some good potential don't you think? Myame is part of the @MaryJaneModels group!
Tyomi0 Hell yeah. These pictures had us staring at them in disbelief. They are so sensual it's crazy. Now we want to meet Tyomi in person and set up an exclusive GGurls shoot. She's bad as hell!
Gucci0 Gucci. That's right, it's Gucci Bitch! Lol that's what she goes by, but however she calls herself all we know is that she is fine as fuck. It's Gucci plain and simple.
Meeca0 Now what do we have here? Look at the curves on this model. Pretty and sexy. This 100% pure woman right here. It's Meeca and we love every picture she sent in. Wow, just wow.
Alba Nitza0 So damn fine. Alba Nitza is gorgeous all over and she makes the sexiest faces when she poses. Here's her second set of pictures for showcase
Mika Shay0 Oh. My. Damn! This woman is everything you can hope for in a model. Pretty, shapely, nice booty, nice breast, man we can go on and on and still wouldn't have said enough. Mika Shay is now a GGurl! Follow her on Twitter.
Sasha Salena0 Sasha and Salena look good together, and we're here to present them to you. These are a couple of hot GGurls from the UK who according to Pink N Black Entertainment we're be seeing a lot more of. GGurls will represent them in the US. Not just Sasha and Salena but much more :)
Pinay0 Pinay Cheex does some true modeling in these pictures, she's not just another gorgeous chick to look at but she's unique with it! Gotta love it!
Natalie Gabrielle0 One of the sexiest models alive? She's a good candidate, very easy on the eyes, coke bottle shape and a sweet tattoo makes this GGurl stand out! What a keeper!
Pretty Da Model0 There's nothing you can say bad about this model. She's a fine specimen in every way! She represents Nikki Rich Models, they have some hotties over that way.
Donna Soublet0 Heeeey! The C.E.O. of Vivacious Models is now a featured GGurl! Who knew you could look so good while being a business woman? Hi Donna!
Monica Nashay0 Yes Lawd! Our idea of sexy is here and it comes in a package call Monica Nashay. She's fine and you can't say nothing bad about her unless you say "she's bad".
Dime0 Our partners over at Mics and Models present to you fine ass model Dime! Yeah, the name is fitting!
Her twitter: @princ3ssdim3
Cokee0 You sexy thang you! Hey Cokee and welcome to GGurls! Nice addition here!
Follow her on Twitter @Cokee12

Badyella0 Well check her out. Bad Yella, as in a bad ass yellow bone, hmmm? I think we agree!
Denise0 New hot pics of Ggurl @MissCocoaDenise and they are scorching hot.
Geminitwins0 Now what's better than one hot model? Two hot models who look exactly
Miss Faren0Miss Faren is that deal baby! She's what's up! Want to see more of her? Click on any of the pics! Register on her site and you're in for a treat! 
Shana Patrice0We like, We Like! This woman extrudes sexiness! This is the newest eyecandy addition to GGurls. Shana Patrice!
Courtney BoxOne of our partners, Elke the Stallion has made another site that manage models, it's called We're gonna to feature some of these hot ladies from SM right here on GG. Make sure you check that site out.
Tia Nicole BoxThis is one fine model and new GGurl we heard about from our partners over at taster's choice!
Angelica Casanas0 Another fine ass model. Her name is Angelica Casanas and if you're not familiar with her you should be, this woman was made to be in front of a camera. Every picture she takes is stunning.
Dolla10 Got two new never seen before cuties coming your way. Soon we'll have complete features on Kold Kisses (Dolla) and Laura as soon as we get finishing editing them. Follow them on Twitter.
Official Ggurl0 For official GGurls only! The ID card proving you're part of the biggest and hottest urban glamour modeling company out here. What set you claim?

