Shani Ggurls
Kirstie Narni0 Pow! Instantly a fan favorite, Kirstie will be a lot of people's new favorite model. Glad we were the ones who introduced you to this sexy vixen!
Shakira0 Oh my are you going to love what you see after reading this! Shakira is serious about her modeling career and she has the right team and right photographer with GGurls backing her. Look at that gleaming sexy wet yellow body of hers!
Malia0 Sexy little vixen here. Her name is Malia and she's sexy!

Twitter: @officialmalia

Heather N40 Brand new pictures of GGurl Heather Nikole. She's hot ain't she?

follow her on Twitter: @Heather_Nikole

Ellie0 Very cute model here with that hot girl appeal! This is new GGurl Sexxi Ellie!
Follow her on Twitter: @SexxiEllie

Junkcandy0 Junk (aka Candy) from VH1 sent us in these hot new pictures! You can never ever get enough of Junk and her sexy booty!
Follow her on Twitter @junkAKAcandy
Melody0 Melodies Facebook: go here

Melody only exists in your dreams! She's the type of girl you see in movies and is larger than life. But guess what? She's real and she's a GGurl. A GGurl who likes to flirt with Lewis buckethead! 
Azzareya Crystal Curtis0 That's a hell of name there Azzareya Crystal Curtis ain't it? But that's a hot model though. Bet if she was your girlfriend you'll remember that name and even how to spell it backwards!

Jasmin Pacheco0 High sex appeal. Jasmin Pacheco has it in spades. She has that look that just melt men in their track. She's unbelievably hot. Enjoy these pics and follow her on Twitter.
Mona Christmas0 It's that time. Love it or hate it (we have mixed feelings about it), it's Christmas time! So what we're going to do it this. When we find hot Xmas modeling pics of GGurls we'll post them. Rather you like Christmas or not, you'll like this! First up, Monalisa.

Twitter: @DatModel06

Vanessa Veasley0 These are actually some throwback pictures of Vanessa Veasley modeling for a clothing line called Supreme X. For those of you who haven't saw this, it's really going to be a treat. We already know how stacked Vanessa Veasley is but in these pictures she's damn near naked showing nipple and she's being a little naughty. One word: Hot.

Diznee Chelsea0 We first saw Diznee aka Chelsea in Show magazine but now we're seeing some other pictures surface of this gorgeous specimen. Diznee is fine from head to toe
Bernice Burgos0 Wowee is Bernice Burgos one of the prettiest sexiest women you've ever laid your eyes on? She really does have it going on don't she? Bernice Burgos is the shit!
Porn0 Had this debate on Twitter about what's considered porn and what's considered modeling. Here is our (the true) definiton of it. Pornography involves more than nudity, it involves sexual intercourse of some sort, rather it's with two or more people or masturbation. Many people think just because they see a naked or half nude picture it's soft porn. No it's not soft porn. It's naked or nude modeling plain and simple. Although there is nothing wrong with pornography (must not be it's a billion dollar industry) it pisses us off when close minded individuals think nudity equal porn.
Booty Model0 Scroll down? See those pictures? What do you notice about them? Booty right? Okay that's the discussion here. Is urban glamour modeling considered ghetto because it's mainly about booty? Some people refer to it as "booty modeling". Is it any less of an art form than, let's say, fashion or runway modeling? Is it easier?
Model Pose0 We know you love looking at women, but do you sometimes look at the artistic value of the picture? We emphasize photography but what about the model and their poses? We love the poses like these four pictures.

Is That Modeling0 Is it? Are any of these chicks actually modeling? C'mon son the answer is no. The answer is actually "hell no", but you know it's good for a great laugh. Some people just don't give a fuck.
Soft Porn We like it! But what do you consider this? Modeling? Or soft porn? Ice Cold Champagne, Kami 2 Hot and Amber Fox play with syrup and each other in the kitchen.
Not Modeling0 When will this stop? Every chick with an outfit and a point and shoot camera think she's a model. Did she actually look at these pictures after they were taken? You really wanted this on the internet? Sorry but we had to post this.
Diznee0 The urban glamour modeling industry is no exception to the color game. In this industry amongst the black models, there is a fine line separating the dark skin models from the light skin models. What's the difference? Since most people are Americanized and (stupidly) prefer lighter skin, the lighter skin models get more love. You'll see more lighter skin on magazine covers, videos, websites, etc.
Katstacks Model0 Check these new pictures out of Kat Stacks! You like? Actually to be truthful they look pretty damn good. Since we know GGurl users are ass lovers, rate that booty honestly.

Twitter: @IHateKatStacks

Rosa Acosta0 Some hot pics of video vixen Rosa Acosta sunbathing! Hot! Don't she have the perkiest booty?

Crisjorick0 Okay what about new comer Cris Jorick from Ya like that booty? How about her as a whole? Scale of one to ten what would you give Cris?
Bbw Model0Do you believe BBWs (Big Beautiful Women) can be models? Is it an art form or do you think it's gross? Before you answer that know this: There is a big (no pun intended) market for BBWs which include modeling, porn, escorts and more! Do you like BBWs?

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