What do you get when you mixed two great races such as Blacks and Asians together? You get 'Blasians'. When it's a chick you get the best of both worlds. Here are three who shot exclusively for GGurls. Ashleigh Hue, Tay Davis and Sexxi Vani. Marz hooked these up!
Pretty model with a great shape. Formerly known as Red Money Love, Phoenix returns with more exclusive pictures from @StudioMARZ. These angles are great! Phoenix shows off the fact that she's more that a pretty face and a nice ass. She really can model.
Jini Kim0 Well look like what we have here. The pretty little Jini Kim now has an exclusive with GGurls thanks to Marchal Marzian. We love her a little sexy self and these pics prove why you should be a fan. Lets welcome her home.
Lissa Misharova0 Now that's what's up. Lissa Misharova (@Russia305) recently shot with Marchal Marzian (@MarchalMARZian) for GGurls. Now of course we don't really have to say how hot the pictures are but then again, of course we're going to say it anyway. These pictures are planet Mercury hot. Lissa's body is so curvy, Coca Cola is remodeling their next glass bottle after her. Look at her sexy booty, now go make that new IPhone screen saver you were looking for.
Karen Jael0 Got excited when we found out that Karen Jael ColombianBadass was shooting with us for a Marz Presents by @MarchalMarzian. It was well worth the wait. Always though Karen was just so beautiful inside and out and now we have exclusive pictures of her just for you. Hopefully we'll have more content to display of this gorgeous model. Thanks Karen and Marz!
Pretty Jamee0 We teased you forever about this exclusive. We showed you the shoot live via Ustream. The feedback was so big we knew how big the anticipation was. Well here it is. Pretty Jamee's exclusive GGurls photo shoot by @MarchalMARZian. The wait was well worth it because we almost didn't post these pictures, Lewis the webmaster was going to keep them for himself! But after giving up his selfish ways, he decided to show them. Yes, the popular @PrettyJamee took some stunning eye candy shots just for GGurls.
Natalie Nicole0 You can never get enough of our muse Natalie Nicole aka @theNatalieDream. We're so proud to have her as a GGurl, not only because of her obvious goddess like prettiness, but because she's simply cool as fuck. @MarchalMARZian says she's always down, always ready to go and she looks good, on or off camera. How can you possibly find a better type of woman? You can't.
Gotti0 We absolutely couldn't wait until @Mz_Gotti graced us with another shoot. She's part of the GGurl core team and a fan favorite. @MarchalMARZian got some even better shots than last time with this shoot. So with out further blabbering about how great it turn out, just scroll down and see for yourself. Only on GGurls.
Miss Amazian0 Second entry in our Halloween special series entitled Bitten by @MarchalMARZian featuring @MissAmazian. Love the sequence of the shots, the way the story unfolds. Miss Amazian aka Lil Mai Mai is stunning yet scary! Now let's get her to do a straight up sexy shoot for GGurls. How about that?
Lex Lugo0 Was waiting on this for awhile. It's finally here. GGurls exclusive pictures of Alexis Lugo, and to give you a little more just for your wait, we've included a video to match. Marchal Marzian got 3 looks of this beautiful woman. The third look you'll see in another way ;). So watch this hot ass video of Alexis Lugo and then scroll down to see the pics Marchal Marz hit us with.
Riskee0 Another GGurl Exclusive. We love 'em and Marz keeps on supplying us with beautiful women. The latest? Riskee! Her vibe and energy comes through the photos and Marz says she's cool as fuck. So without further ado, here's the thickalicious Riskee for your viewing pleasure.
Daria Bitten0 Introducing the first pictures of the Bitten series by @MarchalMARZian featuring @DariaDLuv. Something special just for the month of October. We love bringing you this stuff. Original content and great ideas of your favorite models. GGurls proudly distributes the Bitten series.