Cutie Central0 Home of the sexiest women in the world. displays models and video vixens who are down right pretty and cute. Don't miss
Summer Walker Still one of the coldest video vixen models out there. Summer Walker has it going on. All her pictures are always on point and she teaches a lot of the new girls how to model just by looking at her photos.
Ahni Luv2 Easily one of the most naturally pretty models out there, Ahni Luv leaves you wanting more and more every time you see her.
Jesikah Maximus Still going strong. Jesikah Maximus is still one of the most imitated models out there. Young girls use pictures of her on social networking sites everyday to try to gain attention. Look at this set and see why Jesikah Maximus is still going very strong. Can't wait to see new pics of her. They're always hot.
Black Tape Project0 This is like one of the greatest ideas of the year. Venge Media photographer and tape artist Joel Alvarez creates unique designs to compliment model's figure. Look at the pictures to see what we mean. It's not just tape on women. It's a design of tape on sexy women. The tape and their bodies make them look like super heroines. Outstanding concept. Stay tuned for more.
Midget Model0 These two midget models give it all they got! You like?
Hustlebunny0 The premier source for sexy models, beautiful girls, and the hottest women. Including entertainment news, celebrity gossip, interviews, videos and more. The perfect blend of sexy
Andrea Calle0 How is it possible for a woman to be this damn fine? Andrea Calle really has it going on with a pretty face and bangin' body. Wowee.
Vida Guerra0 Vida Guerra models nothing but tape in these two pictures. She's still got it! Now she just needs to get rid of the tape!

Ggurl Tko How can you beat this? GGurls and models, make a one minute or less video promoting yourself using a simple webcam or cell phone! We'll put it right here on so thousands can see it. No excuses now huh? See the simple instructions and rules below. Don't sleep on this!

Whoisthis0 Help us name these 8 curvy ass models. One or two do look familiar but you know we have short term memory! Remember we see dozens of new models a day. Okay shut that shit up, just tell us if you know any of them and name them in the comment box. Damn they have curves!
Booty Battle0 Here we go! We're about to have some fun now! This is the first in the many to come BOOTY BATTLES and it's simple really. Just look at all the nice asses and then pick your favorite and vote! You can vote every six hours and no the comments do not count as votes. The votes count as votes. Poll is open for one month and the one with the most votes win (duh). Now we know this might be a booty overload but go ahead and give it a shot and try to scroll down to see them all.
Retouched0 Side by side comparisons are always great, you can look at see the differences in these pictures and tell how powerful Adobe Photoshop is. Which such a product available to the general public you can't trust anything you see on the internet.
Dynastyseries0 We love to share the wealth, and you have to give credit where it's due. has some of the thickest baddest chicks on the web. The video vixen types that you see in the rap videos, and it helps that they are in cahoots with the double G! We love and you should too.
Sunny Monroe Graphic0 Two more hot ones you can use by the graphic king Sir Silver Dog, this time he has included GGurls Karen Tysin and Sunny Monroe. Enjoy.
Ggurl Collage0 The member participation on GGurls is plentiful, our man Kyle aka the Kollage King makes collages of GGurls! His work is pretty good, check him out.
GGurls Here's the final edition ya boy Lewis was working on all night. He's a freaking perfectionist, but you have to admit that this is much better overall and it looks great slapped against a picture. We just keep getting better and better! We ain't getting all those hits for nothing!

Ggurls Gorgeous Avi0 Because you love it! (We can tell by looking at how many times graphics are downloaded) Here are some more GGurl graphics to use for you iphone, computer, signatures, tumblr, avatars or whatever! Go ahead and take them ;)
Got Milk0 Not advertising for milk but after you see these pictures you'll want some milk and the girl that's pouring it on herself. It really does do a body good. Got Milk?
Tatted0 Now that you seen that other thread with ugly tattoos on ugly women, here are some sexy tattoos on sexy women. We'll try to keep this ongoing. We'll call this "Tatted."
Namethem0 Dark skin models prove why they are among the sexiest women on Earth! Check these pictures out!

