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Roses have began to wilt, chocolate has started to melt and the love making has simmered down. Last week Cupid was in full effect and had most of the world enjoying a romantic evening with their significant other. 

Kyesha Marie11 Ask and ye shall receive! We just featured Kyesha Marie as Booty of the Day and then she asked to have a full feature. With pictures like this you know it was going to happen.
Rio The Pixie0 We love 'em sexy like this! Rio has been promising us pictures for a minute now and it was worth the wait. Here she is!
Yiyanna0 Yiyanna is the newest addition to the GGurls family and what a nice addition it is! Yiyanna is not new to the modeling industry and has already made a name for herself. Yep, you've seen this beauty before now see her again on Follow Yiyanna on Twitter -- @MsYiyannaM
Kyesha Marie0 Beautiful as hell with the type of tear drop booty that all men fantasize about. Kyesha Marie is a pure banger. Follow her on Twitter like now.
Shelly Rio0 Talk about fine, Shelly Rio has it in spades. She's appear in lots of magazines like Black Men. She's the type of girl that no man can resist. She has a cutesy yet sophisticated look to her.

Bootypower See? We always said women like looking at other women butts too. Watch how all these people break their necks looking at these two women booty. Booty Power baby.
Gay Hunt So who is it? In this hilarious satire. Four black men try to figure out which one is gay because somebody was hiding a gay porn flick.
Big Rims0Get this. The Cincinatti Police Department has been routinely targeting and impounded cars with oversize wheels. You know, the 22 inch rims you see young black with all the time? Yeah those cars. The Police state that those vehicles are deemed unsafe and must pass inspection so they impound them whenever they see them. Is this a racist tactic?
Self Destruction0 Self destruction. Plain and simple. With the help of easy gun access, non parenting, lack of education and today's rap music young black men are killing each other with no remorse. It's time for something different.
Oldmen Watch as these old men get to bucking. This shit is funny ass hell!
Men Vs Women Okay let's get it popping in here. After a breakup what gender tends to be the cruelest. Let's get right to the point, it's women! If a man breaks up with a woman for any reason she will haunt him until he dies. If she breaks up with him, she'll just fuck with him until she has a new man that she loves, unless she broke up with him because she already found him.
Freaky Women0 Your woman gets mad at you when you don't compliment her when she's wearing new clothes huh? Don't worry she's not trying to impress you anyway! See the truth of the matter is, women get dress to compete, get compliments from, and to show up other women. To a woman it's a battle. She really don't care what you think just so long as she's getting attention at the club or at work more than the next woman. But just to be safe give her a compliment anyway.
Blackgays Sherri Shepard and D.L. Hughley, of the view recently discussed gays and blood donation restrictions from the F.D.A. (Food and Drug Administration) Currently there is a ban on it due to the high possibility of H.I.V. (Human Immunodeficiency Virus the virus that leads to A.I.D.S (Acquired Immune deficiency Syndrome)) infected blood. On the show Sherri and D.L. began to discuss why H.I.V. is rampant throughout the black community, basically blaming it on black men who are on the downlow (men who are secretly gay however they're dating women). G.L.A.A.D. (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is demanding a retraction and apology from the show for stating this, citing that the statement is not true. (WOW that was a lot of acronyms!)

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