Wankaego0 We anticipated this exclusive for a minute now. Wankaego hopped on board with GGurls when she shot with Marchal Marzian, and we must admit it's a great look. She belongs here. Perfect fit. Wankaego (Theresa Runyon) is very pretty with a great body and an amazing booty. She was also super fun to shoot with, her personality is fun loving and she's a people person. Any who, without further ado, here's the feature. Oh you're going to love this one!
Natalie Dream0 ♪ Allow her to reintroduce herself her name is Natalie ♫ okay okay that was corny. However nothing about Natalie Nicole aka the Natalie Dream is corny at all. Here are all of the pictures from a shoot with Marchal Marzian. You'll be on this page for about ten minutes!
Vicky Foxx0 Every man's fantasy, Vicky Foxx is soon to be a very popular model. After everyone steal her pictures from here she'll get more famous around the web. Well Marchal Marzian was about to work his magic with the camera and get a GGurls exclusive of this up and coming beautiful specimen. Go Marz!
Red Money Love0 We love these GGurl exclusive features from Marz. They are always on point and they always showcase such a bad ass model. This is Carolina Nicole AKA Red Money Love (catchy name) and all of her splendor. Don't deny her. She's bad.
Mel Too Pretty0 Our latest Marz Presents! showcases Mel Too Pretty in a magazine-esque style that shows Marz photography skills and Mel's modeling prowess. We love these sets and you will too! Welcome as a GGurl exclusive Mel, glad to have you :)
Alisha Jenay0 Whenever Marz shoots, people can't wait to see the results. We can't wait to put the pictures on for you to see. The latest Marz Presents features Alisha Jenay and all her lady humps. GGurls, Marchal Marzian and Alisha Jenay are the perfect trio. Follow these two on Twitter: @MissAlishaJenay and @Marchal_MarZIAN. Now scroll down and enjoy.

Zuri Latrice0 Can't wait to see what our print will have in store for you? Well here is another Marz Presents by GGurl photographer @MarchalMarZIAN to hold you over. This time we're bringing you one of the sweetest, sexiest yet most down to Earth models out there. Zuri Latrice. Zuri has the body, face and backside that women are jealous of. If you want to talk to Zuri hit her up on Twitter: @ZuriLatrice

Only on GGurls.

Dede0The last Marchal Martian exclusives circulated the web after people discovered his talent and the beauty of the women he choose. This one might become famous around the universe after you see his raw talent in this set of photos and the unbelievable beauty of Dede. The pictures are angled perfectly to showcase the sexiness of Dede. People here is the latest in the Marz Present exclusives for GGurls.com. Oh, you're welcome. Follow @MarchalMartian & @Dede_ontheBeach

Mz Gotti0 GGurl photographer Marchal Martian of Marz Studios is a fantastic photographer. He's an artist really. He paints a scene with several pictures giving you beauty and style with a sexy woman. In his 2nd Marz Presents! presentation he introduces Mz Gotti to the world. This model in one word? Stunning. People, here's a GGurls.com exclusive.
Dynastie Virge0 The first exclusive by GGurl photographer @MarchalMartian features the stunning @DynastieVirje. This is the first of many more series to come. Get a taste of what the GGurls magazine will have in store for you! This series is also available for download in it's original format. Images here are scaled down to fit the screen.

Ashleigh Hue0 Oh man, don't know what to say here. Actually we got very excited when we saw this picture of @AshleighHue by Marchal Marzian (can't link his name because the dork is about to change it! blah). Love it when a plan comes together, and yeah you guess it. Ashleigh Hue will have an exclusive coming really soon!
Life On Marz Marchal Marzian has a new series for GGurls call Life on Marz. It's a behind the scenes look on his photoshoots and everyday happenings with beautiful women. Remember the exclusive with Zuri Latrice? Here was the video that goes with it.
Alexis Lugo0 Coming very soon, and we know you can't wait. Alexis Lugo's GGurl exclusive by Marchal Marzain has the chance to be the hottest one to date son! Stay tuned.
Dede Promo Shot0 You seen his other features of Dynastie Virje and Mz Gotti, and you'd think he couldn't do it again right? But see Marchal Martian has natural talent and he'll always bring you sexy women with a distinct artful style. His next GGurl exclusive? Is Dauvanee Damati aka DeDe on the Beach, and you do not want to miss this. Only on GGurls.
Mz Gotti0 Here's a little bit of what's coming next from GGurl photographer Marchal Martian in the ongoing Marz Presents series! This time we're introducing Mz Gotti to the world. This is guaranteed to be scorching hot.