Phatbutt0 Okay another contest, just to see how good of a GGurl member are you. Can you guess which of these six phat booties is a GGurl booty? Name that model.
Rubyourtits This is a very erotic photo shoot! Had to post it, it's just that fucking sexy! Nothing much left to be said!
Prada Girl0 Here we go again! Some chicks with some hot ass Twitter default pics! Defaults, avatars, twitcons, whatever you want to call them
Twitter Profiles We love Twitter. Fuck Facebook, Twitter is THE social network. You can actually talk to celebrities and meet a lot of people on Twitter. We meet a lot of models on Twitter and their avatars be rockin'!
Porns Tob Black Model0 We ran across this picture the other day (see bottom of article) and it got us to wonder. Can a pornstar double as a model? There are dozens of Ggurls who are affiliated with porn in some fashion and they have modeling pictures also.
Dm0 Now this is hot! Dynasty Magazine has opened up a new avenue for models. Great photographer and a nice site and magazine. Check out these pics they sent us to showcase on GGurls.
Visit their site
Hood Hoes0 Only in the hood baby. Only in the hood do you see shit like this. Just because somebody got a cell phone with a camera on it doesn't mean you have to look a damn fool in a picture. Actually those two chicks on the first pic don't look that bad!

Unknown00 Even more hot unknown models who would make great GGurls. Do you know any of them? Help us by naming them.

Unknown0 Are any of these faces or bodies familiar to you? If so where can we find them? These are definitely GGurls Material

Mockissue0 Here we go! It's coming soon so hold your horses. You're looking at the first mock up of the GGurls print paperback magazine! Featuring new and unseen pictures of your favorite GGurls and crazy ass articles like the ones posted on the site, Twitter and Facebook! We're going to keep things live, colorful and fresh. Sexy women and crazy stories, with the famous GGurls 'What If?' scenarios. Tell a friend!
Melody Boss Lady You've seen her feature here right? You didn't? Well click back out and then scroll down the page and look at the feature titled 'Melody'. Hot chick right? Well she's a singer too (as you should have saw in that feature) and she has a lot of videos to match! Here are a couple. Remember you saw her here first!
Blaze0 Would you beat it? Her name is Blaze and she's a model from the website ChocolateModels. Do you like her? What's the verdict? Hit that ass? Or let it pass?

Anorexic Models0 Of course you're going to think this is photoshopped but it's actually not. There is a genre that goes far beyond the skinny model. The industry is so hard on models (runway and super models) that it has spawn this sad state of modeling. This is scary.

Amanda0 Hot girl alert! This is Amanda and apparently she's new to the game (we never heard of her before). Well let's hope we see much more of her soon!

Meagan Battle Which is the hotter Meagan? Meagan Fox or Meagan Good? Both are hot actresses and both are slim goodies. You can only pick one, so which one would you pick?

Bad Modeling0 Okay just because you have a sweet background and a nice camera and you may be good at touching up pictures don't mean you should take pictures of any random hoodrats. Golden rule: One bad bitch beat three funky hoes.

Smashorpass0 Which of these three women would you smash? Which of these three women would you pass on? 
Doll Contest Model much?, Mics and Models, VH1's Doll and Jaguar are holding a contest to give you great exposure! You already know GGurls help put you out there, now take advantage for this wonderful opportunity! Here are the details:
Hot Barbie0 Would you take her out? Does she have a phat booty on her or would you pass this up?

Random Bitch0 Different pics. Different girls. These are some random bad ass bitches from around the web. Enjoy.
Sapphira0 We hope she just retired or something. Hope nothing bad has happened to this sexy ass model turned porn star Sapphira Chanel. Her website is not up anymore and she seems to have disappeared altogether from the internet. Please let her be okay and let her resurface. Hey she can hit us up and we'll help her get back on the scene! Sapphira had the hottest pics and videos on the net! 
No Photoshop0How do you know when you're a bad bitch? It's when you have super curves that people swear are photoshopped. How do you know when you are an even badder bitch? When you don't need airbrushing techniques to hide blemishes. Are you that bad? Doubt it.
Big White Ass0This is a sensitive subject around these parts. White urban glamour models. It's been several viewers who complain that we shouldn't give white models a spotlight stating that there is enough media covering them. There's even models who complain that the eyecandy modeling genre is strictly for the black model. Even more so there are those who complain of the big booty white models, stating that they are fake and are simply trying to cash in on a black thing.
GGurls0Here's a treat for you from us at GGurls! A Desktop wallpaper/background featuring sexy ggurl models Kobra, Roxy, and Gorgeous. Enjoy. And don't say we never gave you anything (other than a free site with eye candy!)

Surprised1Let's start a new segment call "Not a GGurl." You can't hope to be featured if you look like this. Please don't bother to send the pictures. Sorry...